Crystal Saga Dragonsword Tips

Crystal Saga Dragonsword Tips by PigBbong, Tearofwind, Sanglay

Dragonsword is really sharp weapon, if you got, kill World Boss, fast farming exp, do the Dungeon, everything, though only last 1 day, but everybody want it.

I took Dragonsword not several times, but when I failed, I always thought why I did, so I’v got something to share with you all

1. The server time is EST

2. when The Dragonspine is open, after you get in, you have to wait for 2mins or so, then you could pick up Dragon Item (I forgot the name)

3. while you pick up the Dragon Item, just run and run, nver stop, keep it for 3mins, then get out of the Battleground, don’t forget to exchange for Combat Healing Flax, this will help you more.

3. If you are powerful enough, you just stand the center of the map, beside of the blue Dragonspine, kill everyone who want Dragonsword until you pick it up.

4. Actually, if there are not many ppl joined, easy to get, if lots of ppl there, all depend on luck.

5. I am Rogue, I could use skill of Slayer’s Cloak, then enter stealth’s mode, hide in corner of wall, when they are fighting, I will pick it up without found. but actually, I never succeed to get, cuz always hit by other players, then I was found, then failed to collect it or was killed.

6. If you’re in a guild, teamwork is best way, invite more members in, then kill all who wanna be close to the Dragonsword, then one of you will take, at least, the Dragonsword belongs to your guild. Regrading who will be the lucky guy, just let it go. Sorry tearofwind, sometimes when you failed to get, just due to this, hahaha

7. Remember that, when next Dragonspine is coming, if you wanna join, pls destroy Dragonsword first.

8. No mount, no pet. it seems fair, Don’t forget to take off them.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    how about the wing can my character wear it.. im only knew in this game.. exeden realm.. i read about money making but i want to know more from the pro's he he..

  2. Anonymous says:

    I want to know….. where the location (LINK XY) Gotor will spawn…. how to succeed doing crystal quarry battle

  3. curt says:

    fanks for that

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