CrimeCraft Snipe Auctions Guide

CrimeCraft Snipe Auctions Guide by Tushy


The following type of merchant is very often frowned upon in games that have auction houses.

I will not be held responsible for any grief you get from people you snipe auctions from – as clever as it may be (and popular) it’s really not a very honorable way to make money.

Use this method at your own risk; chances are you’re not good enough at knowing your prices – losing money over it is your own lack of expertise in reselling buisness; not a faulty guide.

Part I : Sniping Auctions
A good and easy way to make money is to visit the auction house very often until you know what’s happening on the market.  Know what components/items are rare yet in demand – know what common items sell like beer in a bar.

Sniping Auctions is nothing but sorting the current listed items on Time Left; and placing minimum bids on literally everything you could make money on reselling – auctions people often misplaced by keeping their  “Bid” value on Vendor Price – meaning you could be buying a stack of Poached Processors for less than $1000 and win it in less than 5 minutes; only to repost it for $25.000 with a gain of 24k for 4 button presses.

Of course you need some knowledge prior to sniping auctions – are these bids I’m placing worth the shot to re-sell the stack/item in case I win it?  Does the item actually sell quick enough in most cases? (24hr timespan).

Skilled auction snipers can turn every $1 into $50; not so effective on $100 items but as you can imagine turning $100.000 into 5 million is defenitaly worth it.

Part II : Cornering Markets
Cornering markets is illegal in real life.  In real trading buisness – it’s not allowed to take a monopoly in a certain demand by buying other companies out.

Cornering a market is very effective if the market you choose is one that has great demand – such as Prepared Boost Agent; Unrefined Boost Agent or any type of cloth below tier4.

You need a bit of investment money beforehand (about $50.000 to $250.000 depending on your market) as you’ll be forced to buy literally everything of this type to resell it at the price you choose.

This is how it works;

Visit the Pawnbroker and type, “ItemX”

Notice there are three stacks of ItemX in your inventory; 15 on the auction house.  The highest price of a stack seems to be $4500, the lowest $3200. At this time you decide you’re going to corner this market – meaning everytime anyone buys this particular item – you make money.

You decide on a fixed price of $5000 and buy the whole auction house clean of the product.

You put up 2 stacks for $5000 each – and regularly check back in case someone undercuts you by 100 or more; at which point you simply buy their stack and hoard it. – If your items sell – keep track how quickly they sold to verify weither it’s a good market or not.

At this point it’s simply being the only provider of ItemX – but never putting too many stacks on the Auction House.  If you post 10 stacks for 5000 at the same time people will notice how the item is likely not very hard to get and thus pass on your prices in order to just ask their friends, gang members or Trade for a stack cheaper. – having only 1 stack up means you could be missing on sales; having 2 up can indicate it’s a rare collected item and buys you time to repost the stacks you hoarded before the next demands roll in.

The trick in this system is that people will undercut you by a certain margin – this margin is either profit or equal gain/loss because of the AH Cut – the actual money making is buying stacks of people who undercut you by 10% or more; and seeding the auction house of items you collected instead of bought.

Mass cornering is the cornering of an entire niche – for instance Chemistry Materials – or up to 10 Engineering ingredients.  Once it’s set up it can be good for over $400.000 a day profit but it requires you to really only play for the auction house and continuesly buy; repost and run between mail>AH.

I applied Cornering of Markets/Mass Cornering in World of Warcraft and managed to hit the gold-cap on three characters within one year.

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