CrimeCraft General Guide

CrimeCraft General Guide by Zaldar

So as the begining of the game can be a bit confusing and the tutorial is somewhat lacking at this point thought I would start a general guide for how things work in the game. I will be adding to this as I learn new things please do feel free to correct me on any mistakes I make.

Lobby controls

Most of the controls in the lobby are pretty basic but it is important to realize that you can’t, jump, crouch or roll in the lobby. Movement is controlled with the keyboard. Press W to move forward, S to move back and A and D to sidestep. There are no keyboard keys to turn and face another direction. Turning is done with the mouse, move the camera in the direction you want to face. Your avatar may not always move and face in this direction but when you press W this is the directin you will go. To center your view press the space bar (Thanks Miriza)

To talk to NPC’s walk up to the NPC until his name appears over his head, once you are close enough to him press the left mouse key. When you press it once a white box should appear in the bottom right corner of the screen, this is the NPC’s response to you. To continue the conversation press the left mouse button again.

Accepting missions is done using a menu based system, to accept a mission simply move the mouse over the accept box and left press.

Pressing Tab will bring up a screen with symboyls along the top that can be used to open a map, your skills, mail and other things like this. When you bring the map up hovering over an icon will tell you what the icon stands for.

Tab menu

If you hit tab you bring up two icon menus across the screen. There are two of them so you can open up two different icons at once, such as a map and your quest menu. Nice addition I haven’t seen anyone else do.

Person icon: This brings up your sats and your current equimpment. To equip something drag it from your inventory to your equimpment screen.

Firecracker: This shows the skills you have and can learn, as of yet it doesn’t seem like any of the skills have prereqs someone correct me if I am wrong. (will give credit to those who help of course)

Book with exclamation point: This lists your current jobs and missions currently after the second mission there are not any more in the game.

Envelope: Here you can read mail that has been sent to you. To send mail you have to find a mailbox

Globe: The globe gives you a map of your current location, if you hold the cursor over an icon on the map a box comes up telling you what it is.

Trophy: These are x-box like acheviments. Currently way to much like the jobs except they are on steroids.

Group of people: This shows the people you have put on ignore (which does work) and your friends list. To add someone to ignore simply type /ignore (name) to add someone to your friends list type /friend (name)

Map and Radar symbols

The symbols on the map and the radar can be somewhat confusing at first here are the ones I currently understand

Exclamation point: These are NPCs that can give you quests, move up to them and talk to them as described before to get the quest.

Gears: These are NPC’s that sell crafting guides talking to them will bring up the crafting skill they can sell you, as of yet I haven’t figured out if there is a way to tell which skill they are selling from the Icon

Shopping Cart: An NPC that sells items such as Guns or Drugs

Lit Firecracker: I may come up with a better description of this icon later. This is the character that you can go to train your skills. This should be the second NPC you talk to in the tutorial. To train a skill from this character simply highlight the skill you wish to learn and then click on learn. Currently you recieve 1 sp every time you level. (the ability to use moltov coctails is a good early skill to get)

Red blinking Icons: This is where you go to join an instance. There are several of these. The shield is the PvE area the rest are PvP.

Circle with an arrow pointing down to the circle: This is the Douglas avenue labs PvP arena

Person: This is the pvp makenie sports center pvp instance

Arrows pointing at each other: This is the olympia mill and lumberyard pvp arena

Blue Buses: These are travel icons here you can travel to oceanside or midtown from downtown (starting area) at this time there doesn’t seem to be any level restrictions for the areas.

Envelopes: These can be used to access the email system and send messages and items to other players

Green books: These are ATM’s where you can deposit or remove items you want to carry but not money it seems at this time.

white olympic stands: walking up to the board at this location and left clicking will bring up the PvP leader board

white fists toward each other: Like the above walking up to the board at this location and left clicking will bring up the Gang wars score board.

Yellow House: This will allow you to buy a gang crib if you are the leader of a gang, if you are not it currently leads to an error reported in red in the chat window.

Yellow Hammer: This opens up the in game auction system

White question marks: pay phones to pick up jobs

Joining an instance

Currently this is a very complicated experience Random Sanity has writen a very useful guide to joining these that can be found here:

It should be said as well that after level 2 as you walk around an icon will appear with a message saying matches are available. If you press U or click on the gun when this happens a list of matches needing players will appear. As of right now these dissapear way to quickly for this to be a viable means of joining a match, walking to one of the red icons is still your best bet.

Game Types

The game has several different game Types many of these will be familar if you have played any FPS before. One Arm is new and quite interesting, especially when the voice chat and hopefully good team work gets implemented.

CTF (capture the flag – two flags beside each other): General FPS game type where each team is tasked with capturing the flag of the opposing team and brining it back to their base while protecting their own flag.

FFA (Free for all – Gun) General FPS game type and simplest type. If it moves shoot it, everyone here is your enemy and the goal is to kill as many of them as possible as quickly as possible, usually very hectic and very bloody. Friendly to those who love to use rockets and other mass killing weapons.

CTP (Capture the portal – circle with arrow pointing down to it) Here you are taking over and holding particular areas sometimes refered to as zones of contention in other games. The idea is to take over and hold as many of them as possible.

TDM (Team death match – Two arrows pointing at each other) Another FPS staple here you have two teams that square off against each other and attack. The goal is to kill as many members of the other team as possible in the time alloted.

Rob (Suitcase with arrow pointing away from it) Orginal mode of play to this game as far as I know. Here you are taking money from the opposing teams bank and return it to your own. Like in capture the flag if you are killed while carrying the money you drop it and everyone will know who is carrying the money. Unlike in CTF however, you deposit the money back in your own bank, where it can be stolen back by the other team and you can’t carry all the money in one trip. Very interesting and so far very hectic mode of play.

Combat controls

(these are all the defaults which can be changed on the option menu)

Fire: left mouse

Aim: Right mouse (takes you to a somewhat first person view can shot but move only very slowly and can’t roll) if you have a scope this will allow you to move it.

Roll: Space bar (useful for moving from one area of cover to another makes you harder to hit)

Melee Attack: E (not used very often)

Reload: R you will do it automaticlly when you are out, but if you are out in the middle of a fire fight..

1,2,3: Select weapons 1, 2, and 3, respectivly the middle mouse button will also allow you to scroll through the weapons

Crouch: left control

Sprint: left shift

F1 – F5: special abilty slots (drugs, mines, ect)

Q: Activate controlled mine

To change these open the control menu choose options then controls, double left click on the control you want to change then hit the new key you want to bind to this location.

Missions and Jobs

Crimecraft has two types of quests you can do for NPC’s. Missons and Jobs. Jobs are more acheivement in nature and usually consist of killing a certain type of enemy with a certain type of weapon “kill 10 people using a rocket launcher while you are using a pistol” for example. You recieve these after completing the second misson in the game from payphones. Simply walk up to the payphone and left click this will give you the job selection screen. Right now finding jobs that are useful to have at low level is difficult. I am working on a list of the ones to pick and will hopefully update with it here soon. Missons are the more common story type quests that are more like what you will find in other MMO’s. They are rather rough right now though and their don’t seem to be many of them. I have only found three, the first one you get from the guard close to the starting area to kill one person in any instance. Going from him to the skill traininer and then killing one person in any instance for the skill trainer and gaining the ability to use the payphones and then gaining access to the banking system again from the guard close to the starting area. On this last mission, the misson text makes it look like any bank atm will work but this doesn’t seem to be the case currently ONLY the bank atm outlined in orange arrows when you have the quest will complete the quest.

Weapon guide

A great guide to weapons can be found here CrimeCraft Weapons Stats Guide

However I would stick to the first assult rifle and the pistol until around level 6 where a lot more things open up. Also you may not want to invest in the rocket launcher, it is due for a MAJOR nerf anyday now.

/ commands in the Chat Window

/1 2 or 3 message – message on channel 1, 2, or 3

/lfg message – message on lfg channel

/say message message on the say channel

/whisper Name Message message to a particular person

/clan message message to your clan only

/gang message message to your gang only

/party message message to your party only

/tradechannel message message to the trade channel

/reply message reply to a whisper sent to you

/quit quit the game

/ignore name ignore another player

/addfriend Name add someone to your friend list

/removefriend Name remove someone from your friend list

/friendlist show your friend list

/blacklist show your ignore list

/createchannel channelName create a channel

/invitetochannel playerName ChannelName invite a player to the channel you created

/leavechannel channelName leave a particular channel

/channelkick playername channelname remove a player from a channel you created

General Hints

1. Go through the tutorial. It needs work right now but it will get you a better gun and more of an understanding of how the game works.

2. Stick to PvE combat until you are around level five and you can afford a better gun and some equimpment. Not to say you won’t have fun in PvP before then but you will die and you won’t get many kills. I’ve had great fun and I am only level 2 but I have 2 kills and 14 deaths so far…

3. Voice chat isn’t in the game yet so most battles are rather disorganized. If you want to own, get a group fo friends together and use a vent server to have organized chat and plan. You will quickly have much more success.

4. Moltov Coacktail makes a nice first skill if you want to be able to lob grenades once every thirty seconds. Can be very helpful but seems not to be over used yet.

5. Rocket launchers are currently great for one shot kills but I expect they may be nerfed soon.


Miriza: reminding me of crafting and telling me the space bar centers the view in the lobby

Jarethe: Multiple corrections and additions

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