CrimeCraft Common Sense Guide

CrimeCraft Common Sense Guide by DrSeptimus

This guide was merely written to help those who lack of the common sense. Yeah!! Some of you might hate me and think I am posting gibberish. But believe me, this is what I frequently encounter at crimecraft.

1) Invite only when a person ask to join gang.

This is where most of the soo called gang leader failed at. They see a person gangless and they immediately recruit it without asking them or neither did they ask to join. What makes me laugh real hard is that I often get invitation to join gang (At least 3 invitation a day) despite being a level 37 with custom clothing.

Seriously enough, if you see a high level player (Especially with custom clothing) who are gangless. There is a strong indication that he wanted to be left alone or there is other reason why he is not recruited such as being a gang bank robber.

Sure!! Some might ask me this question “Join a gang and you won’t be bother with invitation anymore”. That’s true, but people have their right to choose not to under various reason. For example, most of the gang have their own requirement and some have rather childish requirement which you must adhere. If you don’t, you would be hurls with abusive word.

2) Gang Bank permission should only be for the gang leader itself.

What makes me sad is that most of the people who wanted to build their own gang and be leaders always end up making fool out of itself. If you wanted to be a leader, think like a leader or face the music. What makes me laugh is that they often deliver the permission to the wrong person such as the unlimited withdrawal from gang bank.

Once they done this mistake, they hurl abusive word to the soo called stealer and threaten it with report. Seriously enough!! Do you think the developer and moderator ever gives a [filtered] about it? They have more important issues to deal with such as bug issues and hacker. This kind of problem is the least they needed to solve it.

After all, they implemented the limited withdrawal feature as well. Who the one who should be blame but you yourself if you failed to delegate the right power to the right person?

3) If you post something at chat, don’t spam at all.

What makes a human a total failure is their ability to use common sense. I often seen people spam a massive message of “Div 1 need 1 more ppl”, “B> X item”, “I want to join gang” and etc etc. When this sort of people get scold or told, they just hurl abusive word at you. Some shows their ignorance such as saying “Oh!! Sorry!! This is my first time in this game!! I don’t know the rules :P”.

Seriously enough, this kind of excuse are complete bull[filtered] and sound like someone with syndrome down. It have been a common/norm rules at all games and forums that spamming was prohibited. This kind of excuse sounds like this is your first time of using and playing a computer game cause only a first timer would did such a mistake. If you ever look at all the game that exist, some even prohibited you from typing the same sentence 3 times in a row or too quick.

If you ever post something repeatly, you are depriving the rest from having a normal chatting as some was chatting through other channel which you cannot see. A constant spam show how inconsiderate and selfish you could be.

To top up with, if you are asking to purchase or buy something constantly without anybody reply you at all. It was a common sense to tell you to stop as nobody wanted or had the item you wish to sell/buy. If you ever wanted to join gang or have some group with you, spamming discourage them from doing so and you would also likely to get blacklisted as nobody are interested to have spammer as their buddy.

If you are trying to promote what you are selling at Auction House, do not spam it soo frequently. Set a limit such as posting it once every 1 minutes or 2 cause you are not the only one who promote what you sale.

4) Before you accuse someone as hacker or the game sucks, try to understand the game feature.

What makes some people a complete failure are the lack of understanding a game feature. Before you start accusing someone of hacking such as “Omg!! He run soo fast and never out of stamina!!”, “OMG!! Hacker!! His hp full even after I shoot!!” and etc etc.

Learn as much feature of this game as possible. Some of the common accuse is their health full even after been shot. For your information, if you are killed by opponent and notice his health was full. Do check his boost and skills as he/she might have enchanced metabolism and medkit. A combination of this 2 material could heal a significant amount of health.

I even seen some people accuse this game sucks due to nade spam. Some even say “Call of Duty is better cause of no nading feature available”. “GTA better” and etc etc. For god sake, you cannot compare 2 different games even if they share the same genre such as being an FPS game due to the facts they still have several difference/irregularities within it that makes it unique.

For example, accusing the game turning into nade spam and ruining the fun are not a good excuse at all. This game eventually implement a few feature such as anti-explosive feature like the Explosion Dampening Field for those who hate grenade and rocket. If you do not or refuse to use the feature while getting slaughter, why should the developer itself get the blame for your own ignorances?

5) Before you say a bleedout mission was too hard or bug, make sure you read the instructions.

Before you begin bleedout mission, read the instruction carefully as it always provide ample of clue (More than you bargain) to complete it. At [Episode 9] The Key to the City, I notice a lot of player complain about the mission being too hard but I had never experience any difficulty to complete it.

When I observes how the other player play it, I notices they did a rather dumb action. In that mission, player are requested to follow stuart from distances and interrogate the craven for useful information. What I seen is a player follow stuart soo closely, even as close as right at his back despite an clear notice that say “Dont too close to him or he won’t utter a word”.

Do you seriously think the craven you interrogate could gives you information when Stuart doesn’t say a thing when he bypass them?

This are not apply only for this mission, for the other as well. Thus always remember to read instruction.

1) Termx Tips (Credit goes to him)

This is not just CrimeCraft, but any online game.

Gang/Clan/Guild invites – For me personally, if someone just random sends me an invite to join without knowing anything about me, then I don’t want to be with that group. From my experience, it’s either full of immature players just willing to fill their clubhouse full of bodies, or a group thinking that running a gang/clan/guild is cake walk. It’s not, and take it from someone who operates as an officer in a professional guild. A successful clan/guild/gang requires real leadership and management. If you don’t have the time and patience to deal with gang management, lack social skills to deal with a wide range of different personalities, and unable to maintain gang activity to prevent unrest within your core group; then the job is better suited for someone else. Any group that random invites players without proper screening is doomed for failure. You have to run your crew like a corporate company, which means conducting interviews of those wishing to apply and even ask why they want to join. You want team players, not those who want their hand carried and use your resources for their personal gain. In my guild, we have a process known as the PR (potential recruit) in which the new recruit must prove themselves. This helps weed out those that don’t coheir to your guidelines. It’s not 100% full proof and people can lie on applications and what they do in front of you, but it at least prevents your gang/guild/clan from being overrun with inappropriate conduct.

If you want an example of poor leadership skills, just type -50 DKP in YouTube regarding this raid leader organizing and running a raid on the dragon boss Onyxia in WoW. It’s a great example on how to kill player moral and cause nothing but chaos for your fellow mates. His explanation on doing the fight was correct, but his reaction to a player making a simple mistake was not and only causes further communication noise that is unnecessary. Like seriously, who wants to play with someone who’s verbally abusive?

Also, restricting bank rights by rank is a must in any gang. A new recruit should have no rights and all members should have access to basic items, but none to anything of value or rarity. Not only you have to worry about a bank thief, but also when someone’s account is compromised when hacked. In WoW, it’s pretty common to see someone fall for a “phishing” scam and have their account compromised, then someone else locks the user out and start cleaning the characters on the account. Not only that, but any access those characters have with guild banks, they too clean them as well. Even though we don’t have this issue in CrimeCraft, I do strongly encourage proper settings with members regarding bank access in case an account gets compromised. But remember one thing, your friends is what makes a clan/gang/guild grow as a community, not in-game loot.

Note: If you think you have your tips/guide about common sense to be add within it, feel free to post it.

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