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CrimeCraft Beginner’s Frequently Asked Questions by Termx


We want to take the time and welcome you to Sunrise City. While we understand it can be stressful to survive the streets of Sunrise City, finding answers to common mechanics and tips should not. This topic was design to provide you, the new user, the information to common questions and tips while you experience and immerse yourself in the streets of Sunrise City.

For first time users, you will experience an instant PvP match when you log on your character for the first time. Don’t be alarm, you will have a training buff of 40% resistance to survive against higher level players. This is intended and is only a one time deal to get your feet wet on the rush of battle. After the match is over, you will proceed to the Moat lobby to continue your training and understand the many features and mechanics of CrimeCraft, which are known as the Prologue Missions. Keep in mind that once you complete this campaign, you will be offered the option to skip this feature for any future characters created once they log in.
The Map – “M” key

  • Crosshair – PvE Instances
  • Skull – PvP Instances
  • Dynamite – Skill Trainer
  • Shopping Cart – Vendors (Note: The Wrench icon in the menu will allow you to repair)
  • “M” icon – History and Lore (NPC historian)
  • Orange Fist – Gang Vendor
  • Blue House – Gang Hideouts/Club Entrance
  • Yellow House – Gang Hideout Manager (manage/create a gang)
  • Blue Paper – The Sunrise City Newspaper
  • “R” icon – Reputation Board (Lifetime and Monthly ladders)
  • Mail icon – Mailbox
  • Gear icon – Profession trainers
  • “T” icon – Tournament posting and ranking
  • Bus – transportation system (allows you to switch between lobbies)
  • Phone – Payphone location (allows you to collect and turn in phone jobs)
  • Safe – ATM machine, your personal bank storage
  • 1-2-3 bar icon – Most Wanted list (Ranking for top PvPers)
  • Joker – Transmute Operator (convert Bleedout reward cards into special sets)
  • “!” icon – Missions available to be obtain.
  • “?” icon – Mission giver awaiting your return to turn in a mission.
  • Fist icon – Gang War Board
  • Hammer – Pawn Broker vendor (Auction House NPC)

Note: Hovering your mouse over the icons will provide a description.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Gold Bars do?
Gold bars are the in-game currency for CrimeCraft. Gold bars are used mainly for the purchase of items on the Black Market. The Black Market not only has items for sale like gear and weapons, but also other features to customize your character’s looks. Also, other features will be acquired here that adds benefits to your account, like an extra profile, XP boost drinks, or more ability points.

What is the Random Ba$terd and Cash Bag Award?
This is a random in-game event prize that is awarded every day. The RBA is issued twice a day and only requires that you are online. The system operates like a lottery and will select a random player that is online at the time, and announce the player in the system message.

The Cash Bag award is dropped once a day in a random high populate PvP match. An alert will be displayed when the bag is drop and will show as a “?” on your mini-map. Keep in mind that every man, or women, will be fighting tooth and nail to get that bag. It will show an animation at the location with dollar signs floating up. To collect the reward, just stand in the special circle and let the progress bar do the rest; it’s just like collecting containers in PvE maps. Once the award is collected, an announcement will be broadcast during the match

If you win either one of these prizes, you will receive an in-game mail notice, including our GM staff. After the winner was verified, a prize ticket will be created and viewed at Please fill out the prize information accordingly to receive your prize. The prize is 150 gold bars for the RBA and 100 GBs for the CBA. If you do not wish to receive gold bars, we will provide you the cash amount based on the value of the gold bars via the services of PayPal or WebMoney.

Keep in mind that failure to respond to your prize tickets in 30 days will result in the prize being forfeited from our system.

What is the difference in a Free 2 Play, Deluxe, and Premium account?
A breakdown of each membership can be found at the following link:

Where is Pilot?
Pilot can be found in Midtown Square in the alley next to the Municipal Building.

How come I never received Episode 2 of Bleedout?
Episode 1 of Bleedout is a preview episode and is available to all account types. Episodes 2 to 10 will only be sent via the mailbox to those under the Deluxe and Premium subscription. For those of you under the trial (F2P) membership, you can acquire the tickets on the Black Market under the Campaigns section.

I completed my episode of Bleedout, but never received the next chapter. What gives?
Each episode of Bleedout is under a 1 week duration period and can only be completed once per week. The reset period is current at 7pm EST on Saturday. Any episode completed prior before the deadline will receive access to the next chapter. You can check your Bleedout status by viewing your Mission window under the Episodes tab. There’s another option available to complete more than one episode per week and that is the “Fast Forward” ticket provided on the Black Market. This ticket will allow you to complete two episodes under the same week duration.

Keep in mind that if you completed your current episode of Bleedout, it will carry over to the following week and delay the next chapter of Bleedout until the next weekend.

What is the Star Rating?
The star rating is the value of your current equipped weapons, gear, abilities, drug boosts, and K/D ratio. Under this system, you will have access and placed within players under the same level of skill and difficulty.

Where do I unlock the 2nd drug boost slot?
You can acquire the mission from Jeremy Wang in downtown know as “Simply Radiant”. After completing this series of missions, you will be reward with the 2nd drug boost slot.

Where do I unlock the 3rd skill slot?
Go to Oceanside and speak to the skill trainer “Dominic Palochino” once your level 30. The name of the mission is known as “Field Promotion”. You will be granted the slot once the series of missions is completed.

How can I repair my gear?
Talk to any vendor located in the lobby and select the “wrench” icon on the menu bar. From there, you’ll be able to repair your items. Keep in mind that repairing your items will result in a minor durability loss. Be aware that frequent trips to vendor will result in your items decaying faster based on durability. We recommend you wait till your items are low enough before making any repairs, this way you can lengthen the use of your items in the long run.
Another repair feature is from the Black Market under Repair. Here, you can use gold bars to repair your items. Unlike vendor repair, the Black Market repair will restore your items without any durability penalty.

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