Civilization War Tips and Tricks

Civilization War Tips and Tricks by joohui

Herewith some tips and tricks to help you play the game easier.

Hint #1: Hotkey
Assign hotkey to your unit in manual battle by pressing ctrl + number. Then you will be able to select the troops by just pressing the number assigned. It will be effective for that particular battle only. You will need to do it again when you start another battle.

Hint #2: Spend All Resources Before Hitting the “Evolve” Button
Evolution will max out your resources except Gold. So, it is wise to exchange all your resources into Gold before it.

Hint #3: Extra Food For Heroes
When you send your hero to a collection point, make your hero carries extra food so he/she don’t have to walk back and forth from the city.

Hint #4: No Mercy for Enemies
You can actually plunder cities in other civilization regardless of their age (except the newbie-Savage Age). The “have to be of your same age” rule applies only within your own civilization.

Hint #5: The Legendary Purple Hero
Get a purple hero is crucial to survive PVP battles. Time your Tavern building upgrade recruit more and higher level heroes but upgrade it as soon as possible.

Hint #6: Lairs is better than Collection for now
Invest your hero’s time wisely by sending him to a level 10 lair for a chance to find a skill scroll every 15 minutes. (1% drop rate). Better scrolls are found in higher level lairs.

Hint #7: Ground Zero – Manual Battleground
Pay careful attention to the ground the enemy NPC stands on. Grasslands allow you to do the Tree trick, other battlegrounds are not as easy.

Hint #8: Stop the Bully
Being farmed by a higher level? Take the follow steps:
– Spend your resources
– Put spare gold on merchants
– Never leave an army worth more then your resources in defense
– Put army-less heroes in defense and run around until the timer is zero, he will lose the attack on your castle.

Hint #9: Short Keys
1. Double-click: Double-click a unit to the current screen is selected with the same unit
2. Shift: to show or remove building name / display all the units on the battlefield HP
3. Ctrl: a force is selected to be in force
4. Ctrl + number keys: select units, select the ctrl + number keys formations
5. WASD / ↑ ← ↓ →: Move the screen for the outside of the city and the world map
6. C bond: the character information
7. M key: World Map
8. R key: list
9. L key: Task View
10. P key: e-mail
11. I key: intelligence
12. F keys: Friendship
13. K key: Association

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  1. How do you get past the Savage Age?

    I cannot figure out how to build the buildings required for Savage Age to evolve to Dark Age. I upgraded all the building I could build and all the mines, farms, quarries, and lumber yards. I am now stuck!

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