Civilization War Territory Expansion Guide

Civilization War Territory Expansion Guide by blackraven

1. Pass the savage age.

2. Build a tavern if you haven’t already.

3. Click on your Tavern and hire as many Missionary as you can, preferably blue or green named Missionary.

4. Worship your city on normal speed for 12 hours but don’t put any Missionary inside.

5. Wait until you see green territory plots outside your city.

6. Survey your surroundings, look for untouched Wild Lands(areas which are not green) so you can choose which direction to focus your temples.

7. In the right top corner click on a the square with a C that says “Show others territory”, and you can see red squares showing territory that belongs to other civilizations.

8. Build your temples in the area that looks appropriate to you for expansion (Direction of Wild Lands/Non-red areas) on one of your green territory plots.

9. Place a Missionary in your new temple by clicking on it and pressing dispatch priest then click which you want to send.

10. Click on your temples then click Worship, designate your temples to worship for whatever time you see fit.

11. Wait about 1- 2 hours and your territory will be expanded. The more spirit a temple has the more territory it claims.

12. By the end of your worship now your borders should have stretched out a good 8 or so squares. Now would be a good time to either build a new temple at the edge of your borders or destroy your old ones and put it in a new spot.( But if you destroy it you have about 2 hours to rebuild it or you will lose your gained territory. Once you rebuild it farther out worship on rapid speed for 1 hour. It will cost 10k gold, but it will prevent the loss of territory.

13. Repeat steps 1-12 to keep expanding territory.

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