Castle Empire Online Resource Placement Guide

Castle Empire Online Resource Placement Guide by captnemo

Howdy – this is just a simple guide of where the resource are located. Hopefully it will help you in placing your building and storage house.

*the resources mainly are:
– stone, fir wood, fish (basic)
– copper (intermediate)
– marble, hardwood, iron, coal, gold, meat (advanced)

stone color is a bit black-ish, while the marbles a bit white-ish
due to difficulties to show meat/fish -> most of time it won’t appear in the snapshot
for fir wood = dark colored trees, hardwood = light colored trees (easy to spot eh?)

1st is the overall map:

the island of your base is separated into 9 region. in simple sense like this:
7 | 8 | 9
6 | 5 | 4
1 | 2 | 3
u start from the region number 1 –
here’s the snapshot with the mines and sources –

stone source: 4
marble source: 2 (can only have 1 active at a time)
fir wood and fish (6) are abundant

Area 2:

copper source: 3 (in snapshot -> have 3 mines on it – the one in south)
gold source: 3 (north of copper)
meat source: 4
fir wood and hard wood

Area 3:

iron source: 3
marble source: 2
meat source: 2
lots of hard wood, fish source
(fish and meat /fir/hardwood -> won’t be mentioned in the next areas.. since to troublesome XD haha)

Area 4:

coal source: 3
iron source: 3

Area 5:

marble source: 2
stone source: 4 (3 active)
iron source: 3 (2 active)

Area 6:

copper source:3
iron source: 2
stone source: 1
lots of fir wood

Area 7:

coal source: 3
lots of hard wood

Area 8:

iron source: 5
marble source: 5

finally, Area 9:

gold source: 4

image courtesy of aurorah: thanks for allowing me to peek XD ha ha – (it’s one of the benefit of having higher level friend)

the full map is courtesy of some german website

that’s all folks!
the areas you will go with most likely will be: 1 -> 6 -> 2 -> 7 -> 3 .. well.. check out the difficulty of the camps…
hopefully it will help you out when u start.

Quick TIPS:
* and whenever you conquer new region/area send out geologist as often as possible until all the source are discovered – (after all discovered, next search will result in failure)
* fish and meat are replenish able using provision house (don’t worry if it runs until 0 – u can still refill it in the same spot, it won’t disappear)
* all mines can be rediscovered with geologist in the same location with exception of some that are not active all the time (so no need worry when you run out – just send out geologist to re-discover it again)
* using gems, u can purchase the mine refill thus u can avoid rebuilding the mines – worth considering when the mine building cost become very expensive
* build store house close to the source to shorten the production time/cycle
* check out the production chain ratios to help you manage your resource production

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  1. Anonymous says:

    area nine actually has 5 gold in your picture. Look behind the tree you can see it.

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