Castle Empire Online Medium Bandit Camps Guide

Castle Empire Online Medium Bandit Camps Guide by DarkD

This is a guide to at least start taking down medium bandit camps that you find at level 20+. Haven’t gotten to the later ones yet, but im confident in my strategy to take on the early ones. IE, I am level 21 at the time of this posting, and i’ve only killed a couple camps, so please elaborate on my guides shortcomings.

First off, you can’t use a lot of your units because of the dogs.

Secondly, if any of you have calculated your losses for fighting one of these things, you’ll see that its not possible to kill them off in one large attack regardless of what troops you use.

Given this information there is still a way to keep your losses for many of the early camps under 100 troops. How?

Example: Theres one camp at the bottom of the eastern territory with this troop configuration. 120 rangers, 60 dogs. The dogs make using cavalry and archers impossible, and the rangers are a force to be feared. However, if you send a smaller attack of 70 recruits, you will kill all of the dogs. After that, wait for your general to recharge, then attack again with your whole army as all of the dogs are dead. If you stack it with cavalry, you will experience very few losses and it is completely possible to avoid going any further than losing some more recruits.

However, many of you will notice that each camp has different troops and you will have to play with the troop simulator to figure out how to clear each camp with minimal losses. Remember that militia and cavalry are ESSENTIAL in handling medium bandit camps. So don’t skimp out because of the cost.

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