Castle Empire Online Guild FAQ

Castle Empire Online Guild Frequently Asked Questions by BB_Katealyst

What is a Guild?
A guild is a group of players, who are pursuing a common goal. This can be just to be social, or for good trading opportunities, buffing, etc.

Do I have to be in a Guild?
No, being in a Guild is not necessary. That said, there are some advantages to being in a guild as mentioned above.

How do I recognize a Guildmember? What is a Guild tag?
A Guild tag is a short tag or acronym for the entire Guild name, which you can wear to show you are part of a Guild. You can recognize people who belong to a Guild in the chat, as they wear their Guildtag between brackets [] before their name.

What is a Guild banner?
Guild banners are banners that portray the Guild motto.

How do I join a Guild?
If you want to join a Guild, you can send of an application to that Guild. The other way to get into a Guild is to receive an invitation. Sometimes entrance depends on particular criteria, set by the Guild leader, like age, time online, level etc. You can find more information to Guilds that are around in the Guild forum of your world, or on the homepages of the Guild.

How do I leave a Guild?
To leave a Guild, you can click on the ‘leave Guild’ button in the Guild menu.

How can I establish a Guild?
Every player can establish a guild. You will need a Guild house, which you can build for 5000 marble, 5000 hardwood planks and 3000 coins, or you can buy one in the shop for 1250 Gems. After building the Guild house, you can establish a guild by giving your guild a name, a tag, and a banner.

How do I disband my guild?
In the Guild menu, you have the option to disband your Guild by clicking the ‘disband guild’ button. This button will only be active, once you have dismissed all Guild members.

How do I invite players into a Guild?
You can invite players to your Guild by clicking the ‘invite’ button. This function is only available for specific Guild ranks though.

How do I transfer my Membership Certificate ?
After you have been invited in a Guild, you can visit the settlement of the Guild leader and drag the Membership Certificate from the star menu to the Guild house of the Leader.

What are Guild ranks?

Guilds are organized by hierarchy, so there is a Guild leader and Guild members with specific ranks. Here is a list of the available Guild ranks:
Guild leader: The Guild leader established the Guild and has all administrative and executive rights
Guild Administrator:The right hand of the Guild leader. They are appointed by the Guild leader and have full administrative rights.
Members: These are the normal members of the Guild
Trial Members:Trial members have a certain trial period before they become full members.

How many members can a Guild have?
A guild can have a max of 50 members.

How can I increase the number of members my Guild can have?
You can buy a Counterfeit Membership Certificate for 400 Gold coins, or buy the Guild Member Certificates in the shop, so you can increase your Guild members by 1 or 2.

Can I change my Guild tag after I make it?
At the moment it is not possible, to change your Guild tag after you have created it.

How long can a Guild tag be?
The Guild tag can be 5 letters long.

How long can my Guild name be?
The maximum length of a Guild name is 23 letters.

Can you change the name of your Guild, after you create it ?
At the moment it is not possible to change your Guild name.

If I disband my Guild, will the Guild house be deleted too ?
After you have disbanded your Guild, the Guild house will still be on your settlement.

Do I have to take anything into account, after leaving a guild?
After you have left a Guild, you have a 24 hour cool down time before you can join another guild.

Can you tear down the Guild house after you have created a Guild?
You can tear down the Guild house and your Guild will still exist, but you cannot expand your Guild any further.

Can you be in two Guilds at the same time?
It’s not possible to be in two Guilds at the same time at the moment..

Is there a Guild forum for every Guild?
Every guild can introduce themselves in the World Sections of the forum.

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