Castle Empire Online Do(s) and Don’t(s) Guide

Castle Empire Online Do(s) and Don’t(s) Guide by stridervan

This is a quick post, will add more if needed. If you have ANY advice for new players Post here!

1. DONT build houses and barracks(the buildings that DOESNT produces anything) close to your storehouse/Mayor’s house. NOT building them close to Storehouse will free up space near your storehouse, thus allowing you to build production facilities next to your storehouse causing your economy to speed up!

2. DONT let your buildings run if they don’t have enough resources to process. Just prioritize which building you need the most and stop the other buildings production until you can fix the problem by building more buildings.

3. DONT EVER let your storehouse overflow. If you suspect it will going to overflow with for ex copper bar in a few minutes. Stop the copper bar production(probably leaving one or two open so that your other buildings that need copper bar won’t have to run out of materials) this will balance your copper bar production thus increasing copper ore production, so that you can make use of both latter.

4. DONT buff your fishers. Depending on where you place it, it does seem like your going to run with x2 production. However, mathematically you won’t. You will end up, pretty much, having the same amount of fish with or w/o buffing Fishers!

5. DONT forget to use your provisions house often. From here you can even convert upgrade resources, fishers, etc. Valuable stuff when you have lots of woods and stones so that you can convert them to upgrade resources. Also a good way to prevent your woods and stones(in my case I have tons of wood and stones) from overflowing.

6. DONT Waste your quest rewards. What I meant by that is, when you are like level 15 or 16(dont remember when) you will get settlers as quest rewards. If you don’t have enough accommodation for them, DONT accept the quest rewards, which will waste the settlers(since you only get ONE settlers every 15 mins) try to build a Residence building then accept the reward. This way you will have full settlers so that you can use them on your army. No need to wait for like hours trying to increase settlers.

7. DONT bring less soldiers to battle than your enemies’. See #6 Below!


1. DO, make sure your overall production time is less. For example, you woodcutter doesn’t necessarily has to be next to a tree. If his overall production time is less you will have a good economy.

2. DO make sure you have a good balance in economy. Before mass placing buildings take a look at your economy and see what resource you have the least. Let’s say your copper bar production is going low because your producing tools but your copper ore production is going up. This is a bad economy. Building one more or two(depending on how fast each is changing) copper smelter will fix the problem.

3. One thing I found useful when your stone mine/copper mine is depleted or about to be depleted, don’t try to use chisel from the store which costs 35 diamonds or the one that produced from your provisions house. Unless your just staring up and have alot of empty mines across your territory. Just raze the old mine, tell your geologist to look for the mine deposit you want, he will find the particular deposit wherever your last mine was. Only useful if your lands are filled with “pre-found mines”.

4. DO, Buff all your buildings. Doubles your production, Quadruples, if you already upgraded your facility. The Best thing about buffing is, you get x2 output within the same amount of production time and uses the SAME amount of resources(not double resource).

5. Its good to upgrade a building(if you have enough resource) than building the same building twice of the type. This will save you one Building license.

6. Always bring more than the enemies’ army size. Scavenger and Recruits share pretty much same stats, same goes to bow men, the only difference is they have a weaker accuracy + you get your general(who DOESNT do tons of damage as you would expect). To prevent too much casualties always bring more troops than your enemies. This will shorten the wait time on settlers, if you loose like 2-5 soldiers in battle.

7. When you have reached level 16, its always a good idea to build lots of farm/mill/bakery so that you can create 25 settler stacks or create the 2hr duration buff; because you will have to spend hours waiting for settlers to build up after a heavy fight(which you faced severe casualty). This speeds up your next attack thus allowing you to level up faster(since the only way to level after 16 is to attack camps and gain XP(only available option as of right now)).

TIP: Your Archers WONT be attacked EVER if you have Recruits alive! So, DONT just go to a battle with JUST archers. YOU WILL LOOSE! unless u bring them in hundreds, still more casualties. Always your malee classes will be attacked 1st, the ranged gets attacked ONLY if you loose all of your malee.


Selak has created this thread about what each combat stats does, he did an amazing job pointing stuff out, here’s the link…
Castle Empire Online Combat System Guide

Also, in addition to what Selak said. The Aggro radius(the red box) that’s around the bandit camp when you select it, will FORCE your general to attack it if you ever get into it, even if it’s overlapping with another camp(this is an interesting case), only happens when two camp’s aggro radius overlaps(complete overlap); your general will attack whichever one’s aggro radius he enters 1st. However, he won’t attack the 2nd camp automatically even if he’s in the 2nd camp’s aggro radius(only one camp at a time) – See my last update post below for changes!!!(it is not working properly would be my guess)

your general WONT attack a camp if its in another sector EVEN if its aggro radius is overlapping another building in the next sector which your about to attack. Only the sector your in counts.

Also, The Bandit Leader DOESNT have an Aggro radius.

NEVER underestimate your enemies power, DON’T go with less force than your enemies thinking that you can get away with that. This is BAD! Not only you will face severe casualties(which most people faced) you will most likely loose your entire troop + If you face a defeat you have to wait 4hrs for your General to recover. Rule of thumb, Always bring more forces than your enemy’s. The less force you bring the more casualties you’ll have to face(also the more rounds you have to face; the more force you bring the less rounds you’ll face. especially if you cannot defeat the enemy malee class within few rounds the ranged class will eat your malee class in no time).


First of all, I’ll make it clear; No matter what fight it is, dogs(or cavalry) will be the first units to attack. So, if there are any slow units(archers, cannoners, etc) in your army they will be attacked 1st by the Fast strike(dogs or cavalry) units. This will pretty much wipe out your ranged classes if the enemy has lots of fast strike units(the 1st medium camp you will face). My advise to you is to NOT bring any ranged if there are lots of fast strike units. Also, I forgot to mention the ranged(slow) units are the only units who can strike back at fast strike units(malee CANT).

So, I’d advice not to bring any ranged class(because they have low health pool and will die really fast) if there are too many fast strike units in the enemy side.

Post if u got anything!!
Thank you!

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