Castle Empire Online Buff Partners Guide

Castle Empire Online Buff Partners Guide by DarkD

When I started playing this game I was constantly troubled trying to find a good buffing partner in this game. There were people who buffed a few buildings once a day, didn’t say anything then stopped after a couple days. People who needed to be told exactly what to buff all the time. All kinds of other weird stuff as well.

Im gonna state for the record what a perfect buffer is like.

1) You have a large supply of fisheries capable of buffing every building in your own town throughout the day. Not saying you should buff yourself, just that you should have enough fisheries to be able to buff yourself.

2) Avoid self buffing.

3) Try to buff intelligent targets. Clearly an iron weaponsmith should be buffed before a farm, same with a level 3 hardwood sawmill. You shouldn’t need to be told what needs buffing

4) you should only dictate what needs buffing if you really need an odd resource like wheat which you are running out of. Oh and please don’t assume that I need it buffed every time just because I said it once. Buff instructions should be a 1 time deal unless otherwise stated.

5) You spend a lot of time in front of a computer. Obviously the most valuable part of being a good buffer, but since it can’t really be expected of people you have to make due with a large amount of buffers.

6) You should be able to buff people without being asked.

7) Tell the other player exactly how many plates you buffed him. Do this through mail since this game disconnects people all the time.

8) Tell the other player that you repaid his buff. Through mail if you don’t get a response through whisper.

9) Please be clear about the context of the buff, there is a big difference between “buffed you 25 plates”, and “repaid your buff of 25 plates”

10) Buff back EVERY single plate that you were buffed. Trust is important in this game. Don’t screw up a good buff partner over a couple of fishplates….

Since I am on the topic of buffing I my as well talk about sandwiches and baskets.

NOTE: You should discuss in detail where your buffing partner should put sandwiches and baskets.

Sandwiches, should be used on 4 or 5 of your most valuable buildings. The idea is its a more reliable buff, if the other guy isn’t on for 15 minutes after your fishplates wear off, the sandwich will still be on. Otherwise its for when you will be offline for a long period of time. More of a “hold me over” until you can build baskets.

Baskets, only good for the overnight buff. Build as many as you can a day, by the time you can build them, there should be LOTS of good places for you to put them before you go to bed.

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