Castle Empire Online Adventures Bonus Info Guide

Castle Empire Online Adventures Bonus Info Guide by DarkD

Several important things I found out while playing the adventures which you won’t find in Kate’s info or the german wiki.

1) When you leave troops outside of an army when you complete an adventure, they will come back at a much slower pace than the other units. You can see their progress returning under the star menu. Look for a new icon, I forget what it was called but it should stand out.

2) In some of the adventures you will find the area that you click on to attack the camp is in some completely weird spot like a block or two above the building you want to attack. You can find this block by looking for the highlighted section of the map next to the camp. The game will highlight where you have to click if its not the building for some strange reason.

3) You should avoid the rank 2 mission “Horseback” until you have a huge supply of “retired bandits” to use. Keep in mind it uses more troops than my adventure “Swamp of the Witch” which I completed in 8 hours and used up 300 retired bandits in that time. Also the people who started early had an unfair advantage over the other players because everyone was accepting terrible trade deals, so our buildings are higher level than yours will most likely be when you get to do adventures.

4) Follow the german wiki, it has complete walkthroughs for all the early adventures. I don’t know how other people are translating it, but I have google chrome and whenever I click on a website in a foreign language, chrome auto translates the whole page for me.

5) Try and pick an adventure that you can use a lot of cavalry on. This will minimize your need to replace recruits.

6) Only one person needs to have a 2 player adventure to go on a 2 player adventure.

7) You should have a second explorer by level 26 and be constantly searching for only adventures at this point. If you do adventures right, you will go through them pretty fast. Lots of people who are getting to them now have run out of adventures to do.

8) Level 2 butcher is also required at level 26, you run through your meat that fast.

9) Wolf traps are something found on several adventures. BEWARE!!! They are invisible bandit camps filled with nothing but wolves. IE first strike and attack the weakest.

10) I have heard that special buildings can be found on several of these adventures if you redo them enough. Some sort of a castle is supposed to be in Stealing from the rich with a 3% chance of appearing. It gives you +50 pop and doesn’t use a license.

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