9 Empires Races, Deity and Region Guide

9 Empires Races, Deity and Region Guide by Will

When registering and selecting your race, deity, and region, it’s helpful to know what the advantages of each are so you can better decide what you want.

Selecting the Race of your Hero:

Selecting the race of your hero will not only determine what troops and army type you’ll have in the game, but also will determine what special bonus your first hero begins with:

Human: +500 luck. Luck is a combat skill that increases the chances of a unit doing double damage, and changes of a troop’s specialty to land, such as a combo attack!
Elf: +100 troop movement. This combat skill enables your troops to move an additional 4 spaces when moving in combat. It makes slow units fast, and fast units very fast!
Highlander: +100 stamina. Stamina is an adventuring skill that enables a hero to perform more battles each day. It therefore also helps you gain levels faster. It does not help in combat, but it is a very handy skill … if you can use it all!
Subterranean: +2000 command. Command determines how many troops your hero can carry with him. Each additional hero level increases your command by +300, so this skill helps in your battles by being able to carry more troops!
Undead: +600 morale. Morale determines whether your troops will freeze in fear while in combat, or if you have high morale, if they will get an extra attack. It can be very frustrating when your troops freeze in combat, but by having this skill, you will probably never see that happen.
Underworld: +30% min damage, +30% max damage. This is a combat skill that increases the damage of your troops.
Orc: +200 attack. This combat skill increases your troop’s attack, and therefore damage of your troops.
Siren: +200 defense. This combat skill increases your troop’s defense, and therefore prevents much damage to your troops.
Spirit: +30% exp. This is an adventure skill that will have your hero gain levels 30% faster, and like the stamina bonus, will help you climb to higher levels quicker!

Selecting your Deity:
As you build up your temple and level up your clergy, the deity you choose gives certain bonuses that prove very helpful in the game.
God of War: your troops do +5% more damage for each clergy upgrade. This is recommended if you plan on raising heroes with battle skills, or want your troops to have that extra boost in damage.
God of Wisdom: your mines yield +5% more resources for each clergy upgrade. This is a very handy economic boost that will help you to build more, and quicker.
Goddess of Life: all your town populations grow an additional +5% for each clergy upgrade. The additional population aids in recruiting more troops, when you have troops available.

Selecting your Region:

Unless you have a particular place you want to be, which region you choose doesn’t make that much difference, but it’s always nice to know where you’ll end up in the world…

Enjoy the game, make friends, and have fun!

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