9 Empires Battle Guide

9 Empires Battle Guide by Headhunter

9 Empires is full of battles. But every player has to prepare for every battle, or he will loose. It is wise to ”Investigate” enemy troops before taking actions, this will give you an advantage, and knowing size of opposition is always good. If enemy is too strong the fight should be avoided, because terrible consinquenses will take place if you loose. There is nothing worse then loosing your army.

To fight what you have to do is click on ”Mob” or another player
when you have done so, you will see a screen with 4 options. (i would have inserted some print screen image but unfortunately i lack on knowledge of how to do it)

this can only be used once you have learned the Fundamental Investigation skill level one or level two if you are investigating a hero(another player), (takes up 2 skill points for each level) once you have click on ”Investigate” another window pops up, it will have some information about the monster-Monster name, Monster type, and its atribute points (defence, attack, inteligence, mana and its level) These have to be observed cerefully, the difference between loosing and winning could be a couple of attribute points.

directly below, you will see a logo and name of the soldiers that are in possesion of the ”Mob” or hero(another player) that you are trying to fight. This information is vital! You must take on board the information just below the troop’s logos. Its the number of troops that you will be fighting if you battle the creature, or hero.
The number will be given in words, such as:
tiny – (1-10)
several – (10-100)
big – (100-500)
medium – (500-1000)
huge – (1000-10000)
enormous – (10000 + )

Here is where you compare army size, however it doesn’t just depend on the actuall ”SIZE” its also about troops damage, defence, attack, movement and life, each can effect the outcome
there is no way to know the damage of every soldier in the game and remember it, the more you play the more you will know, but at the start try to fight as little as possible.

Also from the window with all of this information you can at the top right corner a button saying ”convise for surrunder” this will have little if any effect on you while you are a begginer, to be able to surrunder enemy troops you need to have 3:1 ratio of troops to your enemies, as well as a high ammount of luck, but dont worry about this too much it will only become useful when at high level

Now if you think your army has what it takes to beat the enemy, click ”Battle” and another window will load up
your troops will be shown on the left hand side, and your opponents on the right hand side. The decision on who goes first is dependent on priority, but usually you go first if you attack. When its your turn you are under pressure! you have 30 seconds to make your decision.(you can see how long you have at the top left hand corner of the screen) you decision has to be wise otherwise you could loose the battle
If you have melee troops under your command, they should advance tawards the enemy (it is wise to look at the movement of the enemy troops and advance your troops so little that enemy troops cant reach out to you, but so far that next turn you can throw a frightning attack, you can find the enemy moving distance by putting your cursor over them, and information will be shown in green at the bottom of the battle field) also it is wise to always have melee troops infront of your ranged troops, because almost always they have more life and defence therefore less lives would be lost if you are attacked.

If you have ranged troops, you should always target opponent’s ranged troops. This will definately minimise the loss of your troops, and maximaze your chances of victory. Once all ranged troops are gone, you can now help your melee troops to finish the battle, target the closest or the most powerful enemy unit (if 120 peasents are really close to your melee troops, and 5000 minotaurs are behind, then obviously target the minotaurs, and then peasents)

when you win a battle you will recieve a certain amount of gold, belief and experience (this depends on your hero’s and enemies level, and you only recieve gold and chests if you battle a boss) It is also possible to recieve a treasure (this depends on the defeated hero’s level as well as yours) this is a special item that can be worn by your hero to improve its stats (only possible if your level is the same or higher then the equipments)

now if you dont want to battle and just want to recieve some EXP, gold and belief while your away doing other things, it is possible to ”auto-train” (you can only auto-train if the mob’s level is equal or lower then your hero’s level)
your hero will basicly be in a Bot mode, where you cant move it for a certain amount of time (depends on how much you chose to auto train for [longer you train, more EXP, gold and belief you will achieve] )
auto-training also costs 2 stamina points per 1 turn of fighting (which lasts 5 minutes) the maximum time that you can auto train for is 1h 40 minutes and that will take up 40 of your stamina points.

each different mob will give you different amount of EXP, gold and belief depending on its level, and its troops, it is wise to choose the best possible mobs for auto train to achieve maximum EXP.

Attacking a city/ recruitment pointsthese take 5 of your stamina, and are usually harder to attack because the defence is usually stronger (cities have turrets that will deliver extra damage on your troops depending on its level)
the best mix of troops you can have is melee in the front, ranged at the back, that way you wont loose any ranged troops ( too me they are like dimonds ) other then that, the drill is the same as if you are attacking a mob, first one to kill all of the enemy is the winner

TIP: if attacking a city while its owner is away, or a mob, the enemy troops will always go for the unit that is closest to them, therefore its wise to have a load of cheap and low health troops and make the enemy concentrate on them, rather then having them killing your good troops, it’s just like a distraction. From my own knowledge and experiance i have won battles using this technique that would be impossible to win otherwise, i must of saved my army a dozen times over, this tip is used by most players and is very effective

Guide to Battling by Will

If you only want the experience, gold, and belief, or don’t have an army to battle, or plan on being away from the computer, use auto-train. Otherwise here is a guide to battling:
Battling Mobs
The first skill you should attain if you’re going to battle mobs is the Fundamental Investigation skill, 1st level. This skill allows you to view what you’re about to fight. You won’t see exactly how many mobs there are, instead you’ll see things like “Big”, “Medium”, etc.
** 1 to 49 – Tiny
** 50 to 99 — Several
** 100 to 499 – Big
** 500 to 999 – Medium
** 1,000 to 4,999 – Huge
** 5,000+ — Enormous
When battling mobs, it is highly recommended to bring only ranged troops, and as many as you can carry/command on your hero. This will minimize your casualties. Mysterious Wizards and Phantom Archers are excellent for battling mobs, as well as any ranged troops from your towns.
Mob Tactics
Mobs will always attack the closest unit to it, regardless, so you’ll want to place your most valued units in the back. If you have any defense-boosting spells, cast them on your front unit(s). A stack of mysterious wizards don’t do the most damage, but they are one of the best for battling mobs because of their blind specialty. When enemy troops are blind they can’t do anything for a few turns, so this specialty will prevent many of your troops from dying. When you see the message that the enemy is Blinded, move on to attack a more threatening enemy. The most threatening enemies are usually ranged troops or very fast troops approaching near you. Ranged troops do half damage when shooting someone far away, but typically you still want to eliminate the opponent’s ranged troops first. If you are losing the battle, RUN! You will only lose 5-10% of your troops this way.
From battling mobs you will receive Souls. These can be turned in for quest rewards for a little gold and experience, or donated to your Alliance for Reputation.
Battling Bosses
Bosses are very difficult mobs that have big rewards, including chests. Keys to these chests can only be purchased by diamonds, but the rewards are random, sometimes big! When investigating the Boss, you will see “troop amount”, along with attack and defense bonuses. To give you an idea on how difficult a particular boss is, divide the troop amount by 300, and this gives you an approximate level of the Boss.
For example: Mine Executor has a troop amount of 6000×7. Divide this by 300 and it’s ~20. This means that Mine Executor is about as difficult as a level 20 hero, FULL of troops, with attack and defense bonuses shown in his details. The lower level bosses have 4 ranged troops in behind, and 3 melee troops in front. It’s not a good idea to battle a boss that’s tougher than you are. If you’re about the same toughness, expect heavy losses. You do not receive souls from boss fights.
After you defeat the Boss, you can visit periodically to collect taxes from his operations to receive even more gold and chests, much like a gold mine.
Battling Players (PKing)
It’s not nice to PK fellow players without their permission. If you want to battle for the fun of it, select Practice instead. PKing and Practicing cost you 5 stamina. You will not lose troops in a practice. The honor you earn when winning a PK depends on the amount of troops you killed. If you find yourself losing in a duel and have lost over half your troops, do not run! If you lose a PK you will only lose half your troops and your hero simply portals back to town with half your army. A message announcing the PK winner will be displayed on everyone’s screen, including your alliance and the location of the battle. This means others will know exactly where you are, including your opponent’s alliance members!
You can only PK heroes that are above level 10, and only heroes that are near your hero’s level. If you want to PK lower level heroes, hire a low level hero.
Invading a Player’s town
When you venture to another player’s town, the opponent receives an email on who is coming and what time you’ll arrive. There is no nice way to invade another player’s town, but some methods are nicer than others. Your options are (from nicest to meanest):
** Looting: venturing to opponent’s town, extracting his mines, and leaving.
** Ransacking: extracting mines, then attacking the city.
** Sneak Attack: venturing first to a nearby town, then venturing to opponent’s town for a sudden attack. (To venture from town to town, click on the arrow outside the surveillance wall)
** Camping: extracting mines, and just sitting there at his city (either waiting for the right moment to attack, or continuing to loot the mines). This is how the Vandals defeated Rome – by surrounding the city and cutting off supplies while Rome’s citizens starved to death.
** Swarming: sending two heroes, attacking city with one, and leaving one to extract or attack later.
** Assaulting: sending 5 heroes (or a whole alliance of heroes)!!
Defending yourself from an invasion
The best defense against heroes under level 30 is your surveillance wall. Each additional level on your city wall increases +15 in ATK and DEF, +10 in priority, and +10 in troop movement. You want to fill this wall with all ranged troops, the higher priority the better, once your protection period is about to expire.
The best defense against heroes over level 30 is your own high level hero (with full troops and gear) garrisoning the town. This is because a high level hero with bonuses is far superior to the same amount of troops without the bonuses. Troops with +500 ATK and +500 DEF can easily defeat 10x their own numbers without these bonuses.
** Garrison hero w/ troops: If you know an opponent will attack you while sleeping, or if you receive an email knowing someone’s coming, this is your best defense.
** Stockpiling defenses w/o hero: this is a VERY risky maneuver if you don’t have tens of thousands of troops with strong turrets. If your opponent wins, you lose ALL your troops, which is far worse than only losing 1 to 20% of your resources.
** Garrison hero w/o troops: if you’re in your capital and you’re storing lots of troops inside, have a hero garrison but with only 1 troop on the hero. When your opponent attacks, garrison hero defends, loses, but your troops stay protected while the opponent loots your town and warps back home. If you are defending your second or third town, don’t do this – your opponent will capture the town and you will lose all those troops.
** Hiding your loot: The best way to hide your resources so your opponent gets nothing, is to extract your mines, sell your resources for gold in the market, then purchase gold powders from the angel near your city. (select “trade”, then buy). You can buy 100 per transaction and they stack to 9999. You receive 80% back when you sell these.
Good Luck!!

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