WW2 Rage Officer Attributes Guide

WW2 Rage Officer Attributes Guide by jumbeidima

OK ! here are officer with 4 growth values : gv3 . gv4. gv5 and gv6 !
the better officer is with the  higher Growth value ! at   each level up  hero gain points , that helps your strength in terms of military !
gv3 get 3 points at each lvl up , gv4- 4 points , gv5- 5points and gv6- 6 points!
About buy : Normal Officer cost coins[ gv3] , and renowed officer cost Gil/gold
for renowed hero cost :
1) gv4 = 100 Gold/ gil
2) gv5 = 400 Gold/ Gil
3 ) gv6 = 800 Gold / Gil

Every 8 hours, there’s a chance for a renowned officer to appear, and the new renowned officer appears after you have visited the former renowned officer. You can activate the renowned officer to join you within 72 hours after successful invitation. You can also send the code to your friends and your friends can input the code and recruit the renowned officer. The price to recruit renowned officers is relative to the number of renowned officers you already have. The price multiplies the result of (the square of the number of renowned officers you have/the level of your reputation) when you have more than one renowned officer.

Your Officer can help you in Military !
: Defense ,Attack , command , Speed ….

Defense and attack help troops to be more strong ,. Command is for officer to led more troops ! and speed = speed of movement of troops
The Fusion :

if u are good player who use  more matrix , you can  upgrade more officers  ( better way)  but for it u need to have one hero with more points in command, defense , speed and attack !  more info in image !

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