Warhammer Online Witch Hunter Leveling Tips

Warhammer Online Witch Hunter Leveling Tips by Dekar

I’d like to share some thoughts about the Witch Hunter.

1. Expectations – MDPS classes are generally what I call “End of Tier” performers. What that means is they generally don’t become that good until they are either R10, R20, R30, R40 in each Tier given the nature of their design.

For example: an R30 WH doing scenarios in T4 may find that he gets 1-3 shotted often and can’t seem to do as good as other R30 classes of different archetypes. This is because beinga squishy class that requires you to be in the midst of battle means you are going to get targeted by high levels that much quicker since they know they can kill you pretty quickly.

So if you see a BW doing great at R30 and you can’t do that good, remember that BW’s are ranged so they have the opportunity to survive more, as well as Tank classes naturally have higher armor so they may not be targeted as quickly as you.

2. What mastery to start with? – Personally I found going up Path of Confession to level to be the best until you are high enough level to respec more 1 v 1. Some people will recommend to go Judgement for Absolution spamming but in my opinion until you are high enough level you truely won’t be that effective at killing higher levels 1 vs. 1.
Regardless here’s how I’d do it:
End of T1 – Razor Strike and Burn Heretic are a great combo
End of T2 – Razor Strike and Abso spam (still keep upping Confession line)

End of T3 – Razor Strike (with sweeping razor tactic) and Dragon gun

End of T4 – Respec to something new (many people spec Judgement up until Burn Away Lies, and Confession for Repel Blasphemy)

But I always found AoE with Shroud of Magnus to more effective then Abso-Spamming in the lower Tiers given if your target starts getting cross-healed you can easily switch to one of the many AoE’d targets without losing time. I found 1 v 1 builds not to really be that effective until you are high enough level with the right gear to actually kill people quick enough before cross heals.

All this is just my opinion however, I’m sure down the line skills will change and strategies will too.

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