Warhammer Online Shadow Warrior Guide

Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning Shadow Warrior Guide by DreamAgain

Hello Current and Future Shadow Warriors — Welcome to the quick guide on Shadow Warriors. If you read the point and the topic interests you, step back and read the paragraph. Or, if you’re very interested in everything that this class represents, recline in your chair, light a candle to set the mood, and enjoy the read.

Before you read any further, and before you level your Shadow Warrior any more so than you already have, you must pause and think it over long and hard. The key concept that this class offers, is that you aren’t a BW and you aren’t a WH. You are BOTH but to a lesser degree. As a witch hunter, you MUST take your lightly armored butt into the thick of battle in order to deal any significant damage. You do not have any “free damage from a distance” skills that compare to any ranged DPS class. Following the same pattern, as a Bright Wizard, you MUST keep your lightly armored butt OUT of the thick of battle, you must always avoid confrontation, even if it is 1v1, if you can help it. You have no choice, unless you have godly heals and/or you enjoy dying. Yes, the two mentioned classes excel more so at their one role than we do at the specified role.

The Warhammer Online shadow warrior’s specialty are bow usage plus they utilize combat styles and technique that is very useful in any combat situation. They are part of the shining guard army by the high elves with DPS career that is with ranged. They are the type of elves who lived in the Drutchii society but they favor high elves party as Phoenix King instead of Malekith during Sundering civil war. They are similarly paired with Squig Herder although they have no pet but still their fighting abilities are of the same range. Avid gamers have constructed WAR or Warhammer Online shadow warrior guides to help out newbies and other players to both play as and fight against them.

As shining guards, they serve as archers, hunters, and scouts. Their principle in fighting revolves around to declare death against their foes and enemies. The bow master are closely linked with their names since they have the great eye that is keen enough to strike off opponent even at a far distance no one can imagine. They are also skilled users of blades which they make use to slash off swiftly and with a fury attack that results to the downfall of their enemies.

Specialty of Shadow Warrior

During the midst of battle, they use lots of fighting styles and maneuvers that are ideally suited to every combat that they have. Lots of information are outlined in WAR or warhammer online shadow warrior guide. Three fighting stances were made by these warriors and each of which differ from the other :

Masteries of Shadow Warrior

These masteries are tied up to strategic fighting styles of the warrior which is sometimes of great use during multiple fighting situations :

1. Path of the Scout

Focused on the ability of bow attacks to cause damage to the opponent which could be use while stationary or even position shifts.

2. Path of Skirmish

It is focused on bow usage attack which is used at close range battle for strategy of hit and run which is greatly used in skirmish type of fighting technique.

3. Path of Assault

The focuses of this path is rested upon the capabilities of shadow warriors on fighting combats and battle either on the offensive and defensive charge which is of great use on Assault technique.

Career Abilities

a. Barrage (13 points)
b. Shadow Sting (5 points)
c. Flanking Shot (9 points)


Scout Stance
– Ideal for situations where you can find yourself a safe and distant spot to perch and spam. Elevate yourself. Use the landscape to Line of Sight enemy ranged DPS. Always keep an eye out for incoming melee dps, as Scout Stance is not an ideal stance to get caught in. Needless to say, you can still use both your aoe snare and ranged snare, as well as your detaunt.
– Potential for most damage overall, in terms of scenarios. When it comes to your ranged AoE DoT’s, nothing deals more numbers faster. Note that if you choose to obtain Glass Arrow in the Scout Mastery, it can be used in any stance. Flame Arrow requires Scout Stance. Note their max range of 80ft, versus the typical 100ft or 65ft ranges for our class.
– Can obtain the class’ hardest hitting nuke, Festering Arrow. While it appears that the number is indeed higher than the BW/Sorc equivalent, since BW/Sorcs can crit quite often and for double the crit damage of a normal crit, it tips in their favor. A good thing to note is that it is Corporeal damage, so it bypasses standard armor but is affected by Corp Resistance instead.
– Has the class’ silence, so use it wisely and whenever it is up!
– Also contains a potential, but not so frequent, Healing Reduction ability. (Only while Vengeful.) I wouldn’t make that such a deciding factor, as it is deep in the Mastery and only has the Healing Reduction effect when vengeful once every 3 minutes.

Assault Stance
– Based off the forum posts, this stance clearly gets the least amount of love. As to why it is liked the least is beyond me, as it has the highest burst potential of the three stances.
– Due to the fact that most of the Stance’s melee abilities being instant, you can pump out the most damage the quickest. Coupled with vengeful and/or your Morale Rank 2 ability Unshakable Focus (+100% damage for 7 seconds), you can get an array of quite impressive numbers in a seemingly instant amount of time. Needless to say, they won’t be nearly as high if you’re trying to out-burst a tank in hand-to-hand combat.
– Very effective against low armored targets and casters. When you’re hitting more, you’re knocking their spells back more in the process. Having a ranged battle with a sorceress will leave you losing almost every single time. The key is to charge them quickly and spam in their face. Couple that with being extra annoying and strafing in circles around them, having them try to keep up their line of sight with you, gives you a heavy advantage.
– Can still use many ranged shots. Don’t be afraid to shoot all of the ranged skills you can use in assault. Break free of that mindset that “scout is for ranged, assault is for melee.” You can, should, and will be using many ranged shots in assault stance. Make a note of which ones can be used. As mentioned, in some cases, you’ll even hit harder with ranged shots than Scout Stance.
– Assault Stance brings your armor class from Light armor to Medium armor. Almost too obvious to point out, but it had to be done. Use it when fighting Squig Herders and other ranged physical dps, as well as when you’re being assaulted by melee dps.
– Has the class’ disarm, use it whenever it is up!

Skirmish Stance
– This is the forum’s favorite stance, with many reasons as to why. It brings your class all the transitional skills that you can use when entering/exiting battle.
– This stance arguably has the most utility of the three stances. Most of your shots in this tree are either instant or can be done while moving. Strictly from my personal tastes, I usually travel in Skirmish Stance. It has all the tools I need to enter a battle and escape a battle, making it the most useful when on the move. Should I encounter someone, I have all the necessary skills to counter any type of situation and assess it further.
– Provides toughness, which further elevates the usefulness of this Stance when escaping non-physical dps. Meaning, if you’re losing a battle against a Sorceress, swap to this stance, shoot a snare and/or detaunt, and run like a rabbit during rabbit season. The toughness reduces the magic damage, so keep that in mind.
– Has the class’ only true Healing Reduction ability, low in the Skirmish Mastery. Very easy to apply, everyone can always use an extra, instant, no-cooldown DoT that also has a 50% reduced healing effect. Out of personal opinion, I’d say that most specializations should pick up this skill. There is no right way to eat a Reese’s, as they say, and if you disagree with me, I’m not forcing you to get the skill. It’s simply a very useful and easy-to-obtain skill, and something to bring to the table in terms of group-pvp. Note that you can even have multiple targets affected with this, so long as both targets were ailing beforehand. It only lasts 9 seconds, but can be reapplied endlessly, making this skill a treasured one.

– The Shadow Warrior’s rank 40 skill can only be used in Skirmish Stance, and it appears to be one very useful and amazing skill. So keep that in mind. This was clearly done to keep you switching stances constantly to get the most “bang for your buck”.

————— * Important * —————

While I could discuss the Stances way more than I’m going to, I feel the biggest learning tool is experience. Every minute you spend playing a Shadow Warrior, you will understand more and more about the benefits and details of each Stance for each situation. I encourage you aspiring Shadow Warriors to kill every monster differently, with different skill rotations. Switch up your stances often, even when it isn’t even necessary, merely for the sake of getting a feel for each stance. Get use to which stance can use which skills. Get a feel for what each stance’s main damage rotations are, as well as their escape techniques. No, Skirmish Stance isn’t necessarily always the best escape Stance. The above mentioned technique is the best advice I can give you all. Practice always has and always will be the best way to reach full potential.


Alright, enough reading, go kill stuff!

The Conclusion to this informative guide:
In conclusion, I hope you’ve come to terms that each stance has many great uses that you may or may not have realized. Please be more thoughtful when thinking about the stances in terms of “which is best”, but more as “what would be best right now”. They are all wonderful, and all have many uses. As stated before, this guide is more of a way to get you on the right path and mindset, and not so much teach you how to play. Take everything I said with a grain of salt, and trust in your own abilities more so than the class’ potential. The potential will always be there. The developer gods are watching. If there is true imbalance, and you feel this class is clearly too weak no matter how hard you try, by all means, give the developers constructive feedback.

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