Warhammer Online Open RvR Survival Guide

Warhammer Online Open RvR Survival Guide by Dasomen

What i mean by open RVR servers is that the server is always flagged for RVR. you as your character always have the threat of a person coming up and killing you even if you arent in a RVR zone.  as a note, i am one of these people and i’ve had time to note what is effective at stopping or at least slowing me down, and what isn’t effective.

First and Foremost!
Travel in packs or controlled Squads: this little tactic will definately increase your personal chance of survival if you can do it right. to do it right will come later. just keep this in your mind for now, travel in a group. if you are traveling alone you are a easy target and a apatizing target for people just wanting to either level their guild, or get more kills so that they can unlock some specail item. it’s rarely just mindless killing.

Keep in Comunicaction with eachother: sounds simple enough but i havent seen anyone actualy do it much. doesn’t matter if you’re traveling in a squad, if no one knows what the other is doing or what the other sees, and you’re just playing follow the leader… yeah you die real quick. i personaly recomend getting Team Speak or Ventrello. no i can’t offer a server for you to go to for free but you can easily solve that problem yourself. this is much easyer than using your keyboard and much more time saving and possibly life saving. i personaly use this.

Call For Backup: the biggest thing that will ever save your sorry hide is actualy calling for backup. while it might not save it right out, you may and possibly will get a chance at revenge. this is mostly reliant that you are in a guild. if you are in a guild you should have Team Speak or vent, and a simple shout out there works wonders. if you dont’ have access to team speak, you have access to your guild channel. which will make them take notice. a simple “SOS” will work wonders and you’ll receave the backup you need. players hunting you means more exp for your guild should they come and help and they rarely pass this opertunity up (speaking from experiance.)

Potions: they arent just for soloing some hard boss on your own. they work great for that little tricky incounter with someone several levels higher than you. if you know or have access to a potion maker, make buddy buddy real quick because this will i garantee you, save your sorry but even if you’re alone. when a lv4 shaman can kill a lv 20 bright wizard thanks to a massive potion, ohh yeah, times are good.

SECOND!Use Tactics: i’m not talking about those little rewards you get every once in a while. i’m talking about squad tactics here. a clumped group is just as taisty looking to preditors as a single target. this is because they can get in, cause havoc, and kill one or two people. serving thier goal. while some if not most will stray away from huge groups, you have the psycos to deal with who rush in fully knowing they are going to die. my suguestion is travel in a close pack. i mean clump tight. keep in formation. so when someone does start attacking your group you can easily scatter and suround the target. speeking from experiance, it only takes 8 lv1s to take down a lv16 choppa going balistic. a smart tactic is to spread out so that your target cant get to two of you at once. your healers should be working overtime in this situation, switching to whoever is currently being attacked while the rest of your group uses their ranged attack on the psyco attacking you. your healers need to also be chugging decent mana potions during this incounter to keep on the up side of the heal. i have yet to see this tactic fail. and while one may die, the attacker will be taken out as long as the healers are alive. if the attacker goes after the healers, all bets are off and bum rush him. forcing him to take another target allowing the healer to escape. remember, there is colision in the game, so once you clump, he can’t get past you. one may die in the process but if your healer is i belive past lv10 you’ll be resurected shortly.

Don’t be affraid of high levels: if you are traveling in a good group, you know you’re going to be a match for anything. i’ve seen lv21s say oh waffle it and flee from a bunch of lv 5s. and by a bunch, i mean around 4 full warbands. sad thing is the lv 5s bum rushed the guy, even back in his own town. sucesfully intering the town, and killing him before the town guards could kill all of the lv 5s. i was in the town when it happend and was contemplating on helping the sap out, but to anger that many people is a bit out of my hands and i chose to hide rather than enter the fray.

Take a secondary class: this means not like “oh i’m gonna be a rune priest AND a arch mage” like it does in some other MMOs… in this, it means picking up talismen making or potion making. using the items created from these two sub classes will save your butt over and over and over again not to mention give you a edge on the battlefield.

And third!
if you feel i’ve missed anything, hey go ahead and post it. as a comunity we should update this if we find little tidbits that can help people stay alive. this isn’t some PVP game where it’s one on one, any of the time. it’s mass on mass realm vs realm.

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