Warhammer Online General Leveling Guide

Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning General Leveling Guide by James Nichols

So while creating a new BO I figured why not write a sort of universal leveling guide. This wont be guide that is the format of do this quest in this order. It shall be more of a this is the concept of leveling and how to have fun doing such.

Levels 1-10:

So starting off General leveling tips that works on all pops:

The basic idea to leveling up is to gain experience in a somewhat fast way to gain ranks and enjoy the endgame. Right? Well if your unlucky or perfer doing it solo it takes awhile and you seem to run into a few hard quests here and there. So how does on get around this? Well I’ve found it easiest to play the pairings in a circle. Questing from your starting area up to the second zone of tier 1 can get you somewhere in level of around… 5-10 not bad but it may still be a challenge to push forward by yourself, so what you would do is pop over to another pairing and start from the very begining to pick up all the extra chain quests. Then again work towards the second zone for tier 1. By the time you’ve done this you’ll be closer to 10-15. You could at this point keep sticking in the same pairing or move to the last and start over, or move back and continue the old pairing.

Low pops:

For a low pop server the only real good way to go around gaining levels from my experience is to get hitched up in an aoe group and farm a good pq or two as your doing quests together, queing up for the hopeful scen.

High pops:

On a high pop server leveling is the easiest of all. The main concept is still questing (for someone who is new.) and que up for a scenario. If your new to the game or class I normally look for a 5-10 ranked member of your class while in a scen and follow them around and see how they play, just to get a feel for ideas. Now your going to be gaining experience much faster with quests to supplement extra exp so you might just skip jumping from pairing to pairing till closer to level 20.

Level 10-20:

You’ll still want to be queing up, make sure not to join at a keep or Battle Objective (BO or Obj) as you’ll earn a free ride back to the warcamp.

Med pop:

This tier is where you’d want to get more involved with the RvE flipping on your server, look for fights with the other realm. If none are happening just stick around for the RvE flips.

High pop:

Hopefully your server will be fighting at every corner possible join in the fun (solo gains the best exp, grouping gives you the best fun).If they arn’t join on the RvE train.

Level 20-30

This tier has a few better pve options so on any server throwing in some aoe grinding isn’t a bad idea, and as always queing for scens, and quest inbetween pops. You’ll also start to become more of an assest on the server overall in this tier since you locking zones here can have the biggest benefits for t4 so try and work with them.

Med pop:
Mostly likely your server is going to try and Rve this tier for the ORvR, so jump on the Rve train if you see an enemy warband try to lure them to attack a keep and try and defend if not just keep going.

High pop:
On a high pop server this tier may still be closer to a med pops people trying to avoid fights for Rve, some you might get some amazing fights that offer exp.

Level 30-40:

General:Congrats your now in the last tier! Heres were the fun begins. Right? In this tier you’ll want to start looking for your epic quest chains, great exp and rewards. Aoe grinding because an even better choice, get 3-4 people together find a PQ with a hight spawn rate or that has lots of mobs and easily done for your group and farm in a few hours a day  while questing or what have you. You’ll still want to que for those scens and quest inbetween.

Low – Med pops:
Saddly I noticed for atleast me aoe grinding was the fastest to get from 30-40 took 6 days of grinding, while throwing in some RvE flipping of the lakes.

High pops:
On a high pop server it seems t4 has a bit more to do, if your server is better balanced join in the warbands and pushes you’ll start leveling very quickly. However some high pop servers still have odd off hours so you may still get to play in the rvr lake, or head back to aoe grinding.


Ok so this is my first attempt at this, sorry if you dont really find this helpful. I still see people asking questions on /1 regional like “How do i level?” or “Whats the fastest way?” this will atleast give you some ideas on the easier ways, and you can refine your own style into it.

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