Warhammer Online Fighting Guide

Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning Fighting Guide by Falc

I am a charger. I will lead a charge on my bright wizard if noone else is. What has been ticking me off is people too worried about their lives in a game with little to no death penalty.(if you are that worried about gold, you need to take another look at this game, I am compelatly self sufficient between 3 toons, including obtaining perminant talismans)

If an entire group runs into battle, and does not hesitate, that group will win. But if you see the enemy and pause, someone else will pause and the chain is endless.

There are certian times that turtling is a viable option, Like when you are in a room with 1 entry point. and you are greatly out numbered. Like a Keep Defensenot a scenario!

If you are a tank your goal is to die, never turn around and run to a healer. The time you waste doing that you could have gotten a rez and the healer wouldn’t have your former attackers on them. Get in the battle and fight until you die, debuffing and buffing as much as you can.

As a general rule, know your healing limits, if you know you are going to die dont turn around, continue to fight, the more you pull from following you the more the back line is going to suffer.

If you see a ranged class stop and you are melee, dont stop too, they are leting you get ahead to take the focus off of them because you can handle more.

If you are a healer you have to choose who lives and dies, if you focus on everyone they will all die, if you focus on a few they will live and chances are they will protect the others.

Run screaming into the battlefield, you may die but your team will win, and if your healers are worth anything you will get a rez when it’s safe.

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