Warhammer Online Alternate Keyboard Usage Guide

Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning Alternate Keyboard Usage Guide by Mykiel

After reading the How to be a Pro post, I decided to dig up a guide I wrote for my guild in a previous MMO.  It is a different way to play but you will find that it allows more utility and efficiency when playing.

Things to note
*No mouse unless you really need to utilize it for interaction with parts, flags, or looting.
*You will be utilizing both hands when playing which may seem a bit rough, but it falls into what we already have learned via playing most video games.  Left Hand always control movements, while right handle always controlled other aspects like attacking.
*As an MMO, WAR is not a First Person Shooter, and as such utilizing a mouse for most of your work is inefficient to where as in an FPS your mouse is an important part of the game play.
*This is not a HOW TO MAKE YOURSELF UBER LEET post.  It is just another way for players to be able to help improve or add on to their play styles.
Hand Placement
:  Place you left hand on the keyboard with your Left ring finger resting on the A keyMiddle finger on the W key, and Left index finger on the D key.  Your thumb can rest naturally on the Spacebar.  Place your right hand on the 10key pad with you Right index finger resting on the 4Middle finger resting on the 5, and Right ring finger resting on the 6.  Your right thumb can rest on the 0.

Get a feel for it and read on.

:  Movement and learning how to move is the most important factor that you will have to work with as it takes a bit to get the dexterity down, but it should not take long for even the weekend player.  The keys will be placed into 2 categories:  Basic Movement and Augmented Movement.

Basic Movement keys Bound as following:

–  Strafe Left
W–  Forward
E–   Strafe Right
A–   Turn Left
S–   Reverse/Backup
D–   Turn Right
Spacebar– Jump

Augmented Movement keys
:  (See the Basic Movement Keys for the bindings)
*Note- The first key mentioned is the dominant key in the series, which you will need to press first.

–  Forward Slant Left
W+E–  Forward Slant Right
Q+D– Strafe/Flank Clockwise movement (to the left)
E+A– Strafe/Flank Counter-Clockwise movement (to the right)

Both forward slant movements work well for when players need to bypass a target.   i.e.  Forward, Slant left, Slant right, and you are past the front lines easily and in a fluid manner.

Practice moving around utilizing the button combinations mentioned above.

Combat and Targeting
:  The key-bindings mention below are easy to utilize and at the same time will make your playing experience more fluid and enjoyable.

As mentioned before we are going to break your keyboard down into grids.  They are the following:

Function Row
Main Number RowMain Keyboard Alphabet10 key Pad
Function Row:
  This row is utilized for targeting your friends and group mates.

–  Target Self
F2–  Target Party Member 1
F3–  Target Party Member 2
F4–  Target Party Member 3
F5–  Target Party Member 4
F6–  Target Party Member

–  When utilizing the basic UI when your party is formed look under your profile picture at your party members.  Counting down is what number the will correlate to the Function key assigned.  If they are the first down then they will be Party Member 1, if they are the second one down then they are Party Member 2 and so on.

The same will apply in a War band, except you might appear at the bottom or in the middle.  Count down from the top of your party.  So the first person will be Party member 1 and so on.  Practice with it a bit and you will get the hang of it.

Main Number Row
:  This row is set as the default row for Action bar 1 in game, but it will be remapped to be utilized by another row.  This will now become Action bar 2 and be utilized for Buffs/CC/Debuffs/Utility.  please bind the key as follows replaceing the older key binds.

–    Hotkey 13 aka Alt1
2–    Hotkey 14 aka Alt2
3–    Hotkey 15 aka Alt3
4–    Hotkey 16 aka Alt4
5–    Hotkey 17 aka Alt5
6–   Hotkey 18 aka Alt6
7–   Hotkey 19 aka Alt7
8–   Hotkey 20 aka Alt8
9–    Hotkey 21 aka Alt9
10–   Hotkey 22 aka Alt0
11–  AKA the “-“Hotkey 23 aka Alt-
12–  AKA the “=” Hotkey 24 aka Alt=

I will be utilizing my current setup on my Sword Master as an example, because you will actually be mapping the specific abilities that you need or want to use based on what you think is best for your play style.

Sword Master Binding:
1–    Juggernaught
2–    Aethyric Grasp3–    Shatter Enchant
4–    Challenge
5–    Aethyric Armor
6–    Nature’s Blade
7–    Phantoms Blade
8–    Heaven’s Blade
9–    Potion
10–  Potion
11–  AKA the “-“ key-  Potion
12–  AKA the “=” key- Guard

Now by looking at my bindings I can easily perform some of the most basic tasks without having to move my left hand much as it is just a short movement of a finger and you have selected the ability needed.  You are able to perform easy tasks without overstreatching movements.

– Utilize what abilities you feel that you need to use, I only gave the examples as a reference.

Main Keyboard Alphabet
:  This is the area where most of your targeting will take place and a lot of it will be based around the predetermined key bindings.  Remember that the basis for this guide is efficiency and fluidity in playing.  Please bind the following.

–  Cycle through enemies
C– Target Nearest Enemy
Left Shift + Tab– Previous Enemy
Left Shift + F–  Previous Friendly
F–  Target Next Friendly
`–  Assist the Main assist

These bindings allow for seamless targeting for a player during PVE and RVR.  Now some players may want to change these bindings around to better suite their needs, or you can even use the default bindings and still remain efficient in your game playing.
If these bindings do not feel comfortable, find ones that do.

10key Pad
:  This is the block for combat abilities.  This is also what will be utilized for Action Bar 1 since we removed the bindings for it earlier.

– In some MMO’s you could double up the keys here having 1 set for when NumLock was on and 1 when it was off.  In WAR, it does not matter if NumLock is on or off, the keys will still function the same.

–  Hotkey 1[/b]Num2–  Hotkey 2
Num3–  Hotkey 3
Num4–  Hotkey 4
Num5–  Hotkey 5
Num6–  Hotkey 6
Num7–  Hotkey 7
Num8–  Hotkey 8
Num9–  Hotkey 9
Num 0– Hotkey 10
Num – (the minus key)–  Hotkey 11
Num+ (the plus key)–  Hotkey 12
Num *–  Pet Attack
Num.(decimal point)– Pet Passive

Now once again I will be utilizing my Sword Master setup as an example.  I know it may look weird at first glance, but you’ve read this far so give me another 10 mins.
–  Gusting Wind
Num2–  Dazzling Strike
Num3–  Gryphon’s Flight
Num4–  Gryphon’s Lash
Num5–  Quick Incision
Num6–  Blurring Shock
Num7–  Throw
Num8–  Wrath of Hoeth
Num9–  Ether Dance
Num 0– Flee
Num – (the minus key)–  Taunt
Num+ (the plus key)–  Mount (your mount)
*Note–  Now I know as a Sword Master I do not have a pet, but I still have those keys mapped.  I can send my pet in or make them stop and return at a moments’ notice.
Now that you see the key bindings for your right hand, place your place your right hand on the 10key pad with your Index, Middle, and Ring finger resting on the Num4, Num5, and Num6 keys.  Your thumb can rest on the Num0 key.

Now to get a feeling for attacking with your right hand, utilize the attacks above, and place them in a sequence such as:

Gryphon’s Lash>Wrath of Hoeth>Ether Dance>Gryphon’s Lash>Quick Incision>Gusting Wind

At no time do you need to look at your keyboard for points of reference, and if you do need to utilize your mouse, your hand can easily be placed back on the 10key pad thanks to the Num5 key with a raised bevel.

Both of your hands will be able to work efficiently, since they are only performing certain tasks of the game.  Try it out see what you think.

–  If you are a Pet class, then try this out by first sending out your pet and then attacking, and in mid fight recall your pet.

Thank you for reading this far into the post.  I am not saying this is the end all be all way to do things, it’s just another way of doing things.


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