War of 2012 What to Send at NPCs Guide

War of 2012 What to Send at NPCs Guide by Tripz

You never know what the npc’s will have, so scouting is good. Most of the time, I don’t scout npc’s unless its a high lvl npc. So I’ll let ya know what small amount of troops you should send at what lvl npc’s ranging 1-5
lvl 1 npc’s send about 200 troops
lvl 2 npc’s send about 500 troops to be safe (minor loses)
lvl 3 npc’s send about 700 troops
lvl 4 npc’s 1200 troops
lvl 5 npc’s 1500 troops

The higher the lvl, the more loses, but if you know what these npc’s roughly have, you’ll know what to send.

Artillery is always good to send, along with archers, and sword. I never send my horses, unless its camel.

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