War of 2012 Temple Crash Course Guide

War of 2012 Temple Crash Course Guide by Vastus

Ok, so you’ve had some fun running around on the map, joined up with an alliance, and now you and your friends want to get involved in the big fighting. Well what we have for you is the Temple Arena. Meeting place of the top 10 alliances to put the troops to the test.

First thing you need to do is just go ahead and explore it, lots of story and information available. The reports tab can show you alot of combat information and give you a heads up on how previous battles have gone for certain alliances.

Now that you’ve wandered the Temple area a bit, let’s talk about starting a challenge. The alliance Leader is the “only” person that can issue a challenge, they do this by bidding for the challenge using combat flags donated by members. The bidding time is between 15:00 and 21:00 server time. You can “Not” bid at any other time of day. The alliance that bids the highest number of combat flags before the 21:00 cut-off wins the challenge against the temple. Failed bids have their flags returned to them.

Your alliance has won a challenge to temple…now what? Well, now we enter the deployment phase between 21:00 and 14:30 server time the next day. During this time any member of the alliance can donate troops using the “Send Troops” or “Garrison” Buttons in the Temple arena interface. It is advised to have troops commited “before” 14:00 to avoid issues such as server lag. When the clock reaches 14:30 battle will commence across all temples and lock them up till 15:00. At 15:00 all members involved will receive a report if a battle took place, informing of a win or loss and providing a detailed report on the fight.

We won the fight…now what? First off, congratulations, temple is not an easy fight and takes some good teamwork to be victorious. Now you can reap some rewards. First off, based on your contributions to the fight you will receive honor and contribution points. The number of points you receive will depend on how important your troops were in the fight, total number, number lost, and how much damage they inflicted. You will also receive Talisman’s of the Alliance every fight you participate, the number of talisman’s received depends on your current honor points(higher honor, you get more talisman’s in a battle). You can use these talisman’s to spin the temple wheel for prizes. And on top of all that, 24 hours after winning the temple, you can start collecting a daily resource bonus for holding the temple. This bonus is based off of the hourly production of that resource in your capital and adds one hour for each day held. For example, you hold your temple for 3 days(after the initial 24 hour wait) you would receive 3 hours worth of that resource in your capital for your daily bonus.

We lost our temple battle….now what? It happens, don’t let it deterr you. Even if you lose, you get full experience and prestige for what you did kill in the process. On top of that you get 50% of your troops back. This is a good time to go over your battle report, take stock of the areas where you got hit hard and beef them up for the next round.

For those leaders out there new to temple, it’s the participation that makes the big difference. The whole alliance has to work as a solid team, everyone needs to contribute. The single best way to become more proficient in temple is to take good care of your less experienced members, teach them how to build strong armies. Don’t discount casual players, they may not have huge high level armies, but if you let 10 casuals slip by because they feel left out you could be missing out on 10-30k troops. Promote activity, hold internal competitions, give them goals, assign officers to teach tactics. Anything to keep everyone working together. Temple is an “Alliance” activity, nobody can do it alone.

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