War of 2012 Heroes and Stats Guide

War of 2012 Heroes and Stats Guide by Vastus

So by now you’ve had some time, run some campaigns, and incurred some heavy losses trying to figure out good battle plans. Now you’re thinking, how can I get that edge that will reduce my losses, increase my damage, and bring me up the ranks a bit quicker. The first place to look is your heroes, sometimes just shuffling your armor a bit could mean the difference between losing 100 swords or 500 in an attack.

Let’s start by looking at the stats and what they do:
Strength: This is your base Damage multiplier
Vitality: This is your Health multiplier
Intelligence: This is your Critical multiplier
Speed: This is a percent multiplier of your speed
Load: This is a percent multiplier of your carry capacity
CP: This is your command points, it controls how many troops you can carry
Exp: This is a multiplier of experience generation

Ok now that we know what the multipliers do, we have to look at what they are multiplying. Everything a hero does is based off of the troop it is carrying.

Say for instance you had an Infantry master hero full of swordsmen. Then let’s assume for easy numbers that “these” swordsmen have 100 hitpoints each. Then we look at the vitality of our hero, because that’s what affects the hitpoints. Let’s say we have a 50% bonus on the vitality stat, that would mean every sword would actually have 150 health. So if we’re losing 10 troops per fight, that would mean the enemy is doing 1500 damage. so getting that 50% up to 100% vitality would give your swords 200 Hitpoints. 1500 damage at 200 hitpoints a piece is now only 7 lost troops. Not a big deal with such low numbers, but think about how nice going from losing 100 to 70 would be.

Speed and Load
These stats will not affect combat, but can be very beneficial in farming and surprise attacks. Every troop type has a set speed and load value, these stats will increase that to make farming faster, and more profitable.

This stat show’s you the multiplier of experience generated by damage done or soldiers lost, it is based off the stat found on the troop equipped to the hero. Generally the higher damage the troop does, the more xp it will generate. More xp equals higher level, higher level equals more troops, more troops equals win.

The biggest tip I can give you is to take a good look at the stats of the troop type you want to equip and match your hero to bring out the best in them. Alot of people like to stack all crit on their ranged, but if you look at your muskets/archers, you can see they already have 25%, so favoring strength gives a larger base for that 25% crit to multiply. Crit is something you need to be cautious stacking, sometimes you can stack it in a way that it actually becomes detrimental.

I’ll give a few examples of where balancing strength and crit can be beneficial or detrimental. Don’t knock me on the numbers, this is just theorycraft to illustrate how balancing is beneficial.
Some crit formula examples:
50 strength, 25% crit rate, 100% crit damage == 62.5 final damage(average)
50 Strength, 50% crit rate, 200% crit damage == 125 final damage(average)
100 strength, 25% crit rate, 100% crit damage == 125 final damage(average)
100 strength, 50% crit rate, 200% crit damage == 200 final damage(average)

Take what you will from these examples, but bear in mind that strength numbers are easier to stack higher than intelligence. My only hope from this guide was to show you where to look to find the numbers you need, and to get you thinking about what stats benefit each other. If anyone has the actual formula’s for each of the troops types, please post them below for others to see

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