War of 2012 Build and Research Time Reductions Guide

War of 2012 Build and Research Time Reductions Guide by Vastus

Alright, so I’ve been hearing some questions on what should I build, what makes this build faster, where should I build it, and how many should I build.

When it comes to research, you can only ever have one going at a time(plus one in que if you use a plan). This means that you only need one building of each, doesn’t matter how many cities you have. To be clear, only one building affects the research time reduction, building a second one in another city will “Not” help it.

Troops(Barracks/Workshop/Stables/Shooting Range):
These buildings are city specific, their bonuses only affect the city they are built in. Typically you will only need them in your capital until your resource production exceeds your troop build rate.

Construction Bureau:
This one affects only the city it is in, nice to have leveled once your res buildings are reaching their teens, makes a big difference on construction speed then.

Typically most buildings only affect the city they are constructed in, and in a few cases you will only need to build them in your capital(Embassy, Academy, Blacksmith). It’s up to you how far you want to stretch your resources with troop production. Play with it a bit, see what suits your build style, it never hurts to have extra of anything.

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