Tales of Fantasy Daily Quiz Answers Guide

Tales of Fantasy Daily Quiz Answers Guide by TomerBrosh7

I’d like to gather informations about all the quiz questions becouse i saw they repeat themselfs. if anyone can screen shot a question he knows the answer or Copy it it would be nice. that way if we manage to get enough quiz answers i’ll write them down here organized.


Q: How do you make a Crunchy pizza?
A: Deep fry it


Q: Which 2 countries fought in the 100 year war:
A: England – France

Q: What does the french word Garcon mean
A: boy.
Q: Which Island in the Thames was once described as ‘Fifty drunks clinging to a mudflet’?
A: Eel Pie Island

Q: Which town in Powys was formerly a county town, and shares its name with a range of mountains:
A: Brecon

Q: Literature: Animal Farm is an example of what literary device?
A: Allegory

Q: Which of the following cities defeated Osaka in the latter’s first ever bid to host the Summer Olympic Games?
A: Beijing

Q: The golden petals of this humble plant can be used in the place of more expensive saffron in cooking
A: Marigold

Q: A plant suffering from phyllomania is producing too many what?
A: Leaves


Q. Biggest Desert in the world
A. Savanah

Q.Who invented the first computer?
A. Charles Babbage/Konrad Zuse


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