Tales of Fantasy Crafting Guide

Tales of Fantasy Crafting Guide by SuvaWF

This Guide answers the most commonly asked questions I receive about creating items and also lists what materials are required in general for different craft types.

1. Q: Can you make me an item?
A: Yes! Crafters will happily make you an item IF you bring them all the supplies, they have the skill    needed, and they have the recipe.    Some will charge an additional combining fee as well.

2. Q: Can you make me an item with X stats?
A: The stats on created items are totally random.  If the crafter had control, they would love to give the ideal combination for you.  All the swords I have made recently with +spi and + charm on them are proof of the randomness, lol.  Items will end up with 1 of 3 things on them.
a.        There are no extra stats
b.        There are random green stats
c.        You get super lucky and get random blue stats
I have only seen blue stats once, so it is rare.  If there is anything else an item can receive, I have not seen it yet.

3.Q: Where do I get the materials from?
A: That varies.  Leather comes from killing creatures.  All other materials come from ground spawn locations and also killing of creatures.  Some quests will also have material rewards.  The items vary by location with the higher the level, the higher the materials that drop.  The stones for the purple and gold items appear to come from boss kills.   You can also hit H to open the auction market and search for players selling them.

4. Q: Can you make me the item and I will get the materials for you later?
A: No, most crafters will want the materials up front.

5. Q: I have Level 2 materials; can you make me a level 3 item from them?
A: Yes, but it takes 10 of a lower level item to make 1 of the next step higher item.  So 10 level 2 make 1 level 3.  There is also a percent chance to fail combining the lower items together.  When you combine them, your chance of success will be displayed.

6. Q: I got this armor piece off a monster and it’s able to be engraved.  Can you engrave it for me?
A: No, you do that yourself by purchasing a Corundum Engraver out of the Item Mall.  Only pieces made from the raw materials pick up the engraved status from a crafter.

7. Q: Can you make my item better?
A: No, a crafter can only make a new item.  You may try buying medicines and other buff items crafters make, some game vendors sell, or can be bought in the Item Mall.  In auction they are under medicine or the bottom Other tab.

Material and Skill Breakdown:
This craft requires ore and wood.  You can make arrows, weapons, incantations, and grinding stones with this craft. The different ones are:
Boxwood – Pine – Fir – Mahogany – Willow – Bitch
Bronze – Iron – Tungsten -Silver – Gold – Purple Clay

This skill requires leather and can be used to make armor and shields.  Some armors and shields also require ore. The different ones are:
Leather Scraps – Light Leather – Thick Leather – Heavy Leather – Polished Leather – Soft Leather

This skill requires fish and herbs.  You can make different medicine, hitpoint food, mana food, and special food items with different properties.
The different ones are:
Grass Carp – Carp – Chub – Manderin Fish – Herring – Crucian
Mint – Angelica – Poria – Saffron – Reishi Mushroom – Wormwood

Requirements for each crafting level:
Level 1: 0-80 craft points
Level 2: 81-600 craft points
Level 3: 601-4500 craft points
Level 4: 4501-35000 craft points
Level 5: 35000-? craft points

There are different types of stones in the game.   These come mainly from boss drops and are rarer than other materials.  Different recipes require different amounts of these stones.  It varies from 2-3 stones per items.  They are:
Lesser Earthstone/Common Earthstone – Used to make level 10 items
Lesser Firestone/Common Firestone – Used to make level 20 items
Lesser Waterstone/Common Waterstone – Used to make level 30 items
Lesser Woodstone/Common Woodstone – Used to make level 40 items
Lesser Star Stone/Common Star Stone – No known recipe, but guessing level 50 or 60 items

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