Tales of Fantasy Bohren and Ashland Introduction

Tales of Fantasy Major Powers Bohren and Ashland Introduction by TOFGary

The Kirin Empire
Beliefs: Alchemy
Capital: Jun Ma City

The Kirin Empire originated in the eastern regions of Elterra. Legend has it that its citizens were led by the Prince of the West, Fusu, through the Dimensional Gate into the continent of Elterra many years ago, eventually forming their empire. The populace, comprising of a mixture of common folks and nobility, then settled down with their valuable knowledge of alchemy and cultural heritage. It was this knowledge that allowed its citizens to survive the harshest conditions of war and the rampages of demons. Though ravaged, the citizens of Bohren never forgot their noble heritage, and have been strengthening themselves for a future comeback.

The Kirin Empire has a centralized government system, formed by the later generations of migrants, and includes the Monarch, courtiers and priests. Its divine beast is the Jade Kirin.


The Kirin Empire lies north of Elterra, and features fertile lands and a high population. It boasts the greatest military strength and strongest economy . The Kirin Empire brought craftsmen and artisans from the east to build its capital city, its wealth and prosperity weakened only by outbreaks of war and the rampages of demons.

Despite this, its citizens strongly believe that they are the descendants of the Kirin, with noble blood flowing through their veins, making them the true heirs of the lands of Elterra.

Policies: unite the lands, eliminate Ashland and drive out the Zan Korrel, and exterminate all the demons from the central regions.


The Kirin Empire is currently at war with Ashland. They also have rampaging demons to worry about. It is rumored that the Monarch has started constructing a secret tunnel that will pass through the central region straight into Ashland territory.

Military Approach

Though the country of Evdar lies closer to Bohren borders, it does not pose as much of a threat as the demons in the central regions or the forces of Ashland.  There is less of a chance of the Bohren diverting their military strength toward attacking Evdar.

Zan Korrel has removed itself from neutrality and has set itself against both Ashland and Bohren. However, the Bohren Monarch discovered abnormalities in Zan Korrels sudden change in diplomacy and has decided to send someone to check out the matter.


Land under direct control: Kellead Village, Northgate, and the Norlow Plains.

Military Strength

There are 3 contingents forming the core of the Kirin Military:
the imperial guards of the Monarch, they govern the security of the city. They boast 8,000 soldiers per troop for a total of 64,000 men.
Central Division: comprised of 42 independent, active war cohorts, it is subdivided into North and South divisions. Includes an estimated 6,000 to 7,000 men per cohort for a total of 284,000 men

Flying Cavaliers: the border guards of Bohren are a combination of Bohren Taoists and Praetorian elites. Maple Alchemist Zhou Yun Tian commands this division.


Farming and craftsmanship is the driving force behind the Kirin Empires economy. Key exports include provisions, tea, woven goods, and porcelain. The population stands at 5.396 million, with a yearly revenue of 3.237 million Gold.


This eastern cultures people are characteristically honest and hardworking. Focuses heavily on farming and light commerce. Strict practices within the caste system emphasize their beliefs, righteousness, mannerisms, and loyalty. Taoism is the national religion, with a strong emphasis on alchemy.

The Phoenix Empire
Beliefs: Followers of Illuflamos (the Illuflamos, or worship of the legendary Phoenix, is a national religion with its roots in the deserts)
Capital: Lotus City

When the first settlers reached the southwestern region of Elterra, they were shocked by the barren desert and snowy mountain range before them. Driven by sheer resilience and aided by advanced agricultural technologies, the founders of Ashland managed to work with the local tribes and united the oases of the region. They established the magnificent Lotus City, a single spark amid miles of frosty wasteland. Beyond the city walls, the punishing cold continues to remind people of the perseverance of their ancestors and the constant danger that lurks around every corner.

The Phoenix Empire is governed by its church. Its leader rules the land through the will of their gods. The nation itself is a coalition of many local tribes. There are a total of 12 high priests who govern the Empire. All of them answer to one man, High Priest Tai Si, who can hear the words their gods.

The legendary Phoenix is said to be watching over the whole empire.


The Phoenix Empire is located in the mountainous region of the south. Most of the empire consists of deserts, cliffs and frozen peaks. Few crops can survive the harsh cold that sweeps through the nation. However, the mountain range is rich with ores and minerals. As such, most of its citizens are nomads, miners, or traders.

Policies: expatriate the Kirin Empire and suppress the 3 remaining nations to regain control of Elterra and banish the surviving demons in the central region.


Currently at war with the Kirin Empire. Although both armies are roughly equal in strength, the people of Ashland are naturally skilled combatants. With the blessing of the Phoenix, the Phoenix Empire has managed to halt the Kirin Empires advance. Ashlands people believe that all life is insignificant compared to the vastness of the earth. Their strong beliefs help unite the people under the charge of the 12 high priests.

Military Approach

The Phoenix Empire adopts a neutral philosophy towards Evdar. Both sides have benefited from the trade and business dealings between the 2 nations.
Since the TaiGong battle, Zan Korrel has abandoned its neutrality. It is now at war with both Ashland and Bohren.

Recently, the High Priest has discovered indications of Zan Korrels involvement in the ongoing war with the Kirin Nation. Uncovering the role Zan Korrel plays in the war is now of utmost importance.


Lands under direct control: Ancient Snowridge, Polar Desert, and Sinking Tillplain

Military Strength

Ashlands military structure is much simpler than that of the Bohren. There is no organization or rank system among the Ashland warriors. Those between 15 and 50 years of age are committed to farming in times of peace, and conscripted into the army of Ashland in times of war. However, belittling them would be a grave mistake; the Spartan-like training they receive coupled with the harsh conditions they live in daily makes them fearsome warriors indeed.
Flame Guard: the elite of the army of the Phoenix, taking orders directly from the High Priest, they are in charge of protecting the capital as well as the altar.

Illuflamos Guard: the border guards of Ashland, they are led by Illuflamos Priest Sikong Ten.


The Phoenix Empires economy is driven by pasturing flocks, mining, and trading. A full 70% of the Empires income is dependent on trade. Following the most recent war, its population stands at 4.72 million. The national income is over 2.78 million Gold.


Initially inclined toward strength and fire, the nation developed its own brand of culture for interacting with the east. The people believe in the practice of Hesphaestus. The people hold the High Priest, who is well-versed in the teachings of the scriptures, in the highest esteem.

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