Stone Age Kings Beginner’s Guide

Stone Age Kings Beginner’s Guide by Ardour and Fr0ggie

1. Introduction
Stone Age Kings is a free browser strategy game that plays in a fanciful stone age. You begin as a small chieftain in your village and try over time to create an empire. You’re playing with and against thousands of other Stone Age Kings players.
The game runs entirely in your browser and only requires the Flash plug-in from Adobe, which you will most likely already have, it’s the same as the one need to watch videos on Youtube. Stone Age Kings runs even when you close the game and are no longer on the Internet. The bustle in your village goes on cheerfully, even if you do not intervene directly.
If you’re wondering how best you begin, you should stick to the quests. Here you can get with the familiar features of the game.

2. Village Overview

(click to enlarge)

OK, lets start at the top left and work across to the right. By clicking on most of the icons a second time will close the corresponding display.
Event Viewer
Click the event viewer lets you know about troop movements, trade actions explorations It glows green when there is a new or unread event.
Click this to open a new window to the rank listing of players in the SAK world.
Building Slot” (Wall)
This building slot will only support the building of a wall, it is the only place a wall can be constructed in the village.
Click this to find out what your next quest is, or what your current quest is. This quest link will disappear once all starting quests are completed. Complete the offered quest to simplify the introduction to the game. You can do the quest only once and cannot skip them. For questions about the quests you can look in the FAQ section of the Forum. If you still have questions that remain unanswered, then hopefully someone will help you in the chat.
Click this to open the chat window. Please read the chat rules before entering the chat. The people writing in green are Mods. The Mods will be keeping an eye on chat, and are able to ban people for bad behaviour. In the main “Chat” [tab] area you are involved with everyone. In the “Clan”[tab] your writing will be in blue, and only visible to other clan members. In the “Private” [tab] your writing will appear a soft brown in colour, and be visible to the person you are in private chat with. The messages that are private will say “[persons name] whispered and will look like /w prior to sending. To whisper to someone, just click on their name in the chat window, and in the text area at the bottom, you will see “/w personsname” and then write you message.
Overview: Villages
Click this to get an overview of your villages. The list will show what levels of buildings are in each of your villages. The Cave tab will show a tick against the caves you have. The other tabs are for premium accounts.
Overview: Military
Click this to see what your military is doing. It will list all the battles that have taken place and those that are about to. The movement tab will show what military are moving, and the units tab will show what military are in villages and caves.
World Map
The half globe in the centre top area is the direct way to the Map view. In the map view you can search for other villages or caves, but more about that later.
Overview: Researches
Click this to see what research is complete in each building in each village.
Overview: Clan
Click this to see your clan, “Administration” [for those who are in charge of a clan], “Friends” listing all friends you have accepted or have accepted your friendship request, “Associations” are the friendly or enemy clan groups of your clan, “Clan Events” shows what your clan has been up to.
Personal Messages
Click to see messages sent and received.
Ticket System
For when sending a ticket is required.
Town Hall
The fireplace in the centre represents your main home, or Town Hall as it is known. Over time you’ll gather resources to build up your town hall, and continue to increase the size of your village and your population with it.
Building Slot
Clicking on a cairn will open the buildings menu, allowing you to build a particular building from the list. Each village can support one of each building type, and there are enough cairns to support all the building types. It does not matter which cairn is used for each building, and a cairn is a small pile of rocks.
Bottom left you have an overview of your resources in the village, also Obsidian. The black stone is called obsidian and can be used to unlock premium features. The total amount of bronze is indicated here. If you hover your mouse over the numbers you get some information about the current production and the maximum storage amount. If the store is full of a resource then that resource will stop producing.
Village Info
In the village section you will see information on what level your town hall is, the percentage of satisfaction of your people, how high your income tax is, where your village is (coordinates), how many people you have and how many soldiers are stationed here. In the drop down menu you can change into your other villages. Your account balance is in bronze. You get 3.6 bronze per hour per residents as a basic value.
Building Menu
The building menu area gives you direct access to a buildings functions. Click on a building in the village and that building functions will appear in this area. From left to right: General information, Extend building, Upgrade research, Special action (for those buildings that do), Demolish. The information page for each building can also be opened by double clicking on that building.
Active Talents
Your talents that can be activated will appear here at the bottom. With one click they can be activated, but more on that later.
Construction Panel
The row of panels with sand timers in will show percentage progress of buildings under construction, researching and military training.
My Talents
In the villages you are likely to have built temples, these buildings create talent points to spend on the talent tree. Click on the “My talents” tab, and spend to suit your game play with economy, mysticism and military talents to be gained.

3. Map Overview

(click to enlarge)

Only the light blue highlighted areas are explained. Please look to check that you are not on village overview. The half globe in the centre top is now to go directly to the village overview.
Use the search field you can search for specific villages, caves and players.
Own Village
Note your own village will be named in green writing. Allied villages will have blue writing. The villages of friendly clans will have a tree icon.
Caves are shown separately. A cave with a green hand is yours, a red hand is occupied, a blue hand it is owned by allies. No hand / shield shows an empty cave.
Building Slot
Building sites are in three different banners: stone, food and skins. This also shows you directly what the primary raw material is in this area.
Big Perspective
For a greater view of a larger map, this feature offers more options and a variety of filters options.
Big Perspective
For a greater view of a larger map, this feature offers more options and a variety of filters options.
Map navigation
Here you can move around the map to move freely.
Map Interactions
After clicking on a cave or village, the Info will give some detailed information. If it’s one of your own or allies you can Send army. If it is a building slot you can Colonize. Send a spy get important detailed information. Blockade A possible option if you have the talents. Send supplies If you wish to send supplies from one village to another, then this is a way to do it, you can also send supplies to fellow clan members. Attack If a battle is needed, then this is the option for you.

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