Silkroad Online Rogue Guide

Silkroad Online Rogue Guide by XemnasXD

OK so heres my first shot at a guide and its gonna be about my favorite build so far on SRO….the Rogue. Keep in mind that this is a Work in Progress and is subject to change as i lvl+ and i receive information from fellow rouges (you hopefully). Lets Begin!

Way of the Rogue

You are the Rogue. Its important to realize what this means. You are NOT a tanker don’t think you can be one. You ARE a damage dealer but your
NOT the main damage dealer don’t think you can be one. You ARE an STR build meaning ALL your points go into Str its would be stupid to put any into Int because you will never do Int based attacks….ever! Your role in the Party will change depending on the situation. If you have a good healer you’ll be focused on dealing damage. If you don’t have a good healer your be focused on taking damage and distracting mobs. You’re essentially the only Hybrid class Europe has to offer because you can do close to mage damage and at the same time have Str based health and defense, you can’t do both at the same time though then you’d be even more godly. Lets Summarize

-Not Tanker
-Not Main Damage dealer
-Most Versatile Class
-Fully Str Based
-Basically a Hybrid
-Best when using BOTH Xbow and Daggers
-Max the WHOLE tree

Snipe or Slash?

The two weapons available to Rogues are Daggers and Crossbows (Xbows)

Both these weapons have their Pros and Cons lets go over them.

-Very Fast attack speed
-Very High Critical
-More damage then Xbow(+lvl40)
-Has increased performance when stealthed
-great for PvP

-Must sacrifice DEF for Max Damage
-Vulnerable to ranged Attack
-Lower damage than xbow (-lvl40)

-Very High Damage
-Has KB and KD skillz!
-Great for PvE
-More damage than daggers(-lvl40)

-Vulnerable to close attacks
-Slower Attack speed than Daggers
-Must sacrifice HEALTH for Max Damage
-Less damage than daggers(+lvl40)

As you can see both weapons are excellent and eventually you should get both and switch depending on the Situation. The weapon you choose for starting off should be based solely on how you play the game. Early on Xbows will be more powerful (40-) but later on Daggers will be significantly more powerful (40+) that is just comparing the 2 builds to each other though. If you (like me) Prefer to rush in and quickly decimate your opponents with superb combos choose the Daggers. If you prefer to artfully snipe the sh*t our of your enemies leaving them in a state of confusion and disarray choose the Xbow. As i said early though your final goal should be to have BOTH.

Party with ppls

Realize that the Rogue isn’t exactly an Exp party favorite. Meaning you will NEVER see a party match post saying, “Need Rogue others need not apply”. The reason for this is because alot of ppl consider the rogue useless in Exp parties, especially Dagger Rogues. Why? Because you have good HP and can tank for a bit BUT you can’t aggro and lure. You have Extremely high damage BUT its not higher than a mage. DO NOT let this discourage you. I know i’ve saved my parties life on many occasions. The Key to being a Successful Rogue in Exp parties is the LET PPL DO THEIR JOB. If your using Dagger Desperate or Xbow Extreme ( i’ll explain in detail later) DON’T TRY TO TANK. Don’t rush out there and lure 3 mobs you can’t handle and get yourself killed. It’ll make the rest of us smart Rogues look bad. Heres some pointers for Exp Partying. First I’ll give General Tips that you should know. Afterwards I’ll included Advanced Party Play tips, these tips are for people who know how to play Euros and are often in Parties with ppl who know how to play Euros, that means wizards aren’t lureing, Clerics aren’t using offering, and Bards don’t just go afk. Repeat, Advanced Party Play tips are for GOOD parties only, using these tactics in bad parties may get you killed….alot.

-Understand Aggro
Aggro is the base of the Euro party playing system. Without aggro mobs would never attack Wizards and Clerics and everyone would be happy. Aggro is the amount of aggression a monster has towards a player. If a player has a High Aggro the Monster will gravitate towards that player and attempt to kill them. If the Player has a Low Aggro the monster will ignore the player no matter how many times you hit it and it will focus on another player instead. With Chinese the determining factor of aggro was damage. With Euros its much deeper. I believe the aggro list is as follows descending from highest aggro to lowest

1.Wizards—–Or you could just as easily say this—-1. Casters
2.Clerics——————————————————2. Buffers
3.Warlocks—————————————————-3. Melee

This means that once a monster becomes aggressive towards any member of the party they will gravitate towards the player with the highest Aggro automatically. Thats why casters die so much because even with other players around monsters will ignore them to get to the caster. Understand that Rogues have LOW AGGRO meaning if you lure three mobs into the party 1 may focus on you but the others will head straight for the casters and buffers. Warriors can increase their aggro and draw mobs towards them YOU cannot. Without DD or EX on your aggro will be low and insignificant with DD and EX on your aggro will increase greatly. This doesn’t help you at all really because when your defenses are down your drawing mobs to you like a wizard and when your defenses are up don’t draw mobs away from the wizards and casters. Understand the concept of aggro…save a life. Don’t be the guy who kills your party because you don’t understand Aggro…..its not cool -_-
APP Tip:
When you have DD or EX on you generate enough aggro to Hold. Holding means that you can keep a mob focused on you. Rogues can only hold if they keep attacking the mob. If you are fighting mobs within 5 lvls of your character don’t let warriors waste time assisting you. You Kill faster than them and they could be off helping the party rather than dealing 100 crit damage(lol so weak) on a party mob. With this in mind you should be able to solo Party mobs, Champ PT mobs, and even PT Giants if the need arises and you have a GOOD Cleric. As long as you are being healed you can handle it.

-Back Up the other Builds
If you see a warrior off tanking a giant or champion while the mages are killing something else Go help the Warrior. You can kill ALOT faster than he can so he can get out there and tank more mobs. If Your whole team is attacking a giant and you see mobs starting to attack the healers and mages kill them off. You can 1-2 hit any mob 1-5 lvls higher than you (depending on your lvl and gear) so you can save some time there. Whatever the wizards aren’t attacking and should be YOU attack.
APP Tip:
Don’t be Afraid to ask for buffs, Cleric and Warrior ones will help alot when using DD or EX. Bless won’t help at all so do not relax just because it was cast. For Daggers one of the best buffs you can get is Scream Mask, if someone has it, have them cast it on you instead of wasting it on an int who shouldn’t be getting attacked anyway. The best Warrior buff is Pain Quota because it’ll distribute the damage you take, and you’ll be taking more than anyone. The Str Buff Clerics give is helpful too. Buffs that raise your Def are only good if you have other buffs that raise your defense because you should be using DD or EX at all times and they work by % not points. This means if you have 100 Phy Def, using DD will drop it to 25, If someones buffs give you +20 Phy Def then your total phy Def will still only be 30, however if you have multiple buffs that raise your Def and give Phy Absorption you’ll see a noticeable difference.

-Don’t Try to Lure
I know i know your Str based you’ve got tons of health your a bad Mother F*cker right …WRONG! Even with DD or EX off you lack the tanking and aggro skillz necessary to handle multiple mobs at once AND keep them from attacking your team mates. So wise move is don’t go out attracting more mobs than you can handle. You’ll already have a hard enough time with wizards AoEing everything in sight. So don’t feel like a p*ssie just because you have to stand back and wait for things to come to you. Its better to kill what comes than having the whole party die because you decided to be a hero.
APP Tip:
Your a luring Machine. This was your destiny. I know after everything i said your like b-but you just @_@? But that was for shitty parties where ppl don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Granted that is most Euro Parties but this is Advanced Party Play. Ints are in the Center and Fully buffed guarded by a tank who aggros all incoming mobs to him while another tank lures and the cleric doesn’t stop healing….paradise. In this Situation if you have an Xbow, volunteer to lure. Your friends are Fast Shot and Long Shot. Since your in an 8 man pt aggroing 1 mob will aggro all the others around it so just fire it into a crowd and run like hell. If they stop chasing you fire again and remind them to keep up. You’ll really see this tactic shine in open areas like Kokoros, Crabs, Muijis, Penenons etc, Areas without alot of junk and “scenery” on the ground. That Scenery will just get the mobs stuck and it’ll make it alot harder to pull them in. Be sure you are BUFFED when you go lureing, turn EX off, you should have march, phy absorption and healing cycle. If you’re like me and you don’t have time to farm and Daggers are your main, just invest enough SP to get lvl 1 versions on Fast and Long shot, Get a shitty degree Xbow and then go do some luring, remind the party its not your main so they’ll have to pick up the damage though.

-Know When to say When!
Desperate Dagger (DD) and Extreme Crossbow (EX) significantly raise your Attack damage to wizard lvls but lower your defenses to there lvls as well. A mob that dealt only 13-50 damage without DD will start dong 200-350 Damage WITH DD. If your in a party and you know you have a bad healer DON’T USE THESE SKILLZ. If your in a party and you know there are not enough warriors DON’T USE THESE SKILLZ. I’m warning you now if you use them your chances of death skyrocket and so do your chances of getting kicked from the party. Use it when you feel comfortable enough to know that you can basically let down all your guard and you’ll still be safe. I know it’ll be tempting to get in there and start comboing out some real high numbers but you’ll have to learn to recognize a situation when its ok to use these skillz and when its not
APP Tip:
Do not turn these skillz off. If you are in a good party there should be no reason to take these skillz off. To many regular Mobs, Wizards should be AoEing them. To many Party Mobs, Warriors should be lureing them while the wizards pick off the small fries. PTG, You should be getting healed by the cleric and buffed with what i mentioned above. You know you are in a good party when you have no excuse to turn these skillz off. These Skillz define you, they give you your damage which is the only thing setting you apart. After lvl 40 Daggers will deal more damage than wizards on a Crit (make sure your crit is up to capitalize on this) So don’t turn them off, you need them, your party needs them, America needs them!

Destroy ALL Players!

This section will Focus on PvP and Jobing….where the Rogue shines. The Rogue was made to solo. Most of their skillz don’t really benefit Exp Parties and some may seem completely useless at first glance. In both PvP and Jobing your object will be the same. Kill Players as Quickly as possible. IMO rogues are the BEST thiefs but they can do any job… thieving though is where there skillz really stand out. Heres how best to do it.

This is your master piece. The silence before the strike…..the terror afterwards. You are able to move amongst your enemies without ever revealing your presence. Once you cast stealth you’ll see a great drop in moving speed, The Dagger tree has skillz that can make you a bit faster but not by alot. The Stealth skill has about a 20 sec cool down and at lvl 1 last 60 secs. You can recast it anytime after the cool down and the 60 sec will just starting over. If SRO is lagging or your compy is lagging then you might be visible for a mili sec while recasting…..its unlucky when this happens but such is life. Dagger Rogues have a skill that increases the damage done while in stealth. Once you attack your Stealth goes away so lets use our brain here. The first skill you use in stealth should be a phy attack skill some off you might accidentally use the poison imbue but try to get out the habit. Lets summarize using Stealth.

-20 Sec cooldown
-last 60 sec (initially)
-Lowers moving speed alot
-Daggers get higher damage when stealthed
-If you use a skill Stealth goes away
-If you are attacked Stealth goes away
-You can be detected by skillz on the Fire Tree
-You can be detected by Warriors
-You can be detected (very temporarily) by Wizards
-You can be detected by De-Stealth pots

Know your weaknesses and grow stronger from them…stay out of range of warriors and your prey until you are ready to strike.

Poison is as poison does. Its does DoT but not really impressive especially when ppl are using pills. With Euro’s however and the pot delay someone without pills can easily die from poison damage. Poison is not useless though think of it like having a pet only better cause the damage ignores defenses. So use it whenever you can cause a little damage goes a long way.

Mask, Scorn, and Duplicate
These skillz are used solely for confusion and temporary confusion at that. In Cape Battles making a duplicate of a non caped person will cause ppl to be unable to normal click attack you. So they’ll probably ignore you. BUT if they Alt-Click you then they can attack you and you can only attack them by Alt-clicking. In job wars make a duplicate of a trader or a hunter. It make confuse ppl only for a sec because it won’t change your thief icon but that second is long enough to get close to your target and finish them if your good.

Monster mask are the same way. You can only attack players with an Alt-Click and can only be attacked with an Alt-Click though you will take splash damage. If your thieving ppl surrounded by monster turn into one of them and sneak up close enough for the kill.

Scorn is useful because for 3 secs the person you attack with it can only use skillz on you. Cast it on Clerics or Bards first or on any other class if your Thieving with others in case your team mates are getting hurt by someone.

Using these skillz foolishly can be fun. But using them wisely and carefully and you can devastate your enemies and leave them cursing and crying.

Daggers or Xbow?

The choice is yours in the end. Use it according to the situation. If you’ve got back up and need to take out a larger group of ppl fast use daggers. If your solo and just need to kill a few ppl quickly use Xbow. I used to be a Blader so i get more satisfaction getting a close up combo kill then sniping but whatever floats your boat. Thats the best part about being a Rogue, you’ve got a bag of tricks for every situation just know when and where to use them.

If your using both Dagger and Xbow Trees it’ll help cut your weaknesses down to a minimum. Your WORST enemies are Warlocks and Wizards.

Warlocks top the list. They stun they sleep they DoT there class is designed to do the one that you can’t stand. They can stop you! They can stop you cold and dead and theres hardly a damn thing you can do about it. If you can afford the expensive pills for curses don’t use them for cape battles save them for job wars/battles and they WILL save your life. in that 5 sec your stunned that warlock unleashes all kinds of damage on to you and you really don’t need that. To make matters worse they’ve got that damn Shield. If the attack you use to expose yourself is blocked your in trouble. Proceed with Caution against warlocks.

Wizards are just annoying. If theres not a warlock around and sometimes even if there is kill them first because they’ll kill you the fastest. They just sit and nukes for daggers they’re especially troublesome because of that lack of range. But they go down really easily and aren’t much of a problem if you know what your doing.

I overlooked Warriors the first time. After they get Iron Skin they become a giant pain in the arse. Because the buff only last 45 sec they normally won’t have it on unless they think they’re about to be attcked. Once they do put it on you’ll have to rely on crits for kills cause your see a significant drop in the damage your dealing. Before they get Iron Skin though they pretty much suck :twisted: so you won’t have to worry about them. Sometimes they KD sometimes they Stun but a good rogue should be able to kill them before they do either. But beware of Paladins (warrior+clerics) if they know how to play the build right you could be in for an interesting fight.

Clerics/Bards….ugh These guys are like wizards and warlocks all over again but not half as bad. A good cleric is almost as tough as a warlock….almost. If your thieving and you’ve removed your prime targets kill them next before they res or before they can buff up the party. Don’t worry about the cleric offering unless your soloing or in a party where no one has res. Once they use it on hit will finish them off and you could probably finish them off in the 3 secs it takes to pull the skill off.

NOTE: If your carrying loot in a transport and are solo its best to turn DD and/or EX off. You’ll take alot less damage from hunter spawns but will still be able to kill them in a timely fashion. If your carrying 2*+ a nice tactic is to find a safe area go stealth and just walk away from your transport. The transport WON’T follow and you can stay 100 meters away, then when hunters spawn you can take them on one at a time without having to deal with them all attacking you at once as soon as they spawn.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Your Gear is important.
-Try to use crit 14 or higher
-Try to use one with high phy (+30%) at least
-Try to have (+30%) phy reinforce at least
-Try to use ones with +Str
-Try to use crit 14 or higher
-Try to use one with high phy (+30%) at least
-Try to have (+30%) phy reinforce at least
-Try to use ones with +Str

The Rogue is Basically a hybrid character so it was given light armor for a reason. If you sub in a Buff or Caster field don’t switch to Garments. The physical defense they offer is too low. Your a Euro and your Str based so if the first magic attack doesn’t kill you the second one probably will and the extra mag defense isn’t worth the trade off of phy defense. Same goes for Armor its just not worth it.

-Find the highest (+##%) for phy and mag
-In later lvls +out your gear to capitalize on ^
-Rogues are best in Light Armor
-Light Armor looks 1337 except for 8D when it get boring

NOTE:The average Euro player lvls to different tiers of weapons very quickly. So while higher% are better you can just as easily get by with the % listed and not be held back, the ones i listed are the minimum. I it goes without saying that ALL characters whether euro or chinese always pimp out there final tier if they can. But you don’t need higher % until you start slowing down in lvling such as in the upper 50’s-80 thats when you’ll be keeping your weapon for a longer period of time. However if you find yourself stuck in a degree for too long then you might as will get the best you can buy while your in it.

To Sub or Not to Sub

Some people say the Rogue is best as a solo class and that its standalone and subs are a waste of SP. Those ppl are morons ignore them. The reason why a subclass is important for rogues is because while the Rogue is amazing on its own it is incomplete. I firmly believe that a subclass is necessary to distinguish and complete the type of rogue you want to make. Rogues are full of weaknesses and limits to counter there extreme power. So the way around this is a Subclass. Filling out a subclass is like adding the details onto a rough sculpture…it’ll define and complete the type of character you want to play as. This section isn’t made to say which sub is the BEST. Its to let you decide what sub would benefit you the most as the type of player you are.

Im going to categorize the subclasses into 1 or more of 4

Solo-Defensive:SD = filling out a sub in this category will emphasis in buffs that heighten your defenses and increase your chance of survival without help from outside classes.

Solo-Offensive:SO = filling out a sub in this category will heighten your ability to deal damage or incapacitate other players for easier killing. The goal of this category should be maxim offensive capabilities without the help of outside classes.

Party-Defensive:PD = filling out a sub in this category will enable you better survive in and help out your party. Be prepared to forgo your role as a rogue and be able to act as a temporary if you choose this version. Meaning that your more or less be acting as whatever sub instead of as a Rogue while in party. The goal of this sub should be to increase your value to the Euro party concept by adding buffs healing or just lasting longer and being able to fill in for another class if your party should need it.

Party-Offensive:PO = this subclass does not exist because technically the Rogue is a Euro character and is not meant to lvl alone and therefore is meant to lvl in parties and since your already doing near wizard damage there’d be no way to increase your damage output.

The skillz i list are from information i’ve gathered over this site. Some skillz i include may last when you switch weapons others won’t. If i cite the skill and theres nothing after it then its confirmed to last when you switch. If it has “NCS” then it means it may or may not be switch compatible i haven’t confirmed it yet. This is a WIP and i will make it one of my priorities to clear up an “NCS” should they arise and they will. Understand all that. Lets get to work then.

The Cleric sub-class is a favorable one. I labeled it under SD and PD because the most useful cleric skillz benefit you and parties. If you choose sub this class you’ll have an easier time solo grinding because not only will you have access to healing spells but you’ll also have access to defense boosting spells which are more beneficial to Dagger Rogues than xbow rogues in terms of PvE. The Cleric sub-class with benefit both dagger and xbow rogues in PvP. Im very sure you need a cleric rod on hand to cast any of these spells. The benefits come from the following skillz.

SD-will greatly improve your defensive capabilities while solo. If you choose this form of the build you will basically only need the buffs and should not be prepared to act as a temp-healer if your party should need it. Your a strictly focusing on the buffs that will enhance your soling abilities.
-Healing Cycle
-Holy Word
-Heaven Flash
Recovery Division

PD– int affects healing but not by enough to make it useless afaik. Since this the PD version of the build your cleric rod will need to be out the majority of the time if your choosing to act as a temp-cleric or the party. So switch it between your Rod and your Daggers/Xbow depending on the situation of your party. NSC shouldn’t an issue since you’ll be acting as cleric for the duration of your time in the party if the party needs it. These are the core skillz that Parties will look to you to perform if your entering the party as a Cleric.
-Healing Cycle
-Group Healing
-Body Bless
-Soul Blessing
-Mental Blessing (NCS)
-Force Blessing (NCS)
-Group Reverse
-Healing Divison

Res is a skill thats useful in almost any situation so even if your focus on the SD version of the build. thanks to Mocha* for clearing up the cleric NCS


I guess you could call this my bias. Alot of ppl choose bard as a subclass for the speed and to keep the aggro mobs away when in PvE. That is good but know that you get the same speed from a potion which you can buy for make. IMHO i don’t think its worth investing the SP just for the speed but the speed can be useful and if you have the skill its free. The most beneficial skill is noise however thats only useful in PvE. Im not making your though but be warned Xbow users will get more out of this than Dagger users. Eventually you’ll get both but until then…

SD-Will focus mainly on the buffs that stay without the harp out and while speed is useful for all rogues the Noise skill is best for Xbow rogues or any rogue whose jobbing and doesn’t want to be bothered.
-Moving March

PD– This build would be for those who plan on being able to act as a complete bard or a temporary party if the party should need it. Be prepared to join those parties that say “NEED BARD” so be prepared to basically give up acting as Rogue while your in the party so NCS shouldn’t be an issue. These are the core skillz that Parties will look to you to perform if your entering the party as a Bard.
-Music Life
-Entire Music Pleasure Series
-Entire Melody Series
-Mana Cycle
-Mana Wind
-Discord wave
-Beautiful Life Series (if you choose to dance)
-Dancing Concert Series (if you choose to dance)

I don’t know if the benefits of dancing are extremely sought after in parties and since you won’t have enough to max the entire rouge and bard tree afaik dancing shouldn’t be your top priority but if you have the SP and can still fully max rogue go for it.


There is no benefit for the Rogue by choosing the Warrior as a subclass. You may find Heavy Armor useful but I don’t like it for pvp and the slowness doesn’t make it much better for PvE. If you want real defense than just sub in Cleric. I haven’t found anyone of the warrior skillz that last when you switch weapon which is a shame cause they have some amazing buffs. All in all your better off ignoring this tree as it will do nothing for you as a solo player. If you choose to sub Warrior so you can be a back up warrior then go for it though.

PD-This is solely for being able to basically be a warrior if your party needs one. Useless in terms of Solo but every party needs tankers and if one drops out if you choose Party build you can take there place. Since your not Subing this for solo play your subbing it for party play you should go with the best tanker in the game…the 1h-Warrior. These are the skillz that will benefit you if you plan on acting as a Warrior.
-Taunting Target
-Vital Increase
-Sprint Assault
-Iron Skin
-Mana Skin
-Howling Shout
-Entire Guard Barrier Tree
-Entire 1-H Lord Tree
-Entire 1-H sword Tree

Sure you can sub the 2H or the Axe warrior but remember your only subbing this for party play and you’ll benefit your party more by being a 1-H than axe or 2h-sword

de-buffs…De-Buffs….DE-BUFFS!!!!! The warlock is completely SO. Im not even going to make a PD version of this build because basically The party would never rely on an Str build to do int damage so just stick with the Debuffs which are just as deadly in PvE as they are in PvP.

SO-You can cast the Warlock skillz fast but switching between the WarLock Rod and your main weapon while planning an attack strategy will take thought. You’ll need quick fingers and wits to deduce whats is the best skill for the situation. When combined however the Warlocks De-Buffs will put the rogue damage at unimaginable heights. ALL the effects of these skillz stay even after the weapon switch.
-Physical Raze
-Magical Raze
-Combat Raze
-Courage Raze
-Physical Ravage
-Magical Ravage

You can all thank SoBlu for this he really came through and explained everything i need to know to complete the warlock section of this guide.


Subbing in wizard is absolutely a waste of SP. Your Str….need i say more. If for some reason you choose to sub in wizard you might as well get something out of it. Though im doing this only for completion and for the lulz but SERIOUSLY DON’T SUB WIZARD!!!!!!!!

Useless– Int…….but heres some skillz
-Sprawl detect


After reviewing all these skillz and the way they can be applied i’ve come to this conclusion. If you want a Rogue that’ll survive Alot longer go with Cleric Sub. If you want to deal as much damage as you can (very badass) go with Warlock. Amount of carry over skills in the other classes isn’t as large and the benefits are circumstantial. If You focus on the Cleric or the Warlock sub You’ll truly perfect your playing style and complete the Hybrid of your Rogue, Will you deal damage or take it, with a sub that choice is how yours.

For Extra Def- Cleric
For Extra Speed-Bard
For Extra Damage-Warlock

Take one and make it your own.

Viewtiful Rogue!
In this section im posting links to all the Rogue videos i’ve found on Youtube and DivX. Some are short some are long some definitely better than others but Watching Rogues do Just about anything is cool looking imo. So Enjoy

SilkRoad Rouge Video – By chemotox0
Features a lvl 42 Xbow Rogue in Heavy Amor showcasing some PvE and a bit of PvP nice quality.

KrSRO Rogue -By Dreedzik
A nice short video showcasing 5 the Dagger Rogue skillz in normal speed and in slowmo. Its not All the dagger rogue skillz but its nice to see them in slowmo though

Silkroad Lv 72 Rogue
Skilkroad lv 72 Rogue DivX Version-By realThor
A Video Showcasing the PvP side of the Xbow Rogue. Its a good 5 min and worth watching but the quality is not so great. Bare with it though if you watching the youtube one. The DivX is alot better quality but i doesn’t work for all of us.

Clon3 on Alps-By samo8989
I 5* this video. It showcases Dagger Rogue in PvP and its just amazing imo. Nicely edit together ok quality If your a rogue looking for inspiration this is the video to watch.

Sro Rogue-By silVaMoon
Its a really short video just showing off the rouge damage with Xbow and daggers during some PvE in TaklaMkan

66 Rouge Grinding at 72 Snipers– By Juey
A DivX vid showcasing rogue PvE with the Xbow grinding in Taklamakan. Definitely worth watching if your interested in how Xbow Will fare in the later lvls.

A Different Type of PvP Vid – By Juey
A nice PvP video by Huey showcasing dagger skillz and a bard sub class. A very nice watch if you want to see what a Rogue is capable of killing.

IowU Rogue Compilation Stage 6 – By IowU
This is the best Rogue video i’ve seen yet. The character being used is a lvl 80 Rogue wit Cleric sub-class and its done very well. If you need an example of how well Cleric Sub-classes work in PvP this is the video you need to see.

Phunkism Rogue/Warlock – by Phunky
The first Rogue/Warlock vid i’ve seen. Showcases the the build fighting a SunBlader wearing Protector and its very successful. We’ll hope from more videos by Phunky later. If you want an idea of how the Rogue/Warlock Plays, here it is.

These are not mine i didn’t make them i just enjoy them Hopefully more to come soon as i find more vids :D

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