Silkroad Online Eu Warrior and Cleric Guide

Silkroad Online Eu Warrior and Cleric Guide by binnosh

So you’re reading this because you want to experience the way of the warrior?
In my experience the warrior is the strongest European class out there, not only because it can dish out a nice deal of damage, but also because warriors have a great amount of defense.

Now the real reason why you should choose a warrior as your only character :D


So lets get started.

First of all, you will be wearing Heavy Armor, some ppl choose to wear Light Armor since, heavy slows you down in moving speed and reduces your magic defence, but for lvling I prefer Heavy, to run towards your grinding place you usually use a horse and, well most monsters are physical damage dealers so I don’t see what you would loose by wearing Heavy instead of Light and Heavy just looks way cooler than Light :D

I’d advice to always carry both you two handed sword and your sword/shield it’s nice to be able to swap them to speed up the farming process. Use your 2 handed sword when killing general monsters and your sword/shield to kill the Giants/Party monsters.

I’m only a low lvl warrior myself, but I’ve heard that at higher lvls two handed warriors are well capable of taking on giants without haveing to change to sword/shield and i reckon that haveing the cleric recovery division will help a lot aswell, but I haven’t had the chance to test it yet.

Dealing With potion delay:

This tactic works perfect for me, what i’ve done is set the auto potion to 75%, it’s high i know, but taking a potion early in the fight well give you a chanse to take a new potion pretty fast, i’ve been playing like this from lvl 1 and now that i’ve hit lvl 30 i can take on giants and party mobs of my lvl really really easy using shield/sword.

I managed to tank a giant a champion and 2 general mobs at the same time with this tactic and all of that using normal npc gear.

For mana i’ve put this at 50% since you wont be using that much anyways :)

the size of the potions, I started taking small potions from lvl 10 and i will oove to medium at lvl 30. i took the big potions rather fast since i kept meeting gaints and party mobs all the time in europe :p and it works wonders for me.

Something that might be smart to do aswell is always keep a couple of vigor potions on you, whenerev you see yourself getting into problem just pop one of these and you can go on with easy :D

Now About the build:

This build will require some skillpoint farming, but with a gap of 4 you are able to minimize it.

This build will be a mix of 2 warrior trees mainly the sword/shield combo and the two handed weapon tree. The reason I chose these is cause I like solo play a lot. If you use a s/s a warrior can easily take on a party mob/giant of his own lvl and with some half decent gear and some vigor potions even a few lvls higher. This is imo unique for European characters.

So for skills here you should be going for the first 2 chains which are all the passive books and a couple of attacks like the Sprint Assault and all the sword/shield and two handed books.

The needed amount of skill points for this starting from mastery 0 going all the way to fully farmed at lvl 80 is 288.920 skill points, meaning farming with a 3 lvl gap would be more than enough to get all the skill points you need to complete your warrior skills.
However if you choose to take a sub class, as I’m planning to, mainly Cleric you will need a few more. The only buff I really want from cleric is the Recovery division, this buff gives you a certain healing over time which is very useful as a warrior and will mean that you will hardly need to take potions when running around with a s/s and you will most likely never die.

To take this buff you will need a couple more points tho, 347.743. But this is still manageable with a gap of 4. You will need to do a bit of skillpoint farming in the later lvls.
Going from lvl 1 to lvl 80 with a lvl gap of 4 will get you 316.647 skillpoints. So the most you will ever need to farm is about 30k skillpoints.

Now for the actual skills.

General Warrior Skills:

Frenzy Buster and Guard Barrier tree’s:


These are the skills you will need whichever you choose as a warrior. I chose to max all of these skills cause they all server their own purpose depending on whatever you are doing. Some of the are for stealth detection which is really useful when jobbing and pvping, others are to increase your magical and physical defenses.

Sword/Shield skills:

One-handed Lord and One-handed Sword tree’s:


These skills should all be maxed out as well, this is going to come in handy whenever you meat giants/party monsters while soloing since you wont be able to die :D and when you do choose to party you will be able to be the main tank without doing the annoying knockdowns from a 2 handed weapon which slows down the killing process when you are in a party, because the wizards won’t be able to attack the monster when it’s knocked down.

Two-Handed Sword Skills:

Two-Handed Lord and Two-Handed Sword tree’s:


These are the skills which you will be using when taking on normal monsters and when you pvp or are jobbing and should all be maxed out. These skills are most interesting when pvping and jobbing because with the stun/knockdown skills you will be able to take out enemies before they can react, these attacks with Sprinting Assault are a lethal combination.

These were all the warrior skills I chose and to max out all of these you will need 288.920 skill points, this can easily be covered with a 2-3 gap. However I chose to take Recovery division awell, a passive buff that grants a certain amount of healing each 5 seconds and is obtainable at lvl 40.

To get this skill you will need to get Faith another cleric skill to lvl 6 first
You can find this skill in the Mental Culture tree.


Recovery deivision is one of the best buffs a cleric has to offer as a subclass, this buff restores a certain amount of health every 5 seconds, so this would almost cancel out the problems you might have with the potion delay.
Recovery division can be found in the Blessed Recovery tree.


Another useful buff from the cleric tree is Bless Spell, this will increase your physical and magical defence by loads. This would be a very interesting buff when engaging in pvp, buff yourself up with it right before you charge in and the damage you’ll take will be a lot lower.
This spell can be fount in the Blessed Recovery tree and is the first skill you find there.

If you decide to take the cleric skills too you will be needing 347.743 but this is easy doable with a gap of 4. Altho lvling with a gap this big is quite annoying i’d advice to keep this gap till lvl 40 so you can take the cleric buff as soon as you hit lvl 40. Afther that you can close your gap and lvl up with a 2 gap lvling only the warrior skills and start SP- farming at higher lvls.

Well that’s about it and this is how I am planning to build my warrior eventually.

Only difference with my build is at lvl 64 I’ll start saving up for a 9 gap and probably take the dual axes skills as well and maybe even take all the cleric skills since in parties with a bard a full strength cleric is really useful.

This was my first guide and I hope you enjoyed it and hope I taught you something. If you have any questions please feel free to post them here and if you have something to add I’ll be happy to add it to the post.

Greetings Binnosh.

PS: this was my first guide ever so be nice please :D


Two screenies of me at lvl 50 with full 6th deree heavy armor and using a 2h sword and dual axes


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