Senatry Three Families Introduction

Senatry Three Families Introduction by aiwent

Family Territory:
The real Scipii didn’t show themselves in the eyes of the public until the civil war had been going for a while. Some Romans suddenly understood that the Scipii were actually the peace terminator. Both the conservative forces in the Senatus and the new forces representing the benefits of plebs resented the Scipii. But years of expedition around the known world gifted them great fortune and an invincible army. It may take other Families joint together to balance the Scipii. Not enjoying much support from the Italian Peninsula, the Scipii hanged out and occupied the West of Rome: Gaul, Britannia, Hispania, Numidia, Carthage. They were determined to become the greatest family ever had in Rome.
Family Background:
The Scipii were most famous for producing great generals. Heroes from Scipii destroyed many conquests of the Carthaginians targeted at the Rome City and won the Scipii the name of “Shepherd of Rome”. In history Scipii didn’t count as the most notable family but their blood can date back to the day Rome was founded, which also helped the Scipii in their rapid rising. Finally, approved by the Senatus and the Roman People, Scipii Family became one of the Triumvirate and took the fate of Rome by the throat. In a short time they had earned much political and economical benefits, but their ambition would never be fed up. Scipii’s persistent struggle for power and wealth was giving the Triumvirate an earlier death.

Family Territory:
In the civil war set off by the crack of the Triumvirate, Julii quickly took control of many fertile and rich provinces, including Macedon, Greek Cities, Seleucid, Egypt and Parthia. Though the sea might be a set back in the Julii army’s rapid gathering, the rich lands and many talented generals have already decided the end for the Julii in the wars with hostile families.
Family Background:
Seemingly the lives of the Julii Family were not blessed by the sisters of Fate. Although many Julii were talented and did make wonders with the Roman Army, few of them could ever live a long life or even die in peace. Finally the seniors in the Family decided to make changes. They incorporated and sponsored a lot of promising young people from poor patricians and even plebeians and their efforts paid back. The Roman citizens began to feel that the Julii were quite nice people. Unlike other big Families, they never stood high and cool above people, instead, they got down to them. The citizens liked to call them “Defender of People”. While other old families despised the new aristocrats aided by the Julii, they played a critical role in Julii’s becoming one of the dominative families in Rome. In operations confronting barbarians in the North, the Julii were always able to win the final victory with those young and grateful armymen, and Romans liked winners. At last the Senatus and the nobility began to realize that the Julii had unmatched influence over the plebs.

Family Territory:
When the civil war break out, the Brutii found that people no longer counted Republic as the indispensable element of Rome and that their longtime friend had win the overwhelming support of the plebs. The Brutii wasn’t cleared up by the hostile Family with the support of the north regions they ran with heart for many years. But their dream of rising as powerful family again seems to be less possible. For now the Brutii controlled Germania, Dacia, Thrace, Scythia, Pontus, Armenia. They applied a tight military policy and put the focus on defending.
Family Background:
Romans never forgot that it was the Brutii who lead them in overthrowing the reign of the tyrants and promoted the foundation of the Roman Republic. They have been the core of the republic and were called “Father of Republic”. In the other way, Republic was the ultimate principle that the Brutii would never give up, which was exactly the difference between the Brutii and other families. They occupied the most important seats in the Senatus, they share a large responsibility in the public life, they were the most pure and noble blood in the land of Roman Republic. Though they had all the privilege, real political and military geniuses were rarely seen in the Brutii descendants, which was worse when Rome was undergoing an eager expansion. The conservative force in the Senatus hoped that the Brutii would protect Republic as they did in the last two hundred years.

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