Senatry Beginner’s Strategy Guide

Senatry Beginner’s Strategy Guide by aiwent

Senatry is a strategy game set in ancient Rome. As a strategy game, Senatry deals much with resources and battles, so newcomers should know the difference between renewable resources and fixed resources. When you’ve learned the rules and ways, you will have a fantastic journey through the game.

Easy Play Strategy
Level 1-9
► Available Resources
Gold 200, Silver 2000, Bugles 20, Training Space 1, Builder Teams 2, Levies 12, Exploits 50.
► Level Limit
Highest Senatus level in this Area: 9
► Area
Level 9
► Enemy NPC
Players can follow the tutorial to get familiar with the game at their first login. What we talk about here is how to use resources smartly and develop our force quickly. First, about resources. You are suggested to use the default 200 Gold to buy 2 training spaces and 1 builder team. This will cost all the Gold but be profitable. You’ll need a great deal of Hero training and Building upgrading. Second, about upgrading Buildings. Buildings should not get upgraded too high and too quickly. That is because player of higher level, which means he has a higher level Senatus, gets less Exploits than lower level Players when attacking the same NPC.
However, players still need to upgrade Buildings to fight superior NPCs and enter a higher level Area at last. (Every Area has a level. If you want to relocate your City into a higher level Area, you need to defeat the specific NPC it requires.) In this case you can try to upgrade Buildings according to the process of NPC fighting. For example, you may consider upgrading only when you cannot get over certain NPC and you need more advanced Heroes and Equipment.
Tips: Do not upgrade your Senatus to the highest level it can be in that Area, especially when you stay as a newcomer.
Third, about fighting NPC. Both luck and Array are important. Players rely on well-trained Heroes and fine Equipment to past NPCs. You know, Infantry block, Calvary miss offenses and Distal Units hit critically. However, they launch these skills randomly. If you are a lucky guy, they launch and they launch at the right time. If not…
You can also adjust the formation of Array to strengthen your offense and defense. Deploy Infantry in the front to block offenses, Distal Unit in the back to emit more damage. Smart Arrays get you past NPCs quickly. As for NPCs in Apennine, there are 3 Heroes you can recruit after you defeat them, of which Spartacus is a must to have for he has the Rage Skill of Guard and is a good shield.

Level 10-20
► Newly Added Resources
► Level Limit Highest Senatus level in this Area: 20
► Area
Level 20
► Enemy NPC
When you have defeated Spartacus in Apennine, you are able to relocate your City to Rome where City can be upgraded to level 20.
When you are in Rome, first upgrade Senatus to level 11. Then you’ll have University where you can study technologies to remarkably enhance your military power.
Second, reserve more Crops. When the Senatus is upgraded to Lv 10, you’ll have the building of Granary and a new resource—Crops which you rely on to employ Soldiers. You are suggested to reserve plentiful Crops from now on for Soldiers will be consumed in fights after the Senatus has achieved Lv 15. Get yourself prepared for that!
Third, about fighting NPC. Remember to upgrade both Equipment and Heroes in the course of fighting NPCs. This helps you move quicker. There are 3 recruitable Heroes in the map of Macedon, of which Biblus is a must to have. Biblus’ troop is an Engine Unit which has high Offense and Critical Hits. Other two Heroes are equally useful. Recruitment is upon your own choice.

Level 20-30
► Newly Added Resources
Prestige (for Promotion)
► Level Limit
Highest Senatus level in this Area: 30
► Area
Level 30
► Enemy NPC
Gaul & Greece
When you’ve defeated the boss in the map of Macedon, Lv 30 Area will be open to you. Before you relocate to a Lv 30 Area, you have to choose and join a Family.
First, about Family choosing. The 3 candidates— the Scipii, the Julii and the Brutii—have different battling features which can be seen from their Prestige Heroes. The Scipii feature column offense and physical offense, the Julii plane offense and the Brutii row offense and single offense. They have similar property of territories and differ just in fighting modes. Players often choose a Family out of personal interests.
Second, the new resource Prestige is a key factor in your development. Prestige is supposed to decide your Noble Rank in your Family. A high enough Noble Rank is the only way to get the Prestige Heroes exclusively owned by your Family. So higher Prestige, more Prestige Heroes.
Third, about NPCs in Gaul and Greece. Defeating the Gallic NPCs is the precondition to entering Lv 40 Areas. Stronger NPCs will show in the map of Gaul, such as the column offense Heroes and plane RS offense Heroes. NPCs in Greece have two important supportive units—Medical Corps and Priestess and a dreadful RS Hero—the Hero of Total Attack.

Level 30-40
► Newly Added Resources
► Level Limit
Highest Senatus level in this Area: 40
► Area
Level 40
► Enemy NPC
Germania & Hispania
When players have defeated Ariterix from Gaul, Lv 40 Areas will be open. In Lv 40 Areas players can entrust businessmen to get more advanced Equipment, mainly Horses and Shields.
First, about the new function—Entrustment. When the Senatus is upgraded to Lv 30, Entrustment panel will be open in the section of Armory. Players are suggested to entrust dealers to get Orange Horse with which NPCs will be easier to pass.
Second, about upgrading Senatus. There is one thing players must know: Bugle will not be consumed if players fail to defeat a NPC before he reaches Lv 35. After that, however, a defeated fight with NPC will also cost Bugle. Remember this and be more careful when battling NPCs if you are already at Lv 35.
Third, about fighting NPCs. 2 maps for this stage, of which Germania has the access to Lv 60 Areas. Germania has the Heroes of Engine Unit with high physical offense, of Engine Unit with single Critical Hit, of Engine Unit with high single Damage to recruit. Hispania has the Hero of Engine Unit with line offense. Recruitment depends on players’ interest.
Level 40-60
►Newly Added Resources
►Level Limit
Highest Senatus level in this Area: 60
Level 60
►Enemy NPC
Egypt & Britannia
After defeating Ballomar from Germania, players can relocate to Lv 60 Areas in which Commerce and Area War will be open.
First, about Commerce. When the Senatus is upgraded to Lv 41, you will have the building of Vomitorium in your City and from there dispatch Caravans to other players. This is called Commerce and both parties get Silver revenue from Commerce. With the help of Commerce, players can be more financially capable to upgrade Equipment and entrust dealers for superior Equipment.
Tips: Do not upgrade Vomitorium too high for once. Commerce is refreshed upon every upgrading of Vomitorium, so upgrade it only when the Commerce in it is finished. In this way, you can make full use of Vomitorium at every level.
Second, about Area War. There are 2 Lv 60 Areas in each Family. Players in one of them can start Area War against a Lv 60 Area of other Families, while players in the other Area cannot. When the Area War breaks out, which usually takes place in autumn, players in both Areas can join in and will be rewarded with plentiful Prestige either winning or losing the war. But the defeated side will lose 20% of its Family share in that Area.
Third, about fighting NPCs in Egypt and Britannia. Egypt leads to Lv 80 Areas. There is a saying that is like “Come to Egypt for the sake of Cleopatra”. You have a reason to recruit Cleopatra because her troop, the Harpers, can increase the Rage Points of all of your Heroes and practically enhance their strength. Besides, she is so beautiful. Who could turn down a beautiful woman?

Above are clues for newcomers. You are encouraged to find your own way and advise us.

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