Scarlet Legacy Pets Guide

Scarlet Legacy Pets Guide by XxGOTHxX

The Pet System is in the end fairly easy to understand, once u get the hang of it.

When u fight mobs there is a chance that u will get a egg dropped. Depending on the region and the lvl of mobs there will be different 4 pets inside. It will be random which pet u obtain after using the egg. I think some pets are rare and some are more common to get.

Whenever u add a new pet into ur pet list u will recieve 1 “Gift Point” u are able to place on the pet skill tree. The pet skill tree will be in effect no matter which pet u called, so make sure u spent ur points on something usefull. When a pet reaches lvl 30 u can “upgrade” it into a grade 2 pet, which will give u an extra 2 Gift Points.

Important Sidenote: U can get the Gift Point bonus only once for each pet. They are “unique” if i want it like this.

Star Rating and how to upgrade those:
When u add a pet to ur list for example a tiger.
The tiger starts at 0 Stars and some random bonus lets say +40 HP. When u add the same kind of pet again, u will get a star rating on ur pet. For each star this bonus inceases.

0 Stars: +40 HP
1 Star: +80 HP
2 Stars: +120 HP
3 Stars: +160 HP
4 Stars: +200 HP
5 Stars: +240 HP

When u combine pets u have 2 options to chose from. (kinda bad it isnt really explained due to space issues and translation probs i think)
The top option will replace ur inherit pet bonus by the new pet bonus (those +40 HP as mentioned before in the example with something new like + MP or crit rate)
The bottom option will prevent the overwritting, but u will still get ur star rating up :)
If u make a mistake there, u will probably have the choice to restore the “passive” with cashshop items.
Those bonus cant be altered after 5 star rating.

Once ur pet reaches lvl 30 u will be able to upgrade it into a Grade 2 pet. This grade 2 pet will recieve a random new passive in the Grade 2 star rating. The star rating and bonus passive can be altered like the grade 1 before, except that u need to lvl the original kind of pet up to grade 2 before u can upgrade ur main pet.

Sidenote: U dont need to increase the star rating from the merge pet before, cause u can only influence the 2nd Grade bonus and star rating. Without Cashshop, u cant alter the Grade 1 bonus anymore.

Well thats my experience so far, and im kinda working on a small pet project during the CB, and will post a screenshot once im done with my fluffy spider XD
Hope its sorta understandable and will help u out. If something is still unclear, just ask here again or pm me ingame.
Ingame name: Minatsuki


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