Scarlet Legacy General Game Guide

Scarlet Legacy General Game Guide by LovelsCinta1

Basic System

1. Mailing System
Mailing system is 《Scarlet Legacy》 basic system. In addition to the general mail system like text type letters, the mailing system can also sent Silver and item to other player.
Mail-box Description
Provide player mailing service to sent message. Silver and item to other player.
-General mail: There’s no fee charges for receipient, only sender will be charged.
-Basic mail with text only is charged at 30 Cent
-Basic mail fee is 30 Cent, as for sending Silver or item, every additional stuff will add on extra 60 cent.
-Send a maximum of 5 items.

Notification letter
When the players get new mail, in a small map below shows “Letter” icon. You can look for the mailbox NPC in the main city to receive letters.
1. Inbox: Open the mailing inferface to view the list of messages currently held. Select the mail and double-click the left mouse button to open the mail.
2. Send mail: To provide players to fill in the message text, set the amount of silver or items.
Choose the type of mail will also affect the “Mailing fee” and the bottom field “Silver” input box and attributes.
3. General mail:
-Mailing fee: 30 text (mail with silver or items, the amount will change accordingly).
-Expected to sending amount.

2. Chatting System
There are 7 channels in chat: “Chat”, “Guild”, “Battlefield”, “Party”, “Whisper”, “World”, and “Area” .
If want to chat, click at the chat input box, then select the appropriate chat channel then sent it out.

“Chat” chat channel, in the vicinity of the players can see each other’s message
“Party”, only players within the same party can see message.
“Guild”, only players within the same guild can see message.
“Battlefield”, only players within the same battlefield can see message.
“Whisper”, only the selected player can see message.
“Area”, only players within the same area/scene can see message.
“World”, everyone within the same server can see message.
a) Chat Channel Setting
Can adjust display settings “main window”, “secondary dialog”, and “World dialog”.
b) Main window
Channel can be set to display all the information.
c) Secondary dialog box
Channel can be set to display all the information.
d) World dialog
World chat channels of information can be set the font color and background color

Chat channel Features
1. Adjust window mode: Click the icon to switch the dialogue window background mode.
2. Adjust font size: Click the icon to toggle the font size.
3. Dialogue channel settings: Click on the “Channel Settings” to set the text color and filter channels.
4. Speaker channel switching: is divided into “regional, world, secret language, team battle, gang, general” seven channel, click to select this channel immediately after the speaker.
5. Clear dialog message: Click the icon, then after clearing all the team records.
6. Use emoticons: Click the icon to open the emoticon menu.
7. Drag the dialog window: Press the icon left mouse button and move the mouse to drag the dialog window.
8. Resize the window: the icon holding down the “mouse button” and move the mouse to adjust the scope of the dialogue window.


3. Storage System
Players can use the storage to store items, can look for the storage manager to store extra items on backpack.

Storage Manager
Players can open their storage through the storage manager. You can find the warehouse manager through the map, under NPC tab.

In Yangzhou city has a total of three Storage managers. Once you found the Storage manager, click to talk with him then you can manage your storage.

Storage Space Management
Each player’s storage capacity is limited, and if you want to expand your storage capacity, you can use Coins or Gold coins to expand storage capacity. When players successfully create a character, you will have a default 30 slots of storage space.

1. Coin Expansion: Use Coin to expan your storage space. Each extension will increase “6 slots” space for expansion and up to “six times.”

2. Gold coin Expansion: Use Gold coin to expan your storage space. Each extension will increase “6 slots” space for expansion and up to “six times.”
“Coin Expansion” and “Gold Coin Expansion” is separated, so the player can make extension up to “12 times.”

4.Skills System

Scarlet Legacy Online consists of 3 Martial Art skills system: Skills, Perks and Talent.

1. Click on Skill (default hotkey K) to view skills learned. Can also drag the skill to hotkey bar to use.
2. Learning skills: Skills can be divided into “Class Skill”, “Perks”, and “Talent”.
-Skill Master: When a player rose to level “even level” (such as ending with 0,2,4,6,8), they can learn new skills from their specific class skill master.
-Perks: Some Perks Skills can be learn trough leveling Perks Skill.
-Talent Skills: Some Talent Skill can learn by distributing points.
-Skill master can be found at all major cities, some can even be find at outskirt places.


1. Click on Perks (default hotkey K) to view perks learned.
2. Unlike class talent, through killing monster and use [Focus] can gain Perks experience and level up Perks.
-Perks list: Displays the currently learned perks.
-Perks Focus: Focus Perks can activate Perks’ Focus effect,through killing monster can gain Perks experience and level up Perks.
-Level and experience: Every Perks has a limit of [10 Level], as the perks level increase, the effects and buff will also increase.
-Some of the Perks comes with [Talent point limit], players must fulfil certain distribution point for the perks to take effects.


1. Click on SKill (default hotkey K) to view Talent learned.
2. Talent Activation Condition: After Level 10, Player will start to have “Talent Tree” and get 1 Talent point.
3. Talent Point Source: When player reach level 10, every level up will get 1 Talent Point,distribute Talent to increase character capability or learn Talent Skill.
4. Talent Distribution point will determine and affect character’s development and capability. Some Talents must be activated before move on to distribute the points.
5. If you accidentally distributed the wrong point, what to do? No worries, before Level 30, go to Skill master to reset Talent point, but will need to pay a lot of money.


5.Trade System
Trade System
During the game, players will often encounter the need to purchase items from other players. At this point the player can use the trade function to trade with other players.

Step 1: Initiate trade request

Select the players wanted for the trading, then right-click on the player picture and select [Trade Requests].

Step 2: The other party agreed and begin trading

When you send a transaction request to the other side, that player’s center-bottom of the screen will have a rotate button. Click on it will prompt out the trade request notification. Agreed to the request, and it will open the trade window. But the transaction will fail if both parties stand too far from each other.

Step 3: Both parties insert the item and money

Drag items and input the amount into the trade column. The top part is to put in the item and money, and you can see each other’s name and level to prevent being cheated.

Step 4: Lock the item and money
After confirming the trade items and money, click the lock button to lock the transaction. When you click the lock button, the items and money into the transaction can not be changed. If you want change, you must cancel the trade, re-conduct another transaction.

Step 5: Click the button to complete the trade

After both parties locked the transaction, take note on the item and money insert is correct, then click confirm to trade.

6. Relationship System
1. The relationship between the player and the forces in game. The greater the value, you’ll be able to accept specific quest and to obtain specific rewards! These clans have many special items on sale, but also need to achieve certain relationship value to buy.

2. By taking quest, these relationship value will gone up. Usually the quest can be obtain at their clan area.
3. Relationship value sequence is divided into: Hate, Hostility, Unfriendly, Neutral, Friendly, Respect, Highly Respect, and Worship.

4. Open the character (the default hotkey C) tab and select the “relationship” page, you can look at the relationship’s current status.


7. Magic Mirror System
For the sake of conquering the world, the Demon attempt to unlock the 4 main elements as to unseal the portal to Demon world and sent out the demon army to destroy the human world. However, the key to unseal the portal is the royal blood, so demon is now targetting on royal family’s Princess Snow. By going through Minister JiaShiDao to get Emperor’s trust and proceed to isolate princess with the outside world.

Love . Hate . Magic Mirror .
Magic Mirror lead players to understand the story of XW Online. Let player to be justice man and heroic rescue. Through level up, player gets to know the story and character development.

Talk with [Princess Snow] through Magic Mirror
The only way to make contact with the player for [Princess Snow] will be Magic Mirror. Through Magic Mirror, player will be able to make contact with the isolated Princess and the story development. Player can click on the upper right corner for the Magic Mirror button to open the interface. According to the character level, player gets to know more of the story 1 by 1.

Obtaining Magic Mirro message
1. Magic Mirror Interface is locate at the upper right corner, when you receive new Magic Mirror message, the mirror will blink.
2. Left-click on the mirror to open Magic Mirror Interface.

Magic Mirror Record
You can replay any part of the story as you like.
Other than the stroryline, there’s also some events will be triggered when player go to certain dangerous area.


Magic Mirror records all the story development, it can be obtain when player gone through quest and level up.

For every new story player read, the relationship of player with Princess will improve, and receive experience as reward.


Princess Costume
You can dress up Princess Snow by selecting Princess Costume tab. You can change the head, face, body and back part. There will be 1 free princess costume from quest, you can also purchase more from Cash Shop.

Player can obtain [Princess Fashion] from quest and cash shop to dress her up.


How to get free Princess Fashion

When player reached level 6, they can receive a quest [Crystal Fragments], then player will receive their first princess fashion for free.

Battle System

1.Auto Assist System
Auto Assist System help players aid your HP, MP and SP. If you’re able to set a good assist formula, it makes your life easy when you train your character.

Click the Item icon Upper Right of Character’s display to open Auto Assist System. There are Regenerate, Buff Aid and Battle support for players. (Default hotkey N)

Save change: After complete setting, click Save Changes button to complete setting.
On / Off Auto Assist: You can choose to enable or disable Auto Assist system. (Default hotkey G)

Regenerate Page
1. HP Assist: When character’s『HP Bar』lower than『XX 』, will automatically use『Herb or Food』.
2. MP Assist: When character’s『MP Bar』lower than『XX』, will automatically use『Herb or Food』.
3. SP Assist: When character’s『SP』lower than『XX』, will automatically use『Herb or Food.
4. Cash Shop Item Authorized Purchase: If the Herb used are from Cash Shop, activate this function. When the item is used up, will automatically restock.


Buff Aid Page
1. Buff Effect Assist: Player can drag『Buff Skill』(Non attack/recover Skill) or『Improve ability item』,can automatically release these skills.
2. Buff Slot Destribution: This interface has 3 main column for player to distribute or activate.
3. Cash Shop Item Authorized Purchase: If the Herb used are from Cash Shop, activate this function. When the item is used up, will automatically restock.


Battle Page
1. Battle Skill Assist: Player can drag『Battle Attack Skill』to empty slot, when system is activated will automatically release these Skills to attack monsters.
2. Battle Slot Destribution: This interface has 3 main column for player to distribute or activate.
3. Pursue Range Setting: Player can set their desire pursue range, when player went out of the set range, will go back to the initial position.


2.Chain System
When player kill another NPC or player after the first kill within 30 seconds, you will be reward accordingly.


When player kill another NPC or player after the first kill within 30 seconds, you will get Chain.

Chain Count formula

1. Once player logged into game, every NPC or player killed will increase chain +1.

2. Under party condition, every teammates kill will also be included in the chain count (chain count is shared).

3. If player kill something with level less than 5 level, it will not affect the chain count.

Chain Reward
1. Focal Strike:Everytime combo count increases, There’ll be a low chance of getting Buff Effect as reward.
2,Continuous Combo Reward:When Chain Count reach certain amount, Can get special Buff Effect as reward.
3.Total Chain Reward: When total chain reach certain amount, Can get special item as reward.

Character Death
When the role of death, the respawn will have three choices:

1. Revive at Respawn Point will deduct all equipment’s durability for 10%as Penalty.
2. Revive Item will be taken from Bag Pack and Respawn on current position, HP after revive is 100%、no Penalty.

3. Gold will be deduct from player, respawn from current position,HP after revive is 100%、no Penalty.


Character before Level 25 will not have any death penalty.

Hatred Value System

According to player’s skill release will determine the hatred value for monster.
All moves will have a hatred value (high and low). In the party mode, if player A’s hatred value is higher than player B, the monster target will switch to player A.

3.Dungeon system
Different with the usual dungeon concept that everyone has which is Everyone can enter. Dungeon is open to certain place, not affected nor getting help from anyone. It’s only limited to certain amount of player to be in the dungeon.
When player met the criteria to enter dungeon, they can go in through NPC. When quest is completed can get dungeon progress record.

Dungeon Function
1. Solo and Party dungeon: According to dungeon setting to determine whether to enter the dungeon in single person or in party.
2. Number of People Limitation: Every dungeon has different number of people limitation to determine the maximum figure, the limitation will increases dungeon difficulty.
3. Progress Saved: After player entered into dungeon and killed BOSS, system will automatically record the progress. When dungeon progress has not been reset, player can leave dungeon and reenter to continue dungeon quest.
4. Dungeon Reset: Every dungeon has their own manual reset limit. Player can manually reset the dungeon through Community Interface’s Party Page. System will automatically reset the dungeon progress and entrance limit every new day at 04.00 AM.

Dungeon Rules
1. When player enter dungeon and killed BOSS, all other player participated will also get to record the progress.
2. The monster will not Revive, when player entered the dungeon the second time that has already recorded the progress.

3. Through Community Interface’s Party Page can obtain Dungeon informations.

4. When entered the dungeon with party, if the party is disband or self leave party, it will not make you leave the dungeon.
5. If character died in the dungeon, except revive by other player, use item or Cash Shop Item to revive from current place, all will be Revive at Dungeon entrance.
6. If character is disconnect within the dungeon, when re-login will appear at the place of dungeon before disconnect.
7. When there are player with dungeon record and player without one party together, and the player with dungeon record as Party Leader, when enter dungeon the system will request player without dungeon record「whether to set as party leader’s dungeon progress」.
8. When there are player with dungeon record and player without one party together, and the player without dungeon record as Party Leader, when enter dungeon the system will request player with dungeon record「Already got Dungeon Record, when entered will be separate with other player」.


Entry Point of Dungeon
1. Enter and exit the dungeon through switching channel.
2. Enter and exit the dungeon through dungeon admin.


Dungeon Overload
When the dungeon in the server has reached a limit, player that wished to open new Dungeon will not be able to do so, until the dungeon is not full again.

4.PVP System

In the game, there’re 3 PvP mode: 【PvE】, 【PvP】 and 【Force PvP】.

PVE mode
PVE mode is the default mode. In this mode, players can not attack any player.

PVP mode
When the player reaches level 20, you can click on the upper left corner of the character display to open the option to activate PVP mode. When the PVP mode activated, the player name will appear in red.


If players wants to challenge another player, can choose for this mode. Both sides must staractivate the PVP mode to attack one another.

During this process, defeat the player (character death) will not receive any death penalty.

In the case of party, can not attack player of the same party even with PVP mode activated.

Forced PVP mode

When the player character reaches level 30, you can choose for this mode. When forced PVP mode activated, the player name will have purple / red to indicate player had activated force PVP mode.

Only in the [Danger Zone] can use Force PVP mode.


Only under [Force PVP] mode player can attack player that’s in [PvE] mode, as long it is in [Danger Zone].

Notoriety Value
When the players in [Force PvP] mode and killed [PvE] mode players, their Notoriety Value will increase. When Notoriety Value is more than 0, player will receive penalty when death.


When a player accumulated a specified amount of notoriety, will get a new title. Accumulated more notoriety, the more title will get.

The initial title will be “Villain”, the highest symbol of the title as the “Loke”.

Clearing the Notoriety
When the player’s notoriety is greater than 0, will forced into “forced PVP” mode. If you want to clear off the notoriety and get back to [PVE] mode, you can chose:

1. Kill monster not more than player 7 level to reduce Notoriety.
2. Use tools to reduce Notoriety. Item can be purchase in cash shop or NPC.

Mode Changed
When the notoriety value is zero, the player can switch the mode to [PVE].

When the [Forced PVP] mode turned on, you must wait 5 minutes before switching back to “PVE” mode.

Community SystemTeam System

Players can group up in party to battlefield and fight through dungeons. The monster killed will also be listed in the combo kill, which players will be able to obtain extra rewards.

Invite for Party
Click on the target’s avatar and right click for the menu list to appear, then select “Party Request”. The target will receive invitation request. Upon successfully party up, you can open the party tab to view party details (default hotkey O) (Only team leader can adjust the distribution of item drop)

Leave Party
Click on self’s avatar and right click for the menu list to appear, select the “Leave Party” to leave current party. You can also open Party interface (default hotkey O), click below “Leave Party” button to leave current party.


1. 1 person can only join 1 party at the same time.

2. To invite party, only “leader” can use the functions; or when you are currently “not in any team” then you can use the function.

Distribution Introduction
1. Random Distribution: Randomly give to 1 of the member.
2. Dice Distribution: According to Party Leader’s set rare grade, all members will throw dice for item above the grade, person with highest number gets it. Item below grade will be given accordingly to members.
3. Party Leader Distribution: All drop item will be decide by party leader to distribute to members.


Party Experience Bonus

1. For every new party member, the player will obtained another 5% experience.

2. Team Leader Experience Bonus: As leader, the leader will receive the corresponding bonus experience

– When the party member reached the 2 person, the leader will obtained another 2% experience
– When the party member reached the 3 person, the leader will obtained another 3% experience
– When the party member reached the 4 person, the leader will obtained another 4% experience
– When the party member reached the 5 person, the leader will obtained another 5% experience
– And so on, so when the party member reached the 20 person, the leader will obtained 20% experience

Good Friend System

If you come across any friends, you can add it as good friend!

Good Friend System Description

1. Can keep update with good friend’s level, class and location.

2. Use the “right-click menu” function to interact with buddy.

3. Can easily use whisper chat function.

4. Can easily use party function.

5. Can easily use summon and teleport function.

6. Party with buddy can improve on the buddy relationship. When the relationship is up to 100, can go to Yangzhou City to look for Fang Guangling yard’s Buddy administrator “RongBoWen” to receive rewards.


1. Good Friend list maximum limit is 100 friends.

2. Special scenes will not be able to use teleport function.


Blacklist system

Game can manually add a person into the blacklist, which would automatically block the person’s chat and party team invitation. Put the annoying people into this list!

Blacklist System Description

1. The player automatically reject any chat messages.

2. The player automatically reject any mail.


1. Blacklist limit to 50 people only.

2. Chat messages and mail can be set whether to block or not.


Enemy system

When you are killed by the player, the player will automatically register in the enemies list, and increase the hatred value by 1 point. The hatred value will increase as the number of people killed.


1. Enemies list limit to 50 people. Once the limit is reached you can not add new enemies, you must delete people to add in new ones.

2. Kill people in the battlefield will not be increase the hatred value.


Apprenticeship System

Want to live on their own as the heroes admire by many? Still looking for a highly respected master cultivated their you? In Scarlet Legacy, the martial arts world, of course, we will not miss out something this important!

Master Description:

1. When player is above Level 30 and have item 「Apprenticeship Permit」 then can take on apprentice with level lower than your own. You can also go to YangZhou City and look for Master FangGuanGLing mentor LuHuaYin to receive the quest [The Road of Apprenticeship] . Once complete will get Apprenticeship Permit as reward.

2. When Master logged in, every level up by apprentice. Master will get some Coin as reward.

3. When Master logged in, every 10 Gold the apprentice spent in Cash Shop, Master will get 1 Bonus as reward.

4. When the apprentice contribution Bonus and Coins, the master can go to the southwest of YangZhou City and look for FangGuangLing messenger to receive rewards.

5. Can easily use the whisper function.

6. Can easily use the party function.

7. Can easily use the teleport and summon function.

Apprentice Description:

1. When Master is logged in, Apprentice can get extra experience when killing monster.

2. Can easily use the whisper function.

3. Can easily use the party function.

4. Can easily use the teleport and summon function.


1. Maximum of five Apprentice.

2. Special scenes can not use any teleport or summon function.


Couple System

Jis beings, the two people destined to meet a friend’s fate, “ten years of cultivation the same boat, a bed sleep a hundred years of cultivation,” the fate of the two red line traction, marriage was created. The role of each player with the opposite sex for Crazy favorability after the training, degree of goodwill gift from the mall to buy the pursuit of, marriage or daily tasks to improve access, enhance a degree of goodwill can be obtained for each title, Crazy exclusive skills feedback and virtual treasure reward, when Crazy favorability to five upper limit, the task can access marriage, was promoted to the couple to complete the task.

Pursuit of explanation:

1 When a player reaches level 35 character levels, you can begin the pursuit of the opposite sex roles.

2 players can simultaneously pursue three heterosexual players.

3 players by flowers, send items to the pursuit of favorite objects, the conclusion of marriage.

4. When the two sides to enhance the degree of goodwill Crazy moves when acquisition and title.

5. Favorability to 5, you can to the southwest of the city of Yangzhou School of marriage Fang Guangling messenger “Lin Youting” Application for couples.

Couple System

1. When the two sides seek to enhance the degree of goodwill to 5, you can apply for married.

2. When the two sides can enhance the degree of goodwill and acquisition of the title of the couple moves.


15, 25, 35, 45 can be to the southwest of the city of Yangzhou marriage Fang Guangling hospital administrator, “Yuan Xiaoting” was the daily task of marriage, after the completion of the two sides can get promoted favorability of reward items. Shopping can also buy related items.


1. Remove the pursuit of objects, the pursuit of both the list are automatically deleted each other.

2. Special scenes can not be used to send and call functions.


Guild System

Create Guild

-10S of SEN



Guild Level

Go around the map to receive Guild quest, once completed will receive guild contribution point. By joining dungeon and mini games can also obtain guild contribution point.
When the reached certain limit, the guild will automatically upgrade.

Whenever the guild get the contribution point and upgraded, guild members limit will also increase.

Guild Level

Guild Function

Receive Salary
According to member’s level, guild contribution point to determine the amount of salary.

Guild Position
Each Guild has a main 1 Guild Leader, 2 Vice Guild Leader, 5 Captain, the rest wil be members.

Guild Leader Hand-over
Guild Leader select 1 of the guild member and right click to open selection, select [Guild Leader Hand-over] to complete the process.

Leave Guild
When a player wish to leave the guild, just go to Ccommunity Interface (default hotkey O) → Guild → Guild members → Leave Guild; to complete the Leave Guild process.

Guild Disband
Player can go to Yangtze City’s xxxx to look for guild creator to disband the guild. If want to disband Guild, must kick out every members.

Guild Fame Level
1. Guild fame level will affect Guild Talent point.
2. Guild fame can be obtain through completing Guild quest and event. When it meets the requirement, guild fame level will automatically level up.


Equipment System

Character Equipment Introduction

In Scarlet Legacy, character equipments will be separated into few parts, which is Hat, Wrist, Armour, Pants, Shoes, 3 Main Weapons, Long Range Weapon, Necklace, 2 Rings and 2 Accessories.
Every part is able to perform Refine and Imbue. Player can also Embed runes into equipments according to the parts. Higher grade equipments will even have Set Effect which give more bonus when character wear more of the equipment in same set.

Once player has obtain “Ellunium”, you can start to Refine your equipments. Every time player successfully refined an equipment, the basic stats of the equipment will increase accordingly.
Higher the refining level goes, chance of successful refine will be lower. Player can use Blessed Crystal to increase the chance of successful refine.
Safe level for refining an equipment is +3. When equipment has refined over the safe level, player can use Protection Charm to prevent weapon lost on refine failure situation. Besides, player can also use Gold to do the refine directly.
Before starting the refine process, player can set how many times of refine tries and which level of refine to save more time on refining.


Pets System

1. Pet Index

1. Every pet in game have their own pet index. Player can obtain pets from killing monster, prizes, cash shop and many ways to obtain a Pet.
2. Open up your backpack (Default key is “B”) and double click on the pet to register them into the pet index (Unregistered index will be in grey)
3. Registered pet will have detail show in the index and player can perform Feeding, Equipping and more features.
4. Registering more pets will have more benefits.


Summoning Pet

Players can summon registered pet. Open up pet index (Default key is “H”) and select the pet, then click “Summon” button.

Cancel Summoning

1. Open up pet index (Default key is “H”) and select pet that currently summoning, then click “Cancel Summon” button.
2. Point to the “Currently Summoned Pet” icon and double click on it to cancel summon.
3. Right click on the “Currently Summoned Pet” icon and select “Cancel Summon”


Pet Enhance

When player obtain the same pet as they have registered, beside trading it to other players you can also use it to Enhance your current pet.
Enhanced Star: Every pet will have a random skill when player obtain it. Stacking up the same
pet will be able to enhance the pet’s skill.


Pet skill’s ability will improve according to Enhanced Star. Maximum pet enhance will be 5 stars. Player can swap the pet skill during the enchance process.

Pet Rebirth

1. All the pets will be “Grade 1” when player obtain it. When they fulfill the Rebirth criteria, the “Rebirth” button will light up。 Pet’s stats will increase when they rebirth to the next grade. Pets that already fulfill the rebirth criteria but refused to rebirth will not be able to level up anymore.


2. All reborn pets will change into an item and place in player’s backpack. Player can either register it to continue taming or trading with other players. (Registered pet will be binded and unable to take off unless it rebirth again)


3. When “Grade 1” pet successfully rebirth into “Grade 2”, the formal “Grade 1” pet in the index will be unable to summon anymore (Pet Index will show as Red color). Player can still register the same “Grade 1” pet into the index again to continue taming it.


Rebirth Criteria

– “Grade 1” to “Grade 2” : Pet Level 30.
– “Grade 2” to “Grade 3” : Pet Level 60.

Feeding the Pet and Life

Feeding Pet

Player can feed the pet with foods special for them such as Pet Growth Pill or Pet Minify Pill to increase or decrease their size. But once pet has rebirth their size will be turn back to default.

Pet Life

Once Pet Life is drop to 0, the pet will not be able to summon. Player can use Pet Life Extension Pill to extend their life and continue to summon again.

Pet Equipment and Talent

Pet Equipment

1. Player will obtain Pet Equipments from killing monsters. There are 5 different parts for Pet Equipments including “Eye Protection”, “Braces”, “Armor”, Heel Strap” and Collar to help on improving pet’s ability.
2. Equipping Pet Equipment is similar with Gem Imbue. When player equip a “New Pet Equipment” to their pet, the “Old Pet Equipment” will be replaced.
3. When pet is successfully reborn, the equipments that it have will be gone and will not bring forward to his next grade.

Pet Talent

Pet Talent will be apply to every pet, no matter which pet player summon, the talent will be shared.

1. Pet Level Up
Grade One(Level 1 to 30) Pet – Every 15 levels will gain 1 Talent.
Grade Two(Level 30 to 60) Pet – Every 10 levels will gain 1 Talent.
Grade Three(Level 60 to 80) Pet – Every 5 levels will gain 1 Talent.
Grade Four(Level 60 and above) Pet – Every 5 levels will gain 1 Talent.

2. Collecting Pet
Grade One(Level 1 to 30) Pet – Collect every 1 pet will gain 1 Talent.
Grade Two(Level 30 to 60) Pet – Collect every 1 pet will gain 1 Talent.
Grade Three(Level 60 to 80) Pet – Collect every 1 pet will gain 1 Talent.
Grade Four(Level 60 and above) Pet – Collect every 1 pet will gain 1 Talent.

Online Event

On the right side of mini map, press [Event] button to open Event UI. Through Event UI can get all the information which you want.

1. Event Page
Event page have [Battlefield Event] and [Daily Event], both of there will list each type of event details.
1. [Battlefield Event]: Include every player versus type activities.
2. [Daily Event]: This page only show that day’s event. Depends on event time and details.

2. Event Rule
Click on [Event Rule] to get the selected event’s rule.

3. Leave Event
Can get [Leave Event] button on [Event UI] or [Scrolling Board].

4. Event Entry
While event started, event information will show in yellow. Select it and click [Event Entry] will join that event.

5. Event UI
1. Player can through Event UI to get today’s event information.
2. Event able to join will show yellow color, select it and click [Event Entry] button to join event. ( Must satisfy event restrictions.)
3. 5 minute before the event start, system will pop out window. If click confirm will direct join that event.

6. Level Requirement
1. Mostly event have level requirement, you must reach specific level to join the event.
2. According on event details, sometimes will restrict maximum level.

7. Amount of Party
Some of the events require build a certain number of party members to join.

8. Participants number requirement
Due to event participants require, event won’t start before fulfil the number .

9. Entry and Leave
1. Player only have 10 minutes to join event before the event start.
2. Event types divided into [Dungeon] and [Mini game].
3. [Dungeon event] will teleport player to dungeon map; [Mini game] will stay in original location to execute.
4. In normal situation, system will auto kick player after event ended 30 seconds.
5. If player wish to exit, just get [Leave Event] button on [Event UI] or [Scrolling Board].

Title System

Player can mix and match for the Title in the game as they like. When character has meet the criteria, character will unlock the Title automatically.
For example character will unlock title “Kill” when they reach 100 combo, and when character reach level 10 will unlock title “Newbie” so player can combine the tltles such as “Kill Newbie”.
Different titles will have different category, each one of them will give different stats bonus. Collecting more titles in same category will increase it’s stats bonus effect.

Unlocking Title

Select the “Tltle” tab in Character Information UI you can see each title’s unclock criteria.

1. Title List – When character has meet the criteria, character will unlock the Title automatically. Unlocked title will display in Orange Color, else will be in Grey Color.
2. Prefix – Can equip with any unlocked title for combination.
3. Suffix – Can equip with any unlocked title for combination.
4. Title – Show the title you using currently.

Setting Title

1. Select the unlocked title in the list and click “Set As Front” to set it as Prefix or “Set As Back” to set it as Suffix for the character title.
2. The selected Prefix and Suffix will be show on top of character’s name as your title.

Removing Title
Click on “Cancel Title” button to remove both titles in Prefix and Suffix. After removing it your character will not be showing title anymore.

Title Collecting Effect

Showing what title player is currently unlocked and the bonus effect in each category.
The amount of title player unlocked will affect the effect of title given to player. Collecting more title will increase the effect of each title category.

Teleport System

Enable player to record down Coordinates from various place. Recorded coordinate can teleport 1 or full party members, or teleport party member to your side, etc.

Left click on the upper right corner for a small map of “Convenient Teleport System” to open the system interface.

Convenient Teleport Feature

1. Show player’s recorded coordinates, providing the player to view usage status and to “Record Coordinate”, “Edit Annotation” or “Delete Coordination” function.

2. Select the recorded coordinates to perform various types of teleport.

3. Record coordination slot: Show recorded coordination and annotation.

a) Scene icon: The scene where the coordinate is recorded.
b) Scene Coordinates: Shows the recorded name and coordinates.
c) Notes Note: Player’s personal description for the said coordinate.

4. There are 10 slots available for player to record coordinates, with 1 page containing 5 coordinates.

a) Record Coordinate: Spent Silver to record coordination, unable to use for battlefield, dungeon and special place.
b) Edit Annotation: Rename the annotation, maximum 8 letter.
c) Delete Coordination: Delete selected coordination.
d) Single Teleport: Teleport 1 person to destination.
e) Party Teleport: Teleport whole party members to destination.
f) Party Summoning: Teleport whole party members to the player.
g) Escape: When player is stuck, can use this function to escape safely.


Auction System

There are many transaction methods in 《Scarlet Legacy》. Auction NPC can be find at Yangzhou City, bottom left area. Find the two auction administrators (father and daugher). You can open auction interface with three sub-page: “Bid”, “Checklist” and “Auction” (also can open through convenient system).


Browse auctions by buying other players props.

1. Open interface, the right side of the list is blank, need to choose the player and press the left category search, the list will be displayed on the right side of search results.

2. If the players bid less than or equal to the current bid, the bid fails, the system displays “your bid to be higher than the current bid” message.

3. If the player is equal to the direct purchase price bid, the bid is successful, and the players immediately bought the items.

4. If the players bid higher than the direct purchase price, the bid is successful, the system automatically changes to the direct purchase price, and the players immediately bought the items.

5. If the player’s bid exceeded by others, the original amount deducted will be entrained in a bid to be returned beyond the letter of notification.

1. Show player’s current bidding item list.
2. If player’s bidding price is lower than others, system will inform player and the item will be remove from the Checklist. So the checklist will only list out item that’s still on bidding:「Player has already price the bid, and still leading it」.


Players can be put item into auction, so that other players bid on the things they want. The right side shows the status of the auction items.

Auction Process

1. Put the desire auction item onto the empty slot in Auction Interface..

2. Enter the bid, desired direct purchase price and the estimated time of auction.

* If the direct purchase price is set as 0 Ingot 0 Tael and 0 Cent, then there’s no direct purchase available.
* Starting prices can not be set as 0 Ingot 0 Tael and 0 Cent.
* Starting price may be equal to the direct purchase price, but the initial purchase price cannot be greater than the direct purchase price.

3. Click the “Start Auction” button to put the auction items into auction.
˙ The item will be removed from the players backpack, and on the right side shows the list of current auction items.

Cancel Auction

Click on the right side of the list of auction items, then click the “Cancel Auction” button will remove the items at the auction.
-The items will be returned to the players in the mail box.
-System will automatically send a mail to the current bid players, told that “the auction is canceled” message.

Publication costs

When the items placed in the auction space, it will immediately display the auction items needed for the publication cost.
* Articles published will cost 1%.

Transaction costs
When the item successfully auctioned, the system will charge the processing fee to the person who won the auction (the amount deducted from the last bid price).
* Transaction costs will be charged at 3%.

Currency Trade System

In the game players can trade with each other in cash shop platform. Non-spender can trade around with spender player in a balanced setting. Players can put their Silver on sell to obtain Gold.
1. Sell ​​Silver: The page will lists the player’s current silver trading status.
2. Buy Silver: The page will lists all players’ current silver trading status.
3. Click buy and double confirm it to direct purchase. The Gold will be deducted and the Silver will pass to buyer.

Transaction Fee:
Once the transaction succeed, both party will deduct 2% for transaction fee. After deducting the fees, the remaining gold will give to buyers and sellers. Example: 100 Ingot selling for 50 Gold coins, Seller is to pay 2% transaction fee, namely 1 gold, so will only get 49 gold in the end. Buyer must also pay a fee of 2%, namely 2 gold and get 98 gold. If the fee can not be divide, then the transaction will not be accept.

4th Dimension Pocket

If you want to access “Storage”, “Mail” and “Auction” instantly, but do not want to spend time travel back to the main city, then the 4th Dimension Pocket is your choice.

1. 4th Dimension Pocket provide players to rent “Mailbox”, “Auction”, and “Storage” function with a fee.

2. Below the small map bottom right, left click on the “4th Dimension Pocket” icon to open the 4th Dimension Pocket system.

3. Choose how long you wish to rent: There are 3 types of days to choose (You’ll be using spirits scroll to rent the 4th Dimension Pocket).

4. Successful transaction will immediately get to use 4th Dimension Pocket within the time limit showed.

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