RuneScape Unorthodox Method of Getting Shards

RuneScape Unorthodox Method of Getting Shards by Greco2301

Charm Sprite Blasting

Charm Sprites can be caught with a Yaktwee stick and Sprite Lure, by clicking on a shaking bush (in the Northern Ardougne area – south-west of the Gnome Stronghold) to shoot the Sprite lure near it, then clicking on the lure to retain it, and finally clicking on the Charm Sprites to catch them and collect a Charm slice. Thios itens you can buyu from Yaktwee Swinmari Cianta in this place – Yaktwee’s Invizzy Critters Stall shop. Need 72 Hunter for it.

You can catch – Gleaelg, Tranart and Slithtils animals for 130, 200 and 400 Hunter xp each Charm slices respectively.

With the Sprite lure in your inventory, click on a shaking Neverberry bush and you will automatically throw it near the bush. Use your Yaktwee stick to target the Sprite lure on the ground to make Charm Sprites visible. Once visible, click the Charm sprite to get a charm slice from it.

You trade each 10 Blue, Chrimson, Green and Gold Slices for one respective charm.

Catch Spirit Impling in Puro-Puro (Lvl – 54 Hunter)

Too easy to catch and in large number, with quick spawn time.

You receive a few summoning charms immediately upon capture.
And many secondary summoning itens: 19-25 Bananas (noted), 2 Bagged Plant 1 (noted), 6 Bronze Bars (noted), 10 Buckets of Sand (noted), 4 Chinchompas, 10-15 compost (noted), 4 Clean Guam (noted), Coraxatrice Egg, Dagannoth Hide, 25 Empty Pouches, Evil Turnip, 4 Evil Turnip Seeds, 4 Fishbowls -Empty- (noted), 2 Goat Horn Dust (noted), 16 Gold Rings (noted), Graahk Fur, 5 Granite 500Kg (noted), Guthatrice egg, 10 Honeycombs (noted), 5 Iron Platebody (noted), Kyatt Fur, Marigolds, Mithril Bar, Pengatrice Egg, Polar Kebbit Fur, Potato Cactus,17 Pots of Flour (noted), 9-25 Raw Rat Meat (noted), 5-9 Raw Rabbit Meat (noted), Raw Shark, 2 Ruby Harvest (noted), Saratrice Egg, Spider Carcass, 21 Tinderboxes (noted), Tortoise Shell, Unicorn Horn, 2 Willow Branch (noted), Vampire dust.

You receive 227 Hunter xp each. Need use own jar generator, a magic net and impling jar. Outside Puro-Puro you can catch without this itens and receive 321 Hunter xp, but you can catch a very larger number in Impetuous Impulses place.

You can make monney, if you have Hunter Lvl, catching rare Impling to pay for your Summoning upgrade – Kingly (91 Hunter), Zombie (87), Dragon (83), Pirate (76 – with worst rewards for me), Ninja (74) and Magpie (65).

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