RuneScape Small Obelisks List

RuneScape Small Obelisks List by Ziksy

– Behind Draynor bank, south of the willow trees
– Shantay Pass, in the desert
– Zanaris, north of the fairy ring
– Brimhaven Dungeon, just before metal dragons
– Pollnivneach, next to the house portal
– Dwarven Mines, south of the entrance from Ice Mountain
– Sophanem, outside the shortcut in the eastern wall
– Mos Le’Harmlass, outside the cave to cave horrors
– Burgh De Rott, outside the gates
– North of Ectofuntus
– Duel Arena, outside the gates
– Edgeville, by the bridge to Grand Exchange
– South of Port Sarim, by the church
– Karamja, on top of the volcano
– Karamja, by the mine north of Shilo Village, near some mysterious ruins (nature altar)
– Western side of Shilo Village, by the general store
– South of Burthrope
– Trollheim teleport spot
– Rogues’ Castle in the wilderness
– Etceteria, south of the castle by the Farming patch
– Neitiznot, outside the gates
– Jatizso, outside the gates
– Lunar Isle, east of the bank
– Tree Gnome Stronghold, next to the spirit tree
– Combat Training Camp entrance
– West of Port Khazard, by the Mining spot
– Entrance to Oo’glog
– Outside the Castle Wars lobby
– Northeast of the Battlefield, just west of the spirit tree
– At the end of the path west of Lletya
– Southwest corner of Tyras Camp
– On the shores north of Barbarian Assault
– Entrance to Rellekka
– Tzhaar city, by the fairy ring
– Edgeville dungeon, in the room with skeletons
– Stronghold of Security, beginning of first level
– Waterbirth Island Dungeon, between the top and middle gates
– King Black Dragon lair, in the northwest corner
– East of Catherby, by the fruit tree patch next to White Wolf Mountain
– Ape Atoll, north of the Agility course, along the outside south wall of a building
– Keldagrim, outside the bank
– First room in the Fremminik Slayer Dungeon
– Varrock Sewers, by the moss giants
– All the way north in the scarab catacombs under Sophanem’s ban

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