RichState Frequently Asked Questions

RichState Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to train employees to become blue experienced employees?
A: You need a green experienced employee, and you click train (in the employee menu) and either use Junior training or Senior training to train them to Blue.

Q: I have 1 green employee but i am not getting train button
A: Click “EMP” to open up your employee screen.  Click on the name of your employee.  A separate little pop up should open that says “Employee Info” with some of your employee’s information.  There should be 4 buttons at the bottom of this screen:  talk, reward, train, occult.

Click “TRAIN”.  You’ll have 2 options:  COMMON or ADVANCED.  Advanced is a guaranteed success of training, but cost gold (or an advanced training card if you have one, but just think of it as gold for now).  COMMON is the one you can do for free.  Depending on your company level, you can do a certain number of COMMON trainings for free each day.  It also has a % chance to succeed.

Anyway, select COMMON (it’s selected by default actually) and click OK.  That should be it.

Note:  When you select common, under the NOTES it’ll say “x opportunity for Junior Further Training.”  The number is how many more times you can do it for free.  If you’ve already used up all your trainings for the day, it’ll say “0 opportunity..”

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