RichState Cars Basic Guide

RichState Cars Basic Guide by cafemint

First off, I know there are some points that exist in other guides already but I did this quite some time ago and just updated it and feeling too lazy to edit off those already posted + its just a beginner guide to cars so I’ll rather leave them alone.

Really, this is actually for fellow guildies to stop PMing me

Cars Basics (Except Races)

This is just a basic guide, useful only if you’ve not played beta.

1) Cars

Your car cannot be bought or sold. The different cars you get to use are to be unlocked by leveling up or from  through reaching a certain achievement points.

To perform well in the races, you will need to have a good vehicle. Your vehicles are rated by the points it has.

Game features that affect the points your car has:
Modification and Upgrading of Components

Note: Whatever the rather shape (RS term = =) of your car, it does not affect the rating of your car

Upgrading your car

To upgrade your car, you’ll need to have CAR UPGRADE MATERIAL. You can get them by joining the CROSS COUNTRY RACES and TERRITORIAL RACES.
You will get them only if you win the match. To upgrade your car, just go to your car page and click on the upgrade button. The in game task guide will guide you through this soon enough, so no worries.

2) Components

Your car has a total of 8 component slots

Equipping the Components

You can start equipping components when youreach level 10 when you can put on your first Chassis.

You will not be able to equip the other components for your level is not high enough. The next Component that you can use will be the Engine, at level 12, followed by the Body and Tyres at level14. The next Components will be the Gearbox and Squirt at level 16 and finally,the Suspension and Cylinder at Level 18.

When you reach level 20 and above, the same cycle will start again. In short, the next version of the Component you can equip is always exactly 10 levels higher than your current one.

Gearbox              *6
·Engine                *2
·Chassis              *0
·Suspension         *8
·Cylinder              *8
·Squirt                 *6
·Tyres                  *4
·Body                  *4

Getting the Components

You can get these components by joining the CROSS COUNTRY RACES, competing in FORMULAS or buying using your Component Fragments in the COMPONENT MERCHANT shop when your car has reached lv 30.

You can get lv30 fragments from level 7Cross Country Races and lv40 Fragments from level 10 races onwards and so on.

Upgrading of Components

Each of these components can be upgradedwith Junior and Advanced Starstones.( If you’re from BTO, think of Horses andequips.)

Junior Starstone can upgrade your Component till level 8 and you’ll need to use the advance Starstone to upgrade from lv9onwards.

While both types of Starstones costs gold to purchase, you can actually get the junior starstone just by using the coupons you’ve earned from TRAINING and DAILY LOGIN REWARDS.Each Starstone costs 50 Gold OR 200Coupons.

The first starstone you use to upgrade your component has a 100% success rate. Subsequent upgrades lowers the success rate.Each failure will increase the success rate by 1-2%

From level
1 to 6, failing to upgrade your car components does not result in the component being downgrade. Components will be downgraded if you fail from lv7and onwards.

The Starstones will be returned to you when you split the component in the items page. Only starstones that you’ve used successfully in upgrading will be returned.

3) Gems

To further increase the ratings of your car, you’ll need to inlay gems to upgrade 4 different aspect of your car:

  • Durable Gem (Green) – Increases the ‘Health Point’ of your car
  • Focus Gem (Yellow) – Increases the accuracy of your attacks
  • Control Gem (Blue) – Increases the dodging ability of your car
  • Critical Hit Gem (Pink) – Increases the chances of landing a critical hit on your opponent’s car.

Gems can be bought using 15 gold or 60coupons or from Gem Bags dropped in Formula racing. Opening a gem bag gives you2 random level gems. All gems, whether bought or received, are all level 1gems.

All basic level 1 gems gives you 2 points or if it’s a durable gem, its starts you off with an additional 48 durability points for your car. To improve the numbers, you will need to upgrade your gem.

To upgrade the gems by 1 level, you will need 2 of the preceding level gems. To upgrade a gem to level 2, you’ll need to have 2 level 1 gems and to upgrade a gem to level 3, you will need EITHER 2 level 2 gems OR 4 level 1 gems. To upgrade your gemsto Level 4, you can use 2 level 3 gems OR4 level 2 gems OR 8 level 1 gems.

Before you upgrade, remember not to‘overupgrade’ your gems for each component has a maximum level of gems that can be inlayed. Do not try to upgrade your gems to level 4 if your components are in their level 10s. You are not able to downgrade gems so you’ll need to check for the maximum level of gems that you can inlay into your components before upgrading. The system will warn you if you attempt to ‘overupgrade’ your gems.

Theres a good guide with actual figures in the guide section of the forums

4) Employees

Employees are one of the most important attributes to increasing your car’s rating, especially to a non-gold buyer as a good employee can raise your car’s rating massively.

Employees sometimes comes with talents and these talents add extra points to your Controbility, CriticalHit, Durability or Focus.

Employees colors and points (Minimum):

  • ELITE Pink – 1000 points
  • Pink – 800 points
  • Yellow – 600 points
  • Red – 300 points
  • Purple –
    150 points
  • Blue – 50 points
  • Green – 18 points

If you have any color employees that giveless than the numbers, don’t use them for your control unless they have talentsto go with.
Talents and ability affected:

  • Analyse      –     Controllability
  • Confidence –     Durability
  • Inspiration –     Critical Hit
  • Judge        –     Focus

Always train your employees with talents first to cover the positions in your control room.

5) Component Modification

Component Modification is important in the game, but is unfortunately, mostly ignored in the game by many.

Modifying Components upgrades your components to have 1 of the 4 attributes of Control,durability, Crit Hit and Focus.

To find the exact numbers and materials needed for upgrade, just open up your Components Modification Page found under Car -> Academy

Since you will need Component Fragments to use the Modification and these can be found in Cross Country, you will not be able to modify your components to level 2 before you start level 10 map and unless you have level 14 map on, you won’t be able to start on level 3 modifications.

My advise is go all out to do the modification, I know that you can buy component parts using your frags but these frags are dropped in Cross Countries Races and in Formulas,you can also get them by splitting used and unwanted components. NOTE* Not all Components are splitable

If you really need exact component parts, it is advisable to do a Formula with CAPTAIN’s distribution with the captain being a fair and honest person you trust and decide on what to share before the race starts and pray that the boss actually drops the components you need = =

6) Growth Rate

Growth Rate, is unfortunately, a game that caters only to gold buyers. You will need to buy Growth Cards with gold. By using growth card, you can raise the Durability,Strike or Solid growth percentage by 1-2 % OR DECREASE the stats by 1% each time. The Default Growth rate is 100%.

From the failure rates, this is not advisable for anyone, Gold Buyers Included, unless you have millions of Rea lLife $$$ to burn.

Some Tips andtricks

Don’t use your Fragments to exchange for new Component, always use the frags to Modify your components first. You can use the leftover components to buy new components later if you still need them.

You can always get the same items from Cross Country Racing and Formulas, just go back and redo the CC races if you need anything from previous maps, especially component frags.

Don’t be too eager to upgrade your cars beyond the 9,19,29 etc. Only upgrade if you’re confident in beating the next tier bosses. Always pegged your growth to training. In RS, COUPON is King. Always try to maintain training against the toughest boss for the max number of coupons or the middle boss if you have to,but never train against the easiest boss, you can’t do much with 2 coupons. You can win coupons only if you win the race. One you upgrade to the next level,Lv10,20,30, the training will get tougher but will remain the same for the next10 levels.

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