Realms Online Warlock Class Guide

Realms Online Warlock Class Guide by heroes666

Advantages of subclass

1. Long-range game (less dependence on other characters).
2. Potential advantages of reducing power with other characters through penalty.
3. Draw enemy health retituir your own or get done for every attack. Up to half of their total in two plays at the expense of the opponent.
4. Significant presence of magical damage and good amount of control (freezing, seizure, dizziness, etc.)..
5. His powers cause good damage and has powers to cause damage in areas near the target, which are easier to throw in other characters.

Disadvantages subclass

1. It is the second most fragile character of the game and three pieces of cloth to defend themselves.
2. Are unable to powers that prevent opponents call their own, or with skills to protect the opponent of their own.
3. Few powers of defense.
4. It is the most attacked target in battle and usually the first to die if exposed.
5. It is complicated to cope with a group of enemies.

Some skills highlights:
• Tornado: manipulating the winds, the sorcerer does his enemies can not escape an area.
• Guardian of souls, remaining until 1000 health book the opponent and gives the enchanter, or fill the shortfall in their reserves in 10 seconds.
• Master of destruction: the enemies in the vicinity of witch are weak and can not invoke powers.
• Dark: the witch of darkness envelops a target and keeps its allies to benefit from positive powers.
• Cremation: through ritual, the shaman has a chance of forcing an enemy to resurrect dead on her altar, eliminating the possibility that a conjurer raise it.

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