Ravenwood Fair Vitalin Gems and Crystals FAQ

Ravenwood Fair Vitalin Gems and Crystals FAQ by Cordelia

How often can I find a Vitalin Gem? Where can I find Vitalin Gems?

Vitalin Gems are found by mining Vitalin Crystals. After you mine a Vitalin Gem you will not be able to mine another for 4 hours. After 4 hours is up you can mine a Vitalin Gem whenever you want, but the timer will not reset until you have mined the gem.

If you leave your cursor over a Vitalin Crystal a bubble will show how much time is remaining until you can harvest the next one, or if one is ready now (see images below).

Can my friends send me Vitalin Gems? Can I gift Vitalin Gems to my friends?

No, vitalin gems are not giftable.

Can I buy Vitalin Gems?

Yes, Vitalin Gems are for sale for 9 credits each. Vitalin Gems can only be purchased through a quest or ruin that requires them; they are not listed in the Shoppe.

What’s the point of having so many Vitalin Crystals if I can only get one gem every 4 hours?

Vitalin Crystals will also give regular Vitalin when mined. If you chop a Vitalin Crystal part way it will regenerate when your rocks grow.

I don’t have any Vitalin Crystals, what do I do?

You can use your neighbour’s Vitalin Crystals to receive your Vitalin Gems. Huginn has some available. Don’t worry when you mine your neighbour’s rocks it doesn’t alter your neighbour’s mine – anything you mine will still be there for them to mine.

Also one Vitalin Crystal should grow back if you have none left.


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Vitalin Gem, ready to mine:

Vitalin Gem, ready to be picked up after it’s been mined

Vitalin Gem Timer

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