Ravenwood Fair How to Post Gift Requests Guide

Ravenwood Fair How to Post Gift Requests Guide by Cordelia

The Short Explanation

Post a help request to your wall or use an old one. Right Click (ctrl click for you one button Mac users) on “Help Me” and pick “Copy Link Location”/”Copy Link Address”/or similar from the menu that pops up. Paste the link(s) wherever you want them!

The Regular Explanation
Click on a “built” but not complete game, building, or wonder or an active quest either on the left or in the quest log that requires the item you want the link(s) for. Under the desired item click “Ask Friends”.

A message box will pop up titled “Publish this story to your Facebook wall and your friends’ home pages”. Click Publish. Sometimes this message takes a little while to load; or it will take a while to post to your wall once you’ve clicked “Publish”. When it is done posting the message box will close and take you back to where you clicked “Ask Friends”. If the post was successful the “ask friends” button should turn grey. Once you have asked for an item you aren’t supposed to ask again for the same item for 30 minutes to prevent being reported as spam – there are ways to get around this limit, but it really isn’t necessary when using gift threads in the forum.

Once you have posted help requests to your wall for all the desired items go to your Facebook wall or your home page. The posts will be easier to find on your wall (click your name in the upper left to go to your wall). Right-click on “help me”, or if using a one button mouse in OSX hold down the control key and then click “help me”. A small menu will pop up, click on “Copy Link Address”, “Copy Link Location”, or a similar sounding option it varies between browsers. Now the link is in your system’s “clip board” so paste it to a text editor or directly into your post. Once you have all your links post them!

The Long Explanation

Step 1: Find an “Ask Friends” button for an item you want a gift link then click on it!
You can use an active quest; or a building, game, or wonder that you have completed all the “builds” for but have not “completed”; or wait for the game to prompt you to ask your friends for the item

a) Using a quest listed on the left side of your game play area

i. Click an active quest on the left side of your game play area

ii. Click “Ask Friends”

b) Using your quest log

i. Click your quest log

ii. Click the quest that requires the item

iii. Click “Ask Friends”

c. Using a pop up

i. Wait until the game prompts you to ask for the desired item, and then click “Ask Friends”

d. Using an incomplete game or building that has all the “builds” finished.

i. Click on the building, game, or wonder

ii. Click “Ask Friends”

Step 2: Click “Publish”
After you have clicked “Ask Friends” a message box titled “Publish this story to your Facebook wall and your friends’ home pages” will pop up. Sometimes the box is big and sometimes it is small. Click “Publish”

Step 3: Wait for it to complete
Once you have clicked publish it may take a minute to post to your wall. Once Facebook has published your post you will be returned to where you clicked “Ask Friends” and the “Ask Friends” button for the item you just asked for should turn grey. You are only allowed to post one request for each item every 30 minutes.

If you want more links go back to step 1

Step 4: Go to your wall to find your help requests
It is easier to find your posts on your wall, rather than on your Facebook home page.

i. Click Facebook in the upper left corner of your page:

ii. Click on your name in the upper left corner of your Facebook home page.

Step 5: Copy the link to your system’s clipboard

i. RIGHT-click on “help me”.
(If using OSX and a one-button mouse hold down the control key and then click)

ii. Click on “Copy Link Address” or “Copy Link Location” or a similar item in the small menu that pops up.

Step 6: Paste your link into a text editor

Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have all the desired links

Step 7: Label your links
You can tell the links apart by reading them. Once links are posted on the forum the type of link is no longer visible

Step 8: Go to http://forums.lolapps.com/ and click “Ravenwood Fair”

Step 9: Click on “Co-operate”

All gift requests and neighbour requests must be placed in the “Co-operate” area

Step 10: Locate the correct thread

Step 11: Read the rules for the thread; if you are in the right then thread click “Reply to Thread” at the top.

Step 12: Now you are ready to post!

Step 13: Go back to your text editor. Then “Select All”

Step 14: Click “Copy”

Step 15: Go back to the forum, then RIGHT-click in the white box, then click “paste”

Step 16: Click “Post Quick Reply”
DO NOT click the green button labeled “Reply to Thread” instead of “Post Quick Reply” or what you have entered will be deleted instead of posted

Step 17: You’re Done!
If you want to post links in a different thread repeat the required steps.

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