Ragnarok Online Thief, Assassin and Rogue Leveling Guide

Ragnarok Online Thief, Assassin and Rogue Leveling Guide by Gevurah

ok, for all you budding sins out there (or are still lost since playing beta 1) this one is for you.

i’ve been playing since the glory days of open beta 2 (i know its not that long), but i have an idea of where to lvl up my thief>sin, etc. obviously players might have different opinions but this is where i’ve been most successful in terms of gaining exp.

these are just my thoughts, but if you have better ones, feel free to add em.

so like good ol super mario says… “here WE GO!!!”

– lvls 1-12(or job change)
pretty easy. 1 north of morroc is great and so is 2 south of prontera. some might say 1 south of payon as well, but i hate walking in zigzags for several minutes (look at map and understand how i feel).

but, if you really want to lvl up fast, just get a tank.

– lvls 12(or job change)-20
the culverts 1-3
best place to go and rock some exp and job pts. great spawning and the tarous (rats) give from 7-4% exp as you climb the lvling ladder. beware of getting mobbed and the random familiars. at culvert 3, hydras should be stayed away from.

if you can get a stilleto, i suggest u do because that will make killing so much faster, especially when the double atk kicks in.

and for the n00bs who don’t know how to get to the culverts, you need to register first in prontera at the knights guild in the northwestern section of the map. you talk to the NPC at the left of the desk.

rocker field (1 south, 1 west of prontera)
if you have a relatively strong weapon, or can dodge pretty darn well at this lvl, go for it. if not, keep on tanking til you know for sure you can take em.

-lvls 21-30
culverts 1-3
keep on rocking here, because you won’t find spawns like this that you can take on anywhere else.

stainers, horns, rockers, steel chon chons (1 west, 1 north of prontera)
if you have a strong weapon, go for it. if you think u can dodge them go for it. my sin is lvl 25 right now and can easily take these things on. good exp. stainers give about 5% when in the mid 20’s. you’ll need a lot of dex to hit them though. 20 should be fine.

rocker field
this is ok if you don’t like massive spawns. they should give about .5% in the mid 20’s. a bit more relaxing than culverts.

-lvls 31-40
culverts 1-3
only because of the spawns, but you’ll start wanting to leave after you’re lvl 30-35. staying the sewers for a long time leaves you smelling nasty.

biblian dungeon (or byalan) 1-2
awesome, awesome place once your flee kicks in. good base and job exp from almost all the monsters, especially the marines and the thara frogs. might be frustrating in the beginning, especially if you’re agi, but the rewards are great. i was here until lvl 40-42, i can’t remember.

to get to byalan(biblian whatever), go to izlude and head to the north eastern part of the map where a sailor awaits. talk to him and pay 150z to get to the island. the entrance to the dungeon is in the middle of the map.

elder willows (1 south, 2 west of prontera)
great place to lvl at the mid 30s, if it wasn’t for the kazillion bots (especially the wizzies) that hang out and ks every single elder.

elder willows, cocos (1 east of payon)
another good place to lvl at the mid 30s. not as crowded at the other elder map and there’s a good variety of enemies. good spawning.

-lvls 41-50
biblian 2-3
keep rocking on #2. again great spawning that you can tame at your lvl. tharas and marines will barely touch you if you build right. if you venture onto #3 beware of the obeaunes (stupid mermaids) and atk dmg of marse.

anacondaqs, hodes (2 south of morroc)
great exp… 2-1% depending on how high u are. but hey, don’t complain, it gets harder to find good exp, you’ll be lucky to get 1% exp at all now w/o fighting a strong monster. stick to the snakes at the lower half of the 40’s, then when you think you’re strong, hit up the hodes (funny looking phallic symbols).

sphinx 1 (1 west of morroc)
there are anacondaqs, zeroms (the dudes with small blocks on their back), and drainiliars. beware of the drains because they have high dex and hit pretty hard. zeroms and the ‘daqs should be no prob, but don’t get mobbed by zeroms. also, take caution against the requiems. they’re very strong at this point so taking them isn’t recommended.

geffen tower 1
spawn, spawn, spawn!!! god forbid this place, but this is like culvert reborn with aggresive poison spores. not too much exp as one, but you’ll understand why people love this place. after fighting 5 in a row, you’ll get 1-2% exp. constant battling, and watch out for farmiliars. careful not to get mobbed.

orc dungeon 1
kill zombies, kill skeletons, kill bats… and endless resident evil reject level. a substitute to geffen if you can’t stand shrooms anymore. who knows, an orc zombie might drop an emperium (like what it did to me… he he he)

comodo update: don’t go here… unless you want to fight minoruses (minori, whatever) and die, die, die
pyramid basement 1
if you have been pumping agi, you can actually take on the verits that are down here. granted it might take a while to kill them, you will be rewarded with around 1% base exp at the higher 40s-lower 50s. there are also anacondaqs, scorpions, and mummies (which you should stay away from for now)

-lvls 50>job change>60 and on
biblian 3-4
if you have a wind weapon (i.e. stilleto, katar) or carded (saharic) you’ll rock in these lvls. again, careful not to get mobbed because these guys hit hard. in 4, marcs come every once in awhile but hit about 2x the str of obeaunes and swordfish. and if you get lucky (like myself) you can get a phen card and sell for MILLIONS!!! comodo update: But beware of the Mermen that lurk around this area, they totally suck doing around 400-500 dmg easy. And they’re not easy to dodge as well.

orc dungeon 1-2 (suggested level 50-55)
again, more spawning, not too much exp but constant spawning makes up for it.

payon 4 (suggested level 50-60)
sohee’s galore!!! rock these chicks like no tomorrow. if you have a wind or saharic weapon, the better. careful of archer skeletons edit: if you have high flee, archer skels (thanks to the drop in dex) are hella weak in comparison to the last episode. i’m at lvl 64 now and have no problem dodging 3 at once.

assassin guild map (suggested level 55-65)
sandmen give great base exp and job exp, even more so than sohees. i would have leveled here a lot sooner if i knew. dagger sins with fire daggers will rock and level really fast. just don’t get mobbed if your agi isn’t above 70.

glast heim graveyard (suggested level 65-75)
hunter flies, skeleton prisoners, zombie prisoners, ghouls, wraiths, dark lord!
heh, again, its never wrong to bring some support with you (i.e. priest) because this place will have you asking every aco for a heal if you solo at lower levels. bring a fire elemental for high damage. ice is ok, but not as strong. for the hunter flies, bring an earth elemental (i.e. the ever-neglected katar of dusty thornbush) and people will be praising your strength against that pesky fly.

glast heim prison (suggested level 65-80(if you can solo))
the same as graveyard, but with brilights and a higher spawn rate. bring a fire, ice (for the brilights), and earth weapon for max dmg. definately do not go solo until you are a super high level. you will want a priest to shadow you while you’re down there.

coal mines 3 (suggested level 55-65)
i finally ventured into this little nugget of joy and like many people have said, you can make mad moola here. just make sure you have pretty good flee like 200 or so to hold your own. the evil druids are a b—-!!! exp gets weak around high 60’s.

geffen 3 (suggested level 65-70)
if you’re pretty hardcore and can dodge like mad (and if you have an elemental weap as well) rock your socks and kick the crap out of marionettes and the swarm of whispers. just watch out for dopple cuz like all strong bosses, he’s pretty darn tough. now that he’s a tele freak, he might show up right where you a fighting. bring fwings to prevent premature death.

mids 4 (suggested level 65-70)
YAY! I found a good place to level if you have at least a flee of 205… Mids 4, the place where Osiris spawns! Basically, there are butt loads of mummies, ghouls, martyrs, and isis (who gives .35% base and .3% job at level 66) for you to kill and level. Remember though, have at least that amount of flee and its good to bring a priest there with you as well, just in case you get mobbed, which is often. BEWARE of mimic and the hourly Osiris spawn. You will get rocked.

comodo map (suggested level 60-70)
gators and wild roses
fun place to level (bring a wind and an earth weapon) around the early to mid 60’s. great place for tanking as well since those two monsters are not aggro.

comodo beach (suggested level 65-80
sea otters and seals
this is more for high level sins around the 70s. great exp (even more so from the seals) but watch out, they hit really hard. bring a wind or saharic katar for maximum damage.

turtle island 1-2 (suggested level 70-80)
Fun with turtles and other beasts, TI is no place for a solo sin (unless you’re level 90 something). Bring a priest and a hunter, because turtle defense is amazing. If you have elemental (fire) or carded (brute) jurs, bring them! Critical assassins will have a field day with bypassing turtle defense.

turtle island 3-4 (suggested level 75-99)
Enjoy the madness as mobs of all element turtles and ninja turtles (assaulters) will get you at TI3 and every form of turtle from Soliders to Turtle General and even a Wanderer will attack you at TI4. If at the mid 70s, bring a huge party to tackle the never ending mobs. Bring all your elemental weapons and carded (brute, demi-human) weapons to the fray.

hope that helps a bit, if you have any more places to lvl for the thief, assassin, and rogue, please post them. good luck!

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