Ragnarok Online Death Knight Hybrid Build Guide

Ragnarok Online Death Knight Hybrid Build Guide by Goliath239

Alot of people question me about my build…
To shut em up, I decided to post this, and send them this link!
But, for those who are interested or just plain bored, Here you are.

Hope it helps you.

~=-Death Knight.-=~

-Purpose of Death Knight-
The purpose of a Death Knight is to dominate in virtually all areas, MvP, PvP, WoE, and leveling. And of course meatwalling *Cough* Erm, tanking. A great perk, is that this knight is also focused on omni mastery in skills.

– Variations!-

There are two variations of this build, one is Agi based, and one is vit based. Here are a quick look at the ending stats. However, Both have the same starting stats

– Starting Stats –
– End Stats –

Agi Based.
92+8 Strength
77+3 Agility
30+10 Vitality
54+6 Dex
1+0 Intellegence (Hafta be smart to spell dat right durr hurr?)
1+4 Luck

In this variation, at level 99 you should have around 10k hp, deal alot of damage, and deal it at an incredible pace.

Vit Based.
92+8 Strength
37+3 Agility
70+10 Vitality
54+6 Dex
1+0 Entilligince (Damnit I spelled it wrong ><)
1+4 Luck

Almost the same as the Agi Variation, only in this build, you will have around 20-25k HP, Take in plentiful amounts of low damage, dodge from time to time, but your attack speed will stink like 15 year old moldy pie from the last years bake off… So it is recommended to use 2hQ, Why? Scrolldown to the…


Skills would include,

10 Hp Recovery,
10 1H Mastery,
10 2h Mastery,
10 Bash (Remember to get the Strike Vital Point skill as a swordsman. Very important.)
(You may switch if you want to skip the excellent and reccommended benefits of J level 50.)
5 Provoke, (Needed for endure. Useful in woe for disrupting wizards while they cast their powerful spells)
2 Endure. (This is up to you. This however is needed for peco peco riding. Level 1 will do however.)
3 Magnum Break (Once again, up to you. It is however, required for bowling bash.)

The Knight will have TWO sets of skills for you to choose from. You can mix and match the builds and skill set until your heart is content.

=-~(Knight Skills 1)~-=
1 Peco Ride
5 Cavalier Mastery
10 Spear Mastery
10 2 Hand Quicken (Recommended for leveling in both Variants)
3 Pierce
5 Spear Boomerang (Crucial in WoE or PVP when enemies attempt to escape.)
5 Counter Attack
10 Bowling Bash

Since we’re done with the debriefing, lets continue to the Novice To Knight section. Shall we?

Novice to
(Agi Variant)
Go through the registration so you can get a sure warp to Izlude. No one likes this process. If you have someone to transfer zeny to you, go ahead and say “Proceed Directly To Ragnarok” and warp to prontera. Just head outside the south gate, and kill porings, lunatics, and chon-chons if you dont mind taking alot of damage. Heres another list of what you should fight in the levels as a novice.

=-With a Tank-=
Pif, anywhere
=-On your own-=
Levels 1-5
-Chon Chons
Levels 6-11
-Roda Frogs
-Mixture of all the above.
Level 12.
-Try rockers for job levels. If you have the zeny, buy alot of fruit, and start at rockers until job level 10.

J .Level 10
-Switch time!-
(Procede back to izlude with your chin held high. Your 1 step closer to becoming a knight.)

-)-+The Test+-(-

Please as in honest to god, let me tell you that this test….
Is by far the easiest thing that happened since opening canned bread.
All you must do, is walk, walk walk walk…. walk. But, don’t step into the black
areas as you will fall, and be hurled into the void that is… Evil Fabres.

Once you have completed the swordsman test, gained a new attire, and took a look at your skills. It’s time to start leveling once again.

=-Swordsman…(Or swordswoman… >..> )-=

Since you are now a swordsman, it is time to decide where you will level depending on your variant. Ahem, Agi variants should start out killing rockers until they have 10 hp regen. Thats when you move onto culvert. Continue through dungeon levels 1, 2, and 3. 4 we’ll get into later. With a few hours or so, and if your experienced, you may be about level 30. In which I hope your stats look a little something like this.
(Job level 20, also.)

10+2 Strength.
46+0 Agility
10+1 Dexterity

It is recommended to get agility to 50. Thats when you make a dead STOP.

It’s time to work on other stats!

What are these stats? Well, Mostly Dexterity and Strength, for you might be missing alot, and hitting for just about… nothing. So, take the time to boost strength and dexterity to about… 20 + Whatever. 10 points does make a difference.

Anyways, at level 30 continue leveling in culvert 3. If you desperately need a change of scenery go to Byb 2-3, and level there for a while.

But the whole point of leveling in these two areas is to get to level 38 or level 40. Why? Mainly because thats when you head to Orc Dungeon1- Dokk/Pospores and Bybalan 4 (If you have a decent party or an acolyte) :O) The most annoying part of being a swordsman is these areas. You stay here either until your job level 40. If you plan on going to 50 (Most recommended) at job level 40 you should be around level 56 or so, which is the prime level for sphynx. It will be difficult, but if you have the funds to buy an element weapon (Probably ice), and the oranges, reds, awakes… Whatever else you may need- This will be a prime leveling spot until around level 80 for those who can not afford a mocking manteu/muffler/hood >_>.

Believe me I know that by experience. But, the drops and EXP are quite excellent. If you DO have a mocking, I suggest going to high orcs with a priest friend until you can solo there. You’ll most likely need Fire and Ice Claymores

Here be your stats at level 60-

30 Strength
77 Agility (You are done with agility.)
10 Vit
20 Dexterity

For now, you start working on dexterity and vitality. Make sure you get both of them to around 30 in base. When That is reached Start working on strength.

Wherever you choose to level, at level 80 your stats MUST and I repeat, MUST be ….
55 Strength
77 Agility
30 Vitality (Done with vit.)
44 Dexterity

Right about now you should be invincible, but that doesnt mean you give up on leveling.

Now i’m not saying this is gravy. But there are two methods to continue leveling until either 99 or… A signifigant level in which you are satisfied with.

Method 1- Soloing
Solo high orcs until level 99, if you are an addict and have ALOT of free time, it’s not reccommended for your health, but its convinient. This is the most time consuming, yet somehow most effecient and profitable. (Ex. Sell steel from high orcs 9-15k a pop.)

Method 2- MvP Parties/ Turtle Island Parties
Now, this requires good friends, the ability to work in teams, and a bit of bravery. (Something I lacked, so I soloed :Cough: ). But, when it comes to MvP parties its reccommended you be fully equipped. And with TI parties it MUST be small. Ex. 3 people. (You, Hunter, Priest.) Best way to get experience, but the loot isn’t that reccommended.

If you do have the will power… And happen to make it to 99… I congradulate you. If you happen to see me In-Game on the Sakray server, I will give a gift (But dont expect anything expensive Im a cheap mofotha)

Vitality Variant

Go through the registration so you can get a sure warp to Izlude. No one likes this process. If you have someone to transfer zeny to you, go ahead and say “Proceed Directly To Ragnarok” and warp to prontera. Just head outside the south gate, and kill porings, lunatics, and chon-chons if you dont mind taking alot of damage. Heres another list of what you should fight in the levels as a novice.

=-With a Tank-=
Pif, anywhere
=-On your own-=
Levels 1-5
-Chon Chons
Levels 6-11
-Roda Frogs
-Mixture of all the above.
Level 12.
-Try rockers for job levels. If you have the zeny, buy alot of fruit, and start at rockers until job level 10.
(Seem a bit familiar? )

The Vitality variant shall get you to the knight class the fastest, and will be in demand for most parties planning to MvP or head to an extremely hard area. But of course, like all well planned swordsman (Or swordswoman -.-;
they must start off… at rockers.

Your attack speed will stink, just a warning. But rockers wont do as much damage to you. And getting to level 20 here is a great thing. Because you can head to smokies and elders immediately, just one east of payon. Here you will stay for a long time, either until 40, in which you may head to geffen in order to start on Pospores… Or keep at the elders/smokies combo until your ready to become knight.

The trick to vitality variants during their early levels is that they can pump strength to massive amounts to make up for thier horrid attack speed. Its reccommended for those that can afford defensive equipment get higher strength. Those who arent so fortunate with money might get more vit.

Stats at 20-
10 Strength
10 Dexterity
32 Vitality.
9 Agility (From the starting stats.)


22 Strength
20 Vitality ( Keep this at here for now. )
9 Agility
9 Dex

Stats at 45-
20 Strength
20 Dexterity
60 Vitality!! (Nice defense, I know. But for now you make a stop on this stat.)


20 Vit
9 Agi
10 Dex (Your

As for skills, 10 hp recovery and a start on 1 handed mastery is excellent. Job level 20 will be a nice damage increase.
(Since most vitality variants tend to use shields for extra defense, and a 1 handed sword to make up for the attack speed.)

When you are about level 55,
Stats –
20 Strength
20 Dexterity
37 Agility
60 Vitality


62 Strength
40 Vit
20 Dex
9 Agility

or when you have 40/50 as a job level, It may be time to turn into a knight. In which your HP shall be doubled ( An excellent thing, and that thing is 4-6k Hp. )

It IS time to start leveling once more. But where? Like I mentioned before, it is sphynx. =)

Head out through Sphynx for a while. Level 80, unless you can get a leech or a party throughout different places.

After reaching 80,Head to high orcs. The EXP will be great from 80-87 or so, because all you must do is gain a mob, endure, bowling bash or brandish. Simple as that. It’ll rack up soon. Thats when you can start heading to mvp parties. Your in high demand.

Now I must say that you can solo in High Orcs until 99. Both variants included. However! The vit variant will waste oranges or reds in order to gain a mob of 7 or so. Since they do not have the attack speed of an agility character, they must make up for it in how many they kill.

~End of leveling~
I suppose this is the end of my guide. /sob However it does not mean I am not done! Thats why there shall be…

~ GEAR ~

Gasp, that is correct. So here it is

~As a novice~
This part doesnt have much of a selection. But it should help.
Hat/Cap/Sakkat (If you have past characters)
Sunglasses- Filling in space
Clown Nose- :B
Adventurers suit
Envenom Novice Bracelet
Detoxification Novice Bracelet
+7-+10 Sword, try to + until you can use a blade
+7 Blade

~As a swordsman~
-For people who average 100k a day(Leveling and picking up loot can get you 100k a day. Believe me )
Fin Helm(Higher Levels)/Sunglasses/Masquerade- Something to fill in space, add defense.
Flu Mask/Cain/R. Flower/Leaf/Clown Nose? – Why the heck not? XD
FullPlate/Chain Mail/Padded-Mostly whatever armor you can use at your level. I reccomend Chain mail for those under level 40. If you cant afford it, go with the padded armor.
Sandals/Boots/Shoes- Whatever you can budget or need. (Card table coming soon.)
Gaurd/Buckler/Shield- Good for both variants defensive wise.
Accessories – Anything that adds strength or dexterity. Double Forced Belt/clip, Rings,Gloves. This is essential.
Blade-Buckler Combo – Nuff said.
Tsuguri-Buckler/Shield Combo – Same, little more expensive.
The most all around card for weapons as a swordsman is the andre card. A double hurricane tsuguri is excellent in leveling.
~As a knight~
+4-7 Helm – Defense needed
Fin Helm -Defense
Cain – Defense
+4-+7 Full plate – Yet more defense…
+4-+7 Boots – Defense~~ Preferrably Verit or Martyr card inside ;3
+4-+7 Manteau – Its either A. You have a slotted one, and buy a reydric card. B. Put a whisper card in it. Otherwise try your hardest to get a +7 mant, because 2 defense can save your life.
2 Rings or Double Forced Clips – Extra strength = Extra damage.
If you can get anything past +7, i salute you. Getting +10 of everything seems impossible, but for you EXTREMELY rich (50m+ zeny) I say, go for it

+5- +7 Claymore- Base weapon ;3
(Switch element (If you have) Depending on monster.)
+5 – +7 Lance (Elements also, change them depending on monster.)
+5 – +7 Insectide Saber/Cranial Shield
Same as agi.

~Card Table~
Here I will list the essential and neccessary cards for the Death Knight. These cards can mean the difference of life and death in PvP or WoE. So listen closely. There will be normal cards and there will be god cards.
If you happen to have some type of S. Headgear (Be it a hat to a helm, they are neccessary.)
A devruichi card = Adurate | Adurate adds +1 Strength. Enough said. Resistance to blind is good in the fact that being blind reduces dex and flee.
An Orc Hero Card = ??? | +3 Vit and never be stunned. This is by far the best card in the game in my opinion, since being able to never be stunned will give you the utmost defense versus blacksmiths or characters that possess stun weapons.
Here will be a rather long list. Some will be categorized.
Racial Cards
Hydra Card = 20% More Damage v Demi-Human | Essential in pvp inside a triple bloody saber. The increase in damage will be INSANE when you hit. This is also useful vs orcs, such as High Orcs when you attain 92+8 Strength. These are quite expensive however.
Element Racial Cards = 20% Vs W/E | These I do not reccommmend. However, if you can not afford an element weapon, these are the way to go. Vadon cards, = more vs fire monsters and so on. This could work on high orcs as well, but it will not do as much damage as the hydra cards.
Mummy Cards = +20 Hit | This gives a hit bonus, giving more of a chance to hit those pesky High-Flee characters (Assasins/ Hunters) But a Very Strong weapon + Stun Bash can over come the need for this.
Doppelganger Card – Near impossible to obtain, however getting this gives you the max attack speed alotted by your agility. 77+3 agility would equal 190 attack speed. 37+3 Agility would equal 175 ( Vit variant ) Still insane attack speed.
Phreeoni Card – +100 Hit. It nearly eliminates the need for dex. But dex is always important. This is good for hitting agility characters, since it equals 5 Mummy cards. But once again, a VS weapon + Bash overcomes the need for this.
–Armor (Plate)
Marc Card = 5% Resistance to water, never be frozen | The ENTIRE worth of this card comes from not being frozen.
Evil Druid Card = Enchant Armor With undead property | This means you wont be frozen. Down fall? Being healed will get you killed :x
Peco Peco Card = More hp. Enough said.
These two are the most important. But it’s more reccommended to put it into a +7 or +8 chainmail for the reason that it is lighter, and more affordable.
Cards That give extra defense is reccommended for those who can get their hands on a slotted chainmail or anyother slotted armor is most reccommended. Especially if it has a high +.

Angelring/Ghostring armor = Need I say more?

Armor (Robe)
Immune ManteauMuffler = (Vit/Agi variant) Though most useful in leveling for the vitality variant, its very useful to the agility variant in PvP or WoE. Since most hunters will be able to hit you, nullifying the damage would be that of a smarter choice.
Mocking ManteauMuffler = (Agi variant) Useful for dodging tougher monsters, and adding flee. Only used for leveling. In PvP its reccommended to use the immune manteau above.
Martyr Card = Gives you more HP, and +1 agility which is crucial to get that extra point for 77+3 agility or 37+3 agility.
Armor ( Accessories )
N/A. Safety rings shall fill these.


AHA!~ I’ve been hiding something from everyone that I feel that they should know about. The ways to…

Make Cash.
Finally, the thing everyone has been waiting for. The way they can actually profit from this build aside from building an invincible knight. There will be 3 solid ways that I will think of.

L o o t.
High profitable loot places, can get you 1 mil a day with dedication.

Prison, Great EXP, constant buffs, and a constant supply of loot, which in turn means a constant supply of cash.

Geffen 1-2-3 : Loot : Killing 300 pospores in a short amount of time is at the least 70k the last time i checked. 300 pospores can take an hour. Maybe less depending on your variant. At Level 2, you have whispers, and jakks. These are rares, which we will skip. At level 3, you have nightmares, which in themselves drop excellent and lovable items such as OBB’s, blue herbs, blue potions, their card (of course) and horse shoes.

Orc Dungeon 2 – Loot : Zenorc Fangs adds up, and so does the exp. Rares are coming up, and they are quite often. You only need to take heed to orc lord who will come and spoil your fun.

Turtle Island – If you can solo level 1 (The outer island ) and level 2 (the inside -_-) this place will be great, especially from 91-99, because its awesome exp with the right weapons. (Fire, wind, earth, last time i checked.) In a party, go deeper.

GH Chivalry 1- Raydrics, Evil Druids, and Ridewords all have great OCable common loot that can add up with a priest, even when you split the loot, there will be such an abundance of it, you wouldnt realize you were splitting it.

GH Castle 2 – Almost the same as GH Chivalry 1, except there is the legendary Baphomet, skilled wanderers, and the cute, lovable alice. Wanderers drop their skulls in honor of their defeat for you, and maybe thier beloved muramasa, which sells for quite a bit of zeny. Alices kindly drop their aprons in defeat, along with the broom that the dokkaebi has fallen in love with. Baphomet, hes a different story. Good luck with that.

Bybalan 4-5 – So many fish scales. Level 4 has a higher spawn, but level 5 has a higher spawn of pneus and merman. An hour here with a wind weapon can spell P R O F I T ! !

R a r e s
Geffen 2-3 : Whispers – Thier cards. Argos – Thier cards. This place is an excellent area to gain a bit of side exp and find yourself that whisper card.What else you can get here include 3s Chains (100k on sakray) from marionnette, OBB’s ,Blue Pots, Blue Herbs, from the horsies. Er, nightmares. Argos’ will drop your pet spores cute pet armor (Bark Shorts) and mysts will drop anodyne, useful to your party as it gives them the knights popular endure effect for a short time.

Bybalan 4-5 : Cards, once again and the excellent exp. Cards wont come that often, and its really not the best reason to go here. Mermaids (I forgot their name damnit!) Drop Fin Helms ( ^__^ ); slotted saints robes, the ever OCable witherless rose and much more.

GH Castle 2 : Wanderers – Muramasa;Ori;Yggs,not much more needs to be said. Raydrics : Thier card; Elu; S l o t t e d C h a i n m a i l (<3). This can also apply to GH Chivalry.

Sphynx 2-3-4 : Cards once more, R. Ori, OBB’s, OPB’s, Diver Goggles, and much more.

Argiope Map (3 north of pront): Only thing useful here is mastering, angeling, and argiopes when they drop their slotted boots. ^_^

Poring Land (1 south, 1 west of pront): Ghostring – Angeling.

Sunken Ship 2(Where ghostring spawns): The ever popular Ghostring, pirate bandanas from the dirty little pirate skeletons, and the massive spawn amount of hydras, ready to drop thier card. Whispers spawn here regularly, also.
(Any good hunting places you know of for cash? Drop me a line and i’ll add them to the list.)
More coming.

Now for the crucial part of the gear you obtain, upgrading it.
Fair warning, this will only contain tips and basic knowledge of upgrading.
So let us begin.

The trick to upgrading your gears is all in the amount you have.
-This means that you must never upgrade past the safety limit unless you have spares. Which, is relatively hard to newer players when they try to overupgrade their slotted equipment, since it is really expensive and heartbreaking when you lose an item through upgrading.

It also, depends in the order you do them in. Example
– Boots are put on.
– Boots are upgraded to +4
– +4 Boots are taken off.
– Boots are put on
– Boots are upgraded to +4 (This is a new set of boots)
– +4 Boots are taken off.
– +4 Boots are put on.
– +4 Boots are upgraded to +5
– +5 Boots are taken off
– +4 Boots are put on
– +4 Boots are upgraded to +5 (Yeah this is going to take a while.)
– +5 Boots are taken off.
– +5 Boots are put on.
Okay to shorten this, considering you have the idea by now.

When you get +6 boots (or if you get to +6 boots on both, or are content with +5) It’s time to try for +7 Boots on one of the pair. Pick one of them to attempt for +7 with. Now there are two things that can happen
1: Boots fail.
2: Boots succeed.

If your boots fail : You still have the +6 boots, which means you really dont lose anything, however, you gain nothing as well.

If your boots succeed : You can SELL the +6 Boots and sell them back to the community. And then wear the boots.

Note, not all people can be lucky. So ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have more spares. Spares are what save your butt from going bankrupt. Though +4-+5 gears are great for the people that cant afford masses of equipment and elu, it’s always reccommended to have more defense. Rich (7mil + kind of people) persons might have an easier time on their pockets because elu is going way down. (I saw 100 elu 20 k each.The market price on sakray for them was 40k each. Bought them all :] ).

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