Ragnarok Online Amatsu Dungeon Quest Guide

Ragnarok Online Amatsu Dungeon Quest Guide by Kodashi-Blade

1. Talk to the guards outside grandmas house to find out that she’s sick, then
go in and talk to her, she will then kick you out of the house.

2. Go to the Lord and talk to him, he’s on the Fourth floor of the castle.

3. Go back to Grandma’s house and talk to her guards first and then her again.

4. Go talk to Kouji, the little boy to the right of her house, talk to him TWICE!

5. Go talk to Kitsune mask in the northern shrine. (Refer to map for exact location…)

6. Go talk to grandma again to get the Nine tail.
You may have to talk to her several times before getting it, and everytime you
fail you will be kicked out. This is not affected by anything, it’s just like the drops,
completely random.

7. Go to the Lord and talk to him to get the Pass.

8. Go to the Attic (up the ladder on the fourth floor) and talk to the only NPC there
to go down into the dungeon.

The pass you get is for your character ONLY, it can be traded between characters
or accounts, but if you use it for a different character than the one who made
the quest the pass will dissapear.
Dont worry though, you can get a replacement for 10k from an NPC at the basement
floor of the Castle.

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