Pandora Saga Sorcerer Complete Guide

Pandora Saga Sorcerer Complete Guide by Aihan

Hey all, this guide is a try to make a merge of all info at forum about sorcerer and it’s advanced jobs.

There are 3 types of Sorc :

Magic Dps

All 3 can be modified and useful in PvP or PvE situations in a way.


LunarisX : “Confusion skill is a debuff skill which has success rate. Higher SPI means higher sucess chance and higher debuff lv.”

All debuff/buff power and (if resistable) debuff success depends on SPI. And most of debuff spells are at Confusion tree. SO you go high SPI and choose Confusion skills as first priority.


SPI is your first choice and try to make it 100+.

Drovne : “Everyone underestimates the usefulness of stats > 100 and casually decides to stay around 90 thinking they’re making an efficient choice. It is not such a choice but one that will lead to you contemplating buying a stat reset cash shop item.”

INT around 20-30
But as you can check there is only 2 damage-able spells in confusion tree, and their main purpose isn’t dmg. So at some point you will want to make some dmg to kill alone. Lowering a mob’s attack, defence, dodge, movement speed even sleeping him won’t kill it. So put some INT and get Elemental or Darkness skills.

DEX all left
10 Dex = +%5 casting speed. Anything else to say? Make it 10 or 20 or 30 but put some points in it. Confusion don’t have long cast spells. But listen what he says…
Nctrn : “casting speed is everything in PvP. Who cares about your damage if u die before even having the opportunity to deal it?”

If you don’t care about DEX you can try STA
Sta makes you harder to kill. You can say “i’ll debuff only and deal low dmg so mob won’t hit me in parties”. You are wrong, mobs don’t like debuffers. You build agro almost same as a wiz. And if you somehow get hit you may want a chance to survive for more then 1 hit.

STR and AGI pretty useless for you so 1 point in them is a waste.

Magic DPS

I think best thing to describe DPS sorc is :
Nctrn : “54 Pestilence – deals four waves of AoE damage. Each wave has a chance to cause Weakness, which completely erases targets’ resistance to magic. Extremely useful at Raid Bosses, grinding (especially in Muldia, where mobs have 99% dark resist) and PvP.”

As Nctrn uses a DPS sorc and pretty good at it i’ll just copy paste his thoughts.

You are not a Wizard. Carve that to your mind at first. If you want thousands of dmg go roll a wizard. If you want to deal dmg and kill stuff while supporting your party welcome to sorc. That build is pretty useless right now, you can’t debuff well, can t deal high dmg. You will focus on a spell which has 5 sec casting and it is chance based effect.
Drovne: “Actually single target dps is similar at level 40 and you are severily underestimating the utility of undermine in pvp where everything is about burst dps.”

Darkness-54 spell Pestilence is what this build is about (for now, once cap increases there will be dark frenzy which uses high int). Also you will get some other good spells like Undermine which increases dmg of next attack (up to x2)

Drovne: “It also erases a mobs weaknesses (negative resistance) meaning you could actually lower your dps, use it on a snake and ice will do less damage if the effect lands. It also is not dark damage but poison. The chance is not a static 15-20% and can actually be much lower.”


INT will be primary stat. Increase it as much as you can (100+ preferred again).
SPI is pretty useless. 10-20 is enough.
DEX is important, Pestilence is 5 sec cast and 5 sec is pretty long. So up DEX as much as you can.


Well there are many argument going around melee builds. Some say x is good while others say x suck. So it is hard to make a proper one (and survive).

LunarisX : “Spi is best leave at base pts if you want melee. if you want to add spi try not reaching 17 pts because at 17 and beyond your dark gloom start to kill you. if you do want to have good gloom attack, try to plan carefully.”

All shall agree that a mage using sword and shield looks cool. That is why all try to be melee (like me). But it is hard to find a balance between stats and skills, that is why almost all of us failed it (like me).

Melee sorc is based around skill Gloom (Darkness 16). Gloom deals dmg according to your SPI and you take half of that dmg back.

There is a skill at 45 Shadowblade which reduces rebound dmg of Gloom. But not into this talk yet.

Anything written down here is just my personal ideas. They are open to argument and flaming.


Well melee can use all stats.

STA : Your survavilability, take some if you don’t plan to suicide with Gloom.
Thunderlike : “And um…max spi at 40 is suicide since u’ll kill urself faster than u can kill someone.”

STR : Some choose STR and try to be a fighter dealing both magic and physical dmg. But bear in mind your Gloom dmg is based on SPI.

AGI : Some choose that to increase their life when they go close to enemy melee’s. It increases your chance to dodge.
Anikya : “Rest on AGI, yes, you may miss alot (But not with concentration skill), but remember that magic is actually your primary build before secondary build. With that build, be careful with wizards or other sorcerers, they can knock you out, especially corruptors, they can make your AGI totally useless.”

DEX : Some choose that to hit more often. More dex also means more rebound dmg so be careful what you wish. Lol no-one said a word about DEX i can copy but all put 30-40 dex in their builds.

INT : Some choose that so they don’t die from Gloom while they can use some dmg spells on the way. AND Blood drain dmg and HP you get is based on INT. So it is good to get some.
Nctrn : “21 Blood Drain – deals damage, which depends on your int. Half of the damage is converted to your HP (at higher lvls can hit multiple targets. Half of the damage from each target is converted to your HP).”

SPI : Some choose that to make the best out of Gloom. It is a 2 sided blade tough as you can die in like 0.2 sec after battle started :) But high spi also means better confusion skills. High spi using Impede (-dodge means you hit easier), Wasteland(slowed enemy can’t run from you) ,Icy Strike(same of wasteland but faster cast) can help a lot in melee sorc builds. But high spi using Gloom can kill you pretty fast too.

My build once i get event reward stat/skill reset:
My Build in calculator
Sta = 40 so i won’t die fast
Str = base
Agi = base
Dex = 40 so i can hit ppl
Spi = 70 so i can use confusion skills
Int = if any points left

Slash = 8 so i get slice which is 2 fast hits
Evasion = 8 so i get dash to close distance fast to reach target
Darkness = 26 so i get poison, Gloom, Blood drain and Mind venom. Mind Venom or blood drain won’t do much dmg.
Confusion = 54 so i get all spells and can use them at a good power.


Will make a list for all spells that sorc can use.

No school:
Fire Bolt : Well nothing to say. If you have anything else don t use fire bolt. Dmg based on INT.
Flash : Pretty useful in pvp, it knockback’s target. Target resist based on STA i think but need a confirmation.
Shadow Garment : For every armor that has Darkness gem on it (name change to … of Hades) you get +3 elemental resistance. Making a +10 darkness armor gives you +3 too. And weapons don’t count.

8- Slash : Hits enemy twice with a 1-h weapon (wand, sword, dagger). Don’t work with 2-h staffs.
12- Whirling Strike : this spell can’t be used as you can’t use 2-h sword
21- Parry : You parry a front attack with a 2-h staff. Lasts 2 sec, don t sound useful.
28- Concentration : Your next attack hits for %100. Can be used with any weap
41- Shoot : Not sure but i think this passes enemies defence and hit.
61- Sword mastery : Your physical dmg increase with swords.

8- Stun : Stuns enemy with a 1-h or 2-h wand.

8- Hail Stone : Deals minor dmg but slows enemy.
12- Thunder Ball : Hits target and enemies around target.
21- Ice spear : Middle dmg on enemy and slow.
26- Firestorm : Hits all enemies around you.

8- Soul Bright : Dispels all hidden enemies around you. Useful in PvP.
21- Mana Shield : You lose mana every physical hit for increased defence.

8- Infect : Disables HP-MP regeneration on enemy. Useless in PvE, Pretty good aganist priests in PvP. A no-mana priest can mean a party of dead enemies.
16- Gloom : Covers your weapon with a dark aura which deals great dmg but in return you take half of that dmg. Great if used with care, deadly if over used.
21- Blood Drain : You deal dmg and take half of it as HP. Couldn’t be better. Requires high int to make miracles.
26- Mind Venom : Deals a minor dmg and if effect lands (needs info on this landing) it keeps dealing dmg.
33- Dispel : Removes buff or buffs from target. Awesome in PvP. With high int you can remove more buffs.
35- Resist Malice : Increases poison and dark resistance in return of lowering Charm(debuff) resistance. 7 sec only makes this skill useless.
41- Undermine : Increases dmg of next hit on target. With 100+ int it said to x2 next dmg. Pretty deadly if used with a wiz. Can double dmg of mind venom too so enemy dies even if he runs. Can be wasted if a low hit lands tough.
54- Pestilence : Deals 4 waves of Poison dmg and has like %10-15 chance to remove enemies magic resistances for 7-10 second with each wave. It is aoe spell but area is small. And 5 sec cast makes it look bad. High int players can find it deadly as it deals 150-200 each wave with 50 int in PvP. 90+ int can kill a tank i think.

I wrote confusion skills at first so it is in more detail and different format.

8- Weakness (Enfeeble)
-Attack power debuff, Resistable, SPI based landing
Your first and most known spell. Even full int wizards get it nowadays (they rarely land it tough). Pretty awesome in PvE as most mobs engage in melee battle. Pretty awesome in PvP if you cast it on Melee guyz.

12- Sandstorm
-Sleeping effect, Resistable, SPI based landing
Party saver, when a second mob come you sleep it and kill other. Mob don’t wake up for like a minute if it don’t get hit. In PvP it almost always sleeps melee guyz. But aganist casters it is SPI vs SPI. It is pretty awesome when you catch a guy alone and sleep it, debuff it like hell and then kill it. (Sux to be slept btw). It deals minor dmg, close to a firebolt. Dmg is based on int.

21- Pysonic Blast
-Mana depletion, ? not sure, not sure
Didn’t use it much as it didn’t sound important. If someone can give info about it will be pleased.

26- Weaken
-Pyshical defence debuff, Non-resistable, SPI based power
Awesome when you have melee DPS in your party. They do more dmg and kill faster. Not much powerful in low spi but can be used still. In PvP it makes tanks like paper toys and they shout “WTF” in real life as they get raped by gladiators.

33- Impede
-Dodge debuff, Resistable, SPI based landing
Cast it when you see your melee guyz miss a lot. It lowers enemies dodge rate. Didn’t use it much in PvP but can be used when ppl start using high agi builds. Effect is pretty powerful. It makes 25 guyz able to hit mamba’s with no miss (they normally can’t at all)

Didn’t take spells below that, so feel free to add/fix
35- Resist charm

41- Icy Strike
-Movement debuff, ? , ?
From what i heard it is pretty good in PvP when you chase enemy as it has 0.3 sec cast time. Need more info at that.

54- Wasteland
-Movement debuff and poison, Resistable, Spi based landing
It is famous move of sorcerers. It makes a big part of ground covered in mud, slowing and poisoning anyone caught in or enter. Awesome in PvP as enemies can’t run or go back to arrange their ranges. Saw many ppl running trough it so i think it is resistable but need confirmation on that.
Drovne: “You forgot to explicitly mention the most important part. It removes movement speed buff so the enemy archers have to respeed everyone.”

8- Poison Making : You create poison vials which can be applied to weapon as additional dmg to Gloom (or instead of it). To create a vial you need materials (1x Deadly nightshade, 1x Container). If applied from inventory or hotbar effect lasts less then a minute.
12- Toxify : Skill for applying poison to weapon for 3 mins using a vial.

8- Backstab : Didn’t get it. But it seems to increases physical dmg of attacks from back.
12- Dagger throw : Throws your knife to enemy, don’t worry it is just in looks your knife is still there. As it counts as physical attack i don’t see a reason it won’t work with Gloom.
Individual : “YOU DO have skills for backstab and dagger-throw, which would make gloom exteremely effecient up close and ranged,”

8- Dash : You increase your running speed for 2 sec. Can be good in PvP for chasing or running.

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