Pandora Saga Racial Armor Quest Guide

Pandora Saga Racial Armor Quest Guide by Proakis

Hello Everyone,

My IGN is Drow. I am an archer from Warlords [Varik] and I made this guide specifically for our forums. Since I am the only active player, along with a couple others in the guild as of now, I believe I should post these to the community where it can be made better use of. So, here it goes…

This is my small guide in getting all your racial armor equips [Varik Only]. This guide has to be followed in order for it to complete.

1. You have to have defeated Brahm.
2. You need to have FEDERATION PERMIT in your inventory. Else this wont work.


Once any of your characters killed Brahm the alts/mules/twinks can just take the Federation Permit from the warehouse and start the quest series.
They do not have to kill Brahm again for this quest to start, there are other reason to kill him, thou.

Thanks for the contribution Pieh.


First Equipment that you can get is Gloves. Talk to NPC Lloyd at Varik Confederation. He can be found at location indicated by a blue dot as shown in the map below:

Posted Image

The next thing you have to do is to go and get an old sword. For this to be done you need to get to G3 at Eastern Soplar Highway as indicated below. Stand over the grave, you will get the sword.

Posted Image

That’s it. Now report the quest to get your lousy / awesome gloves.

The next in the quest line is the Trousers. You have to speak to Dianoski in Varik. He can be found at the spot shown below:

Posted Image

Talk to him. The place where you have to go to scratch your name is at Mount Jorito as shown in the map below. Just walk between the Arch and you should scratch your name there… Lol..

Posted Image

That’s it.. Go report to get your awesome / lousy pants :D

Continuing, the next equipment in the line is the boots. This quest is given by Rhube who is located as shown below:

Posted Image

You have to run through Leapholtz Gorge to find the old wand. Just run around the lake as indicated in the map below:

Posted Image

That’s it. Report the quest to get your awesome / lousy boots ^^

The final and ultimate peice of equipment in this line is the armor. You can get the quest for it from Kulala located at Varik as shown below:

Posted Image

This is the Hardest Quest. You will have to run through the empire camp and the kingdom camp in Muldia to do this. You have to get to the first tent from North in the empire camp at Muldia and the middle tent of Kingdom Camp. The locations are as shown below:

Posted Image

Do not engage the guards at either of the camps. They are level 99, impossible to kill and maybe 1 shot you to death. Empire camp is most difficult as there is a guard near the tent. Get a sorcerer, cast sleep on him, dash to the first tent and stand in front of the box which is located right in front of the tent. You will set the charges.

Kingdom base is unguarded if you approach it from the north west. Sneak in behind the first tent from North when the guard is not looking. Go and stand in front of the box at the middle tent to set the charges. Do both of these and you are done. Go and collect your shiny new armor from the NPC^^.

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