Pandora Saga PvP Point Shop Guide

Pandora Saga PvP Point Shop Guide by scovie

As many of you know there are PvP trainers in Central Plaza in Astir where players can get together to either engage in actual PvP matches or simply farm PvP points (by farming here I mean you get a large enough group to where two teams enter the PvP area and take turns winning the bout because the winning team earns more points per match). The points awarded during these PvP matches can be exchanged with the PvP Trainers by selecting the PvP Point Shop from the dialogue options.

I will flesh out this guide some more later, but here is an item list and several of the item descriptions for folks curious to see what is available in the Point Shop. I will reserve posts below for screengrabs with the appropriate NPCs and where to get Battle Tickets to improve your earnings.

20 point items

  • Salve (+120 LP pot)
  • Recharge Potion (+60 MP pot)
  • Bat Wing (Item that when consumed allows the player to return to their set home base after a 10 second activation period)

200 point items

  • Deadly Nightshade (50 count – item used for quests)
  • Moonlight Herb (50 count – combine this herb with a container at the appropriate item trader for Recharge Potions – description above)
  • Aquilegia (50 count – combine this herb with a container at the appropriate item trader for Restoration Potions – restores 15% LP)
  • Container (50 count – combine these with herbs at the appropriate item trader for various pots)

500 point items

  • Dimension Dust (consumable item used to enter the Dimensional Rift area via the NPC on Confederate Road in Astir)

1000 point items

  • Magician Hat (Mages, Int +1, MP +30, Required item for crafting the Wizard Hat at the appropriate item trader, which also needs filthy pelts and moonlight herbs)
  • Linen Cloak (All Classes, Ice Resist + 3%)
  • Large Shield (Knights, Def 16, +5% Ice and Fire resist, can’t be worn on horseback)

1500 point items

  • Fine Gloves (Acolyte, Def 6, Magic Resist +1%, When enhanced to +7 or higher adds int +1 and Magic Resist +4%)
  • Lunar Gloves (Mage, Def 5, Magic Attack +1%, When enhanced to +7 or higher adds int +1 and Magic Attack +4%)
  • Fine Boots (Warrior, Acolyte, Def 7, Acc +2, When enhanced to +7 or higher adds Movement Speed +5%)
  • Lunar Boots (Scout, Mage, Def 7, Dodge +2, When enhanced to +7 or higher adds Movement Speed +5%)
  • Cald Boots (Warrior, Provo, Ascetic, Sin, Sabo, Monk, Exo, Def 7, Burn Resist +2%, When enhanced to +7 or higher adds Stamina +2 and Burn Resist +6%)
  • Gothic Plate (Warlord, Paladin, Def 25, Stun Resist +1%, When enhanced to +7 or higher adds Stun Resist +4%)

2500 point items

  • Berserk Ring (All Jobs, Atk +1, Str +2, Int -2)
  • Ancient Ring (All Jobs, Int +2, Str -2)
  • Hunter Ring (All Jobs, Dex +1, increases arrow flight distance)
  • Ghost Ring (All Jobs, Spi +2, MP +10)
  • Crystal Ring (All Jobs, Magic Resist +3%)
  • Scalding Ring (All Jobs, Ice Resist -2%, 3% chance to burn on hit)
  • Piercing Ring (All Jobs, Acc +3, Crit hit chance +1%)

5000 point items

  • Hunter Belt (All Jobs, Dex +1, Acc +6)
  • Speedy Belt (All Jobs, Agi +1, Dodge +6)
  • Guardian Belt (All Jobs, Def 4, Sta +1, Magic Resist +1%)
  • Toxin Belt (All Jobs, Poison Resist +6%, Light Resist -5%)
  • Felix Boots (All Jobs, Def 5, LP and MP +3%, When enhanced TBD adds % to LP and MP)
  • Adventurer’s Boots (All Jobs, Def 1, Sleep and Trip Resist +5%, When enhanced TBD adds Def and Magic Resist)

7500 point items

  • Reed Earrings (All jobs, Skill cooldown -5%)
  • Cobalt Earrings (All jobs, Healing Potion Effectiveness +8%, Magic Resist +1%)
  • Titanium Earrings (All jobs, Atk Speed +5%, Magic Resist +1%)
  • Assault Earrings (All jobs, LP -50, Attack +7)
  • Strong Earrings (All jobs, Str +1, Atk Speed -5%, Physical Damage Reduction +3%)

10000 point items

  • Falcon Necklace (All jobs, Attack Speed +10%, Dodge +2)
  • Shock Necklace (All jobs, Increase in firing range)
  • Awakening Necklace (All jobs, Resist Mental Status Effects +10%)
  • Light Necklace (All jobs, Int +1, Spi +1, Light Resist +5%, Dark Resist -3%)

Below you will find screengrabs of the Central Plaza locations of each PvP Trainer as well as the Battle Ticket Supplier.

Each Trainer lists above them what levels are eligible, the maximum number of players per team (meaning 8v8 max is 16 and 4v4 max is 8 if you add both teams), and the time limit within which the battle must be completed. The battle will end whenever one side’s point total reaches 0 or whenever the set time limit is reached. Teams lose points by being killed and by resurrecting early from death. The team that wins the match will receive more PvP points than the losing team, but both teams will receive points. Using a Battle Ticket prior to a match will double your point total regardless of whether you win or lose. Tickets can be used by speaking with the trainer NPC prior to a match and selecting “Use Battle Ticket.”

Level 10 – 19 4 vs 4 PvP Trainer, Northwest Corner of Central Plaza near the Innkeeper

Posted Image

Level 10 – 19 8 vs 8 PvP Trainer, Northeast Corner of Central Plaza near the Blacksmith

Posted Image

Level 20 – 29 4 vs 4 PvP Trainer, Northwest Corner of Central Plaza near the Shaman

Posted Image

Level 20 – 29 8 vs 8 PvP Trainer, Southeast Corner of Central Plaza near Lias

Posted Image

Level 30 – 55 4 vs 4 PvP Trainer, Southwest Corner of Central Plaza near Transporter

Posted Image

Level 30 – 55 8 vs 8 PvP Trainer, Southeast Corner of Central Plaza opposite side of Lias from Level 20 – 29 Trainer

Posted Image

Battle Ticket Q&A;

The Battle Ticket NPC can be found right next to the warp point in Central Plaza (NOT the Transporter, but the actual spot that you warp to when you are in another map and select Central Plaza in Astir as your destination).

Battle Ticket NPC, Southern most point of Central Plaza

Posted Image

The Battle Ticket NPC provides you a single ticket per day up to 7 total. What exactly does this mean? Below are several scenarios:

Scenario 1 – I have never collected any battle tickets, and I have played for longer than a week. How many can I get?
Answer – You can speak to the NPC 7 times and collect 7 tickets. He only hands out one per interaction, so just continue to ask for more until he no longer hands them out. He tells you to stop being greedy when you hit your limit!

Scenario 2 – I have never gotten any tickets, but I only started playing yesterday. How many can I claim?
Answer – I believe the counter is set for each character when they begin the game, so unfortunately you only have 2 (one for the first day in game and one for the second/current day).

Scenario 3 – I only grabbed one ticket from the NPC yesterday, but I never used it. Do I have 7 more today?
Answer – No unfortunately since you still have that ticket your count has not reset. You can claim 6 more tickets from the NPC, but that is all.

Scenario 4 – I grabbed one ticket yesterday and used it, same as scenario 3 except the ticket was consumed prior to a PvP match. How many do I have?
Answer – Since you used the ticket yesterday I believe the following day would fill your counter back to 7. You should be able to pull up to 7 tickets that day, but I would have to verify this.

Scenario 5 – I used all 7 of my available tickets yesterday. I have 7 again today right?
Answer – Sorry this is incorrect. The tickets will replenish one per day. If you do not collect them, then they max at 7 and will no longer accumulate. If you always pull out at least one ticket per day and use at least one, then you will get a single ticket the next day once you speak to the NPC.

The scenarios are endless, but I hope these few helped. When in doubt just keep asking the NPC for tickets. Eventually he will say the greedy line and no longer provide you with tickets. Assuming you use those tickets, you can come back the next day for another one.

Selecting a Battle Ticket

Posted Image

Using a Battle Ticket at a Trainer

Posted Image

Other Q&A;

Q: How do I actually access the Point Shop once I have collected points?
A: Each trainer has a menu, and one of the options is Point Shop (another is for using a Battle Ticket prior to a match, that screengrab is above). That is where you will find the item list. You can select an item from there to spend points on or cancel if you change your mind. The trainer will not allow you to acquire items that you have insufficient points for. More screengrabs are below.

Selecting Point Shop

Posted Image

Point Shop List Divided by cost groupings (for more information on item details and cost see the original post above)

Posted Image
Posted Image

Q: I have 1000 points on one of my characters, and I have 1500 points on another character on the same account. When I speak with the PvP trainer that means I have 2500 points right?
A: I checked on this with some more experienced players, and this is actually incorrect. PvP points seem to be distributed based on character not account, so you have two separated totals to be used at a point shop. The funny thing is that since tickets can be placed in your warehouse, they are account based. I believe you can only have a max of 7 tickets per account, but the points themselves cannot be shared.

Q: I don’t want to wait for a team, can I just go in?
A: I would not recommend that. Typically it is easiest to join a PvP farming group in progress if one is available. Let the party leader enter the zone and control when the matches start. Make sure to stay coordinated if you choose to lead one team. If the other team is not full or disbands, you will be stuck in the PvP waiting room waiting on them until you realize what happened.

On another note there is supposed to be random PvP invitations in Pandora Saga. This is something that has had issues in the past. I am not sure if the problems have been sorted out, but last time I checked the system still was not functioning correctly. Let me know if this has changed. This would simply allow you to accept random PvP battles when prompted regardless of what you are doing.

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