Pandora Saga Assassin Build Guide

Pandora Saga Assassin Build Guide by anias

Since I didn’t see any guides up I decided to make a guide for a pvp oriented assassin who can still level efficiently as well.

A little about myself, I have been a lvl 40 Provosin for about 3 weeks now, I’m in Rhapsody which is the guild who probably has the most combined Honor on the Varik side, we love to Pvp and we do it well. My in game name is Periphery if you want to get a hold of me. I am a Knight rank (3000+ Honor) the highest rank at the moment since the 9000+ honor rank won’t let any of us change.

What is an Assassins role?

The role of an assassin is to quickly and efficiently take out high priority targets such as priests or wizards and get out of the area of conflict as fast as possible to return and repeat the process.

Choosing a Race:

While there is no right or wrong race to pick there are some that are bit more beneficial than others for assassins, the choice is yours. Here’s some that I recommend.

Human Scouts : Equally distributed stats a good base to start building off of.

Recommended Racial Skill : Fighting Spirit – 1H Weapon damage bonus

Starting Scout Stats

LP: 124
MP: 57
STA: 5
STR: 7
AGI: 6
DEX: 7
SPI: 4
INT: 5

Elf Scouts : Above average SPR and INT, Below average STA and STR

Recommended Racial Skill :Harmony with Nature – Reduced Skill MP costs (Assassins use a lot of mp in pvp)

Starting Scout Stats

LP: 113
MP: 62
STA: 3
STR: 5
AGI: 7
DEX: 6
SPI: 6
INT: 7

Enkidu Scouts : Highest VIT, above average STR but low INT

Recommended Racial Skill :Strong Arm– Bare & 2-handed weapon power bonus (Claws)

Starting Scout Stats

LP: 140
MP: 60
STA: 8
STR: 8
AGI: 5
DEX: 6
SPI: 5
INT: 2

Myrine Scouts : Highest AGI, Lowest SPI & INT (Horrible Mana Pools)

Recommended Racial Skill : All 3 racial skills are beneficial to a scout and is why I think Myrine are the best scouts with Enkidu at a close 2nd.

Acute Senses – Increased critical hit chance
Calmness – Chance to recover MP while melee attacking(Though I don’t recommend this one as much, we are very mana dependent.)
Sharpness – Grants Evasion bonus

Starting Scout Stats

LP: 122
MP: 52
STA: 5
STR: 7
AGI: 10
DEX: 8
SPI: 2
INT: 2

Dwarven Scouts: Highest STR, below average SPI & INT (If you want to cap str this is your best bet)

Recommended Racial Skill : Stronghearted -Chance to resist death

Starting Scout Stats

LP: 126
MP: 52
STA: 6
STR: 9
AGI: 6
DEX: 8
SPI: 2
INT: 3

NOTICE: I don’t recommend you choose Lapin because of the poor stats and racial skills

Lvl 40 Stat build : While I won’t post an exact build I will post a basic guide that you can change up to what best suits your need. I know a lot of people are following some form of high agi build and not really increasing their strength and I guess that’s fine for leveling but your dmg just won’t cut it in pvp. From my experience the attack speed you gain isn’t very noticeable compared to the strength dmg output.

Note: A lot of people seem to think agi or dex needs to be at a high lvl to grind efficiently but this isn’t the case at all. I have both very low agi and dex and with Rush I hit incredibly fast and incredibly hard. I would say dex is a bit more important but would try to keep them both low and equal, and if anything placing 10 more dex than agi but that decision is completely up to you.

Str : 60-90 (This is your most IMPORTANT stat because how hard you will hit depends on your total str)
Sta : 5-20 (I wouldn’t put any stamina in unless you really need it for pvp)
Agi : 20-60 (With enough agi you won’t need any stamina, you will dodge just enough with 40 mana but anything higher helps more and also increases attack speed)
Dex : 20-60 (I recommend at least 30 dex to be able to hit agi heroes but 20 is also fine with your accuracy buff)

Every 10 stat points you get a bonus so I’d try to keep them at intervals of 10 if possible so plan ahead.

Skill Guide : A list of all skills you get can be found here : http://pandorasagawi…m/page/Assassin

Essential skills :

Slice(Required: Lv8 Melee)- Swiftly perform 2 slashes at the enemy.

Back Stab(Required: Lv8 Dispatch)- 100% critical chance if attacking from behind, this is our best skill it deals massive damage.
Dagger Throw(Required: Lv12 Dispatch)- Quickly throw daggers at a single target.(Use this to kill anyone who gets away from you or for chasing.)
Rush(Required: Lv26 Dispatch) – Attack opponent repeatedly while neglecting your own defense. (Attacks twice for 20 seconds while receiving more damage)
Blindside(Required: Lv41 Dispatch) – This is our opening skill which stuns the target while at the same time not breaking our stealth.
Pierce Armor(Required: Lv54 Dispatch)A strike that aims for openings in your opponent’s armor.
Especially effective for enemies who are Knocked Down. (Use this directly after blindside for extra dmg)

Dash(Required: Lv8 Evasion) – Used to escape quickly from dangerous situations

Optional Skills : use your extra skill points for these

Fast Avoid (Required: Lv16 Evasion) Used to raise dodge chance for 60 seconds
Tangled Fingers (Required:Lv21 Evasion) Reduce an opponent’s physical attack accuracy.
Reinforce (Required: Lv26Evasion) -+15% Knock Down Resistance/+15% Knock Out Resistance/+15% Freeze Resistance

Cobra Arrow (Required: Lv12 Ranged)Shoot poison bolts or poison arrows that inflict Poison status. (Great for killing people who got away with a slither of health or to prevent people from regenning health

Tangled Legs (Required: Lv16 Trapping) A non-moving enemy is an easy kill. Enough said

Weapon Usage:

Claws or Daggers? I prefer daggers because of the ability to throw them and the added benefit of being able to equip a shield

What kind of souls do I put in my weapon? Fortune Souls give 2% crit rate each and are dropped by Pit Vipers (lvl 17), so get a weapon with as many slots as possible.

Update : I will be posting all useful souls I find here in this section whenever I find them.
Accelerate soul – Attack Speed +2 Attack +3% [Belt Slot](Dropped by Booming Flys)
Fortune Souls – 2% Crit Rate [Weapon Slot] (Dropped by Pit Vipers)

Well this is pretty much all I have at the moment, if you have any questions you can reply here or ask me in-game on my assassin Periphery.
Hope this guide helps you future assassins.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What Ablities I should put points? And what Parameters I should put points? I'm elf

  2. Scottw says:

    No you cannot choose another nation after picking one you do not like.

    This game is great, it should be more popular.

    Nice guide. It can also be found on the atlus online forums. Do not forget about Gloom ;) it is dependable on your play style – and Melee can get more ability points if you choose to make a human sin which are getting more popular.

  3. Anonymous says:

    can i choose another nation if i chose the wrong one?

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